The ending isn’t great, but overall this is just the kind of…. share. Overall enjoyable, suspenseful, and unexpected. Very original design. Just saw this. And Brucker’s hook to the story is simple but effective: Lucas does the right thing, only to discover that he’s within a realm where morals don’t exist. The guy in the beginning accepts his fate, and the guy in the hospital scene [brutally] earned his escape (imho). I wish the acting was a little stronger and the script a little better in a few of the stories but this is a solid watch that I enjoy very much. What does this mean? They just seem to happen in the same stetch of desolate road. The dawn of the new century, the first 20 years. The effects were pretty damn good. An ongoing list of women-made horror/thriller films. the creatures deserve a spin-off movie. This is one of the more interesting horror anthologies I have seen in years. Like episodes of The Twilight Zone that a baked Rod Serling might have written after watching Carnival of Souls, these chapters are eerie to the extreme, and seedy enough to make you feel like you’re watching something you were never meant to see. One can escape eternal punishment if they act with benevolence (I am, of course, talking about Lucas, the one who hit the girl. Are there any hidden answers that may shed more information on what ties the stories together? God I really didn't like that movie. So one big reason I dug this was that the stories aren’t all individual and relying on some lame wraparound to put them together. We're all on the same endless highway... the one with no name, no exits... looking for a way out of tonight and into tomorrow. Recommend. i love psychological horror and ghosty movies but ill watch anything that’s good! 911 is a joke, as are all emergency services and healthcare facilities, but bars and gas station diners seem to do pretty ok in the general economy of Helltown, Desert USA. Oh man good question. So the family was prepared for the girls but the girls were not trying to find hell - they were just passing through. In what seems to be completely accidental, in the third act The Accident, Lucas hits Saide from the White Tight's with his car and pretty much kills her. who? She wasn't evil or bad she just rejected them. I'll let the other guys chime in on this as well, but there were many reasons we took on the job of Devil's Due. -Overalls guy. Act 1 was interesting, 2 and 3 were probably my favourite, 4 was the worst and 5 was a nice way to … Awesome film, really enjoyed it. I've never played the game, but I think I'll need to grab a copy and give it a try. Because this is your highway. 2015 Finally, am I looking too deep into this? Watchlist of movies that only you and your best friends might appreciate. But where the segments in those films were linked by a flimsy framing device and a shared nostalgia for Eighties horror kitsch, this new omnibus is unified by unflinchingly focusing on a single theme: guilt. There's nothing I hate more than movies that hammer you over head with what they are. I want my 90 minutes back. What makes it good? Here's hoping the fugitives enjoy the tune, because their demons (represented here by floating skeleton monsters) are about to catch up with them. Liminal lifedeath hellpockets are kinda my jam. It’s a brilliant short, with a low-key ending that provides the film’s best transition. It would explain some of the unexplainable stuff, like people being demons and the people able to control everything and events in the hospital. The arrival of V/H/S, a fun blend of the anthology gimmick with found footage (the horror subgenre du jour), rejuvenated an interest in multiple directors collaborating on different, loosely connected short films.

But, I agree that a few of the stories were a bit 'meh'. Horvath’s specificity only breaks the compelling illusion of something sinister in Bruckner’s previous short, suddenly showing there are weird back alleys and tattoo parlours all around.

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