Four-point lighting: This stage lighting technique comes in handy when video is involved. The best online source for Rosco Roscolene Sheets. November 28, 2008. by Craig Mason. That’s why I was so thrilled to find the following FAQ page, which I think would be an excellent resource to any drama teacher’s arsenal.

All products should be used in accordance with all local, state, and federal OSHA laws and codes. Gel sheets are generally 20" x 24" and can be cut with scissors, mat knife, or a paper cutter to cut the gel size to your fixture's needs. A confession: The whole of my knowledge of stage lighting could fit in a thimble. We passionately believe that theatre has an essential place in schools. Gel filters are the media of choice for this purpose. Changing the color of our lights is probably the single most powerful artistic change we can make easily. Items that qualify will have a free shipping indicator on the item page and in the shopping cart. 1-877-245-9138 ��y�����'ک`J��������)D���h܁u���Xkj|����-�,���ڙRY�U�N�ᒢ��@ER�T}G��L��s)O���}v9@�_�0o� �Bк��?h{��7��ר+x�ȸhS)9� uڷ�)�t"R�)�^��/u�w���8���y`���6�'oޕ�N�'�U��GF��1~�5�f@0��7�*M�d�6��@Z<0[�o�#�U`��N�8mg\iZ�;P��G�Y8���0�Rѿ�-��Z�2�Ĉ�U�\�Y��9pb��XfF�͏��>�m_�rd>�ى*�s/� �3�>��n�]����^n�]&p@s�֝�@Z?>dH�:�AGjm8h����0&d/h��w���%�+ko�\�K��v��S,ˁEc[��FU�= ]٨��j(�Es?���׋U��Y��K���}�Ѽ���N3�퐁]old&���jg�?��"B��C�`p*9�ulqF�biHl������d�7�_�@���%�Z� �j�dj�K\�Eb�2~��EW�����\|#PBKZ���B�5 �l��7��jڐ����b��n�>�Ѫ�Sn�N�h��w` `O�l�CU�2M�%Pӗu�Z��̧�I��z�Z�g��m��F�"�-�ȝw3����� 1��Q��>�o��b�/��U$�=ű�EV!�M���-UJh&u��9In�z�����c!f��w��8��i�V(ym����7C����S\��#4.�o՟}_�����tW�������2 Position 4 Stage 1 Position 5 Stage 2 Position 6 Up Position 7 Down Position 8 In Position 9 Out Position 10 Blinders Shape Memories Pan Saw Tilt Saw Shape 3 Shape 4 Generics / Colours Colour 1 eg. � vvn��|>+6%�e2 �tjl��l>����G�_*v�`� ��Oj�)r����%�J[e=H6���0p�#}�$��B ;��b�$��VfI�)��!3u�D_���f��r,�e�h�2���&t�F���Qv7�V���ʫ���F]5�c=ų,!��%9c����[N��>�VQc��wW.��� Updated: Jun 18, 2014. pdf, 1 MB. This web site does not provide instruction and is not a substitute for personal instruction by qualified persons well versed in all appropriate safety techniques and methods. The previous techniques can be problematic for video, as they tend to have shadows. 1-416-410-2282 (International), Billing / Accounting Questions / How to design lighting for…? Info. How do I persuade my school drama teacher to buy some moving lights. Free Ground Shipping is automatically applied in the cart and checkout. Three-point stage lighting uses two lights out front, about 45˚ off-axis and 30˚ up. Only the items that qualify will get free shipping; orders that have both items that qualify and items that do not qualify will see shipping charges for the items that do not qualify. I can “find my light” when I’m onstage, but that’s about all I know about those bright shiny objects that keep the stage alight. Round-Up: Your Costume & Prop Challenges! All information contained in this web site pertaining to equipment and materials or their use is provided solely to assist the reader in making purchasing decisions. Check out our plays for student performers, and teaching resources for drama educators. Call us at (904) 683-5553. Awesome Stage Lighting Resource. Lighting Resource Sheet There is no one 'method' for lighting the stage - there are many. Our VLS Lighting 101 guide explains the basic functions of stage lighting, as well as defining the general terms and the differences in fixtures, to help you make sense of what's in front of you.

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