MountainIslandOverviewNight.png|Ditto, at night

Near the summit of the island is a Principal Alien Arch Cache connected to the Floating Island Arch.

These chambers contain Alien Arches and are scattered throughout the world, located in the Northwestern Mushroom Forest, the Crag Field, the Ghost Forest, the Floating Island, the Mountain Island, and the Bulb Zone. Subnautica Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. A data terminal in this room, when interacted with, triggers the PDA to prompt the Player to perform a self-scan , which reveals the Kharaa Bacterium has spread to the skin on the player's hands.

At the end of the path is a room with various Warper parts, including a torso that can be scanned.

You may already be experiencing flu-like symptoms and skin irritation.

Contagion was uploaded to, and spread quickly through, the core worlds.

Floating Island These thick cables were designed to anchor the nearby facility to the surrounding cave walls.

MountainIslandPathway2.png|A pathway leading from the Cave System to the top of the mountain Mountain Island Assessment: While it is unlikely that the emperor specimen is still contained within the facility described, it may be possible to acquire further data there on the aliens' attempts to develop a vaccine.

The Floating Island was the rendezvous point for survivors of the Aurora, However, only two made