Doesn't that basically mean that a Drake setup can switch the Doffs to something else while still having near 100% uptime on Emergency Power to Goodness? A captain with a total Stat Bonus of 77 for tetryon beam weapons equips a Tetryon Beam Array Mk IX, with a base damage of 190 and DPS of 152. Your captain’s skills are one of the most important aspects of your character in Star Trek:... Out of all the things that differentiate your character from every other, Bridge Officer abilities are... Star Trek Online Starship Mechanics Guide, Recommended Star Trek Online Bridge Officer Space Abilities, WoW Classic: Darkmoon Faire Sayge Buffs Answers, Choosing Your Race: Racial Traits & Hitboxes, Winning Fallout Shelter: Faster Caps & No Raiders Trick, Anub’Arak Build & Guide – Heroes of the Storm, Shredder: Dual Wield Physical Damage Build, Path of Exile Leveling Areas And Tips For Grinding XP, Chance to disable a random subsystem (weapons, shields, engines or auxiliary) for a short period, Chance to reduce damage resistance by 10% for 15 seconds, Chance to apply a fire damage effect to hull for 15 seconds, Chance to reduce all shield facings by -80, Chance to apply Fire damage to hull for 10 sec, -100% Flight Speed and Turn Rate for 10 sec, The tooltips for weapons on your hotbar and in the weapons tray on the HUD are, The tooltips displayed for weapons in your inventory, on your ship’s status screen and in stores are, The DoT (Damage over Time) effect that Plasma energy weapons have a chance to apply appears to scale with the Mark of the weapon (I’m not yet sure if it is also affected by your captain’s skills), The shield damage that Tetryon weapons have a chance to apply does not scale with Mark, The power drain effect that Polaron weapons have a chance to apply doesn’t scale with Mark, The special effect of Antiproton weapons comes from the descriptions of the Antiproton weapons available as rewards from the Admiral-3+ Borg missions – I haven’t yet been able to get hold of one of these for testing, Fire energy weapons in ‘bursts’, allowing pauses for your weapon power level to recover, Equip items and use abilities that increase power transfer rate, which also increases the rate at which weapon power is replenished (examples include EPS Flow Regulator engineering consoles and the EPS Power Transfer ability of Engineer captains), Use items and abilities that increase your weapon power, either to give more power to drain or to replenish what your weapons have already drained (examples include Emergency Power to Weapons and Weapon Batteries), Change your weapons load-out to use fewer energy weapons, Projectile weapon damage is not affected by your weapon power, and projectile weapons do not drain any power when fired, The projectile type of a projectile weapon affects the weapon’s base damage and recharge rate, unlike the energy type of energy weapons, All projectile weapons do Kinetic damage. Thinking of it in those terms makes it, imo, a bit less confusing. Depending on the range and the target’s speed and maneuvering, it can take some time for a torpedo to impact – Photon, Plasma and Transphasic torpedoes all take around 10 seconds to hit a stationary target at 10km range, while Quantum torpedoes are noticeably faster, taking around 7 seconds to cover the same distance (I’ve yet to time Chroniton torpedoes or Tricobalt Mobile Devices). There are a lot of new sources of Cooldown management coming in S11.5; some of them work with what we already have, but others can totally displace them. I had the exact same sequence of events happen for Science Team (as for Engineering Team) with the same cooldown reduction from Development Lab Scientists, with and without the gel pack. Additional help. A captain with a total Stat Bonus of 40 for photon torpedoes equips a Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk VI, with a base damage of 2,202 and a DPS of 339. • “The Mine shared cooldown has been decreased to 3 seconds from 5. The hull of the Bird of Prey took 18 damage (A), which means that the Bird of Prey’s shield has a 10% bleedthrough (20 damage bled through the shield and was reduced to 18 by the 10% resistance). Great article . With three plasma launchers mounted in the same bay, each will actually be firing every 9 seconds, and thus the DPS of each launcher will be 89% of normal. Although they fire bolts and are treated as cannons for the purposes of skills, abilities and range, they have no shared cooldown (and are not affected by the shared cooldown of cannons) and can be mounted on any ship. These are Group (Shared) CDs, which occur when activating one power places all related powers on CD (like when APB puts APO, APD, and APL on CD), and Duplicate (Self) CDs, which occur when activating one power places all duplicate copies (regardless of rank) on CD (like when APB puts APB1, APB2, and/or APB3 on CD). I would suggest making one change, in terms of language, to maybe clear things up. If the captain fires at an opponent 5km away, the damage will be reduced by -16% due to range (-4% per km over 1km) and each pulse of the tetryon beam will strike the target for 368 damage (438 x 0.84). So what's going on here? The Standard Issue damage for a photon torpedo launcher is 1,383. For example, quantum torpedoes do more damage than photon torpedoes of the same Mark, but have a longer recharge time and thus a lower DPS. 3 Technicians (x'=0.3), 1 Krenim (x=0.1), so: T(40,0.1,0.3) = 40(1-0.3)/(1+0.1) = 25.45s. The Duplicate CD is usually the target when stacking Recharge and/or Reduction, especially when the duration meets (or exceeds) this value; sometimes getting "close enough" is sufficient, depending on what timing frequency you are looking for. Easy way to test the Bioneural Gel Pack would be to equip it and see if the recharge times listed in the expanded tooltips change. There is, however, a trade-off for these advantages, as the damage output of the different weapon types is balanced against their firing arcs. EPtS I/EPtW III = 45 * (1 - 0.07) / (1 + 0.3) = 32 seconds. As such, your ship’s weapons are an important element of your character’s effectiveness. I usually look for your posts when it comes to explaining things, Atem, so let me see if I understand this. That’s a 25% increase over the base damage, so the DPS will be 424 (339 x 1.25). Judging from the beta, it appears that the original intention of the design was for dual cannons and dual heavy cannons to have different optimum numbers. The higher Mark of a weapon, the more powerful it is. For example, torpedo launchers have a 90° firing arc – in order to fire a torpedo, your target must be within the front 90° of your ship (for launchers mounted in the fore bay) or the rear 90° of your ship (for launchers mounted in the aft bay).

Getting a power to its Duplicate CD is usually the target when stacking CD Recharge and Reduction, but not always. Recharge and Reduction are separate functions, and they obey different mechanics. The current weapon power level of his ship is 82. In order for a weapon to be fired, the target must be within the weapon’s arc. Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System (Federation), Advanced Inhibiting Chroniton Rapid Mine Launcher, This diagram shows the firing arcs of the other weapon types in STO when mounted in a ship’s fore bay: It’s important to realise that, as space combat in STO occurs in three dimensions, weapon ‘arcs’ are in fact cones, extending above and below your ship’s facing, as well as to either side. Firing one of these weapon types will trigger a cooldown, and you will be unable to fire another weapon of the same type until the cooldown has expired. We'll see. For more information on the base damage done by mine launcher weapons, see the respective weapon type articles. These areas are discussed in more detail in the appropriate entries in the Energy Weapons and Projectile Weapons sections, below. With a 2-second TT Conn Officer and a Bio-Neural Gel Pack: The cooldown started at 30 on activation, then immediately jumped to 28s, then immediately jumped to 26 seconds. First, the standard AtB CD is 40s, so t=40. Marks range from I to X (1-10), and the Mark of weapons you can equip is limited by the rank of your captain: The ‘Standard Issue’ phaser beam arrays and photon torpedo launchers that your initial ship is equipped with are effectively ‘Mk 0′ versions of those weapons. Just a note, there are some combos of EPtW that are actually un-reproducible, without significant investment. For example, if you use. I think you have timeline stabilizer in wrong category, bc it's reductions afaik. DPS stands for Damage Per Second. The energy type of energy weapons has no effect on the base damage of the weapon. There are some significant differences between projectile and energy weapons: Torpedoes are fired much like energy weapons, but must fly to their target after being launched.

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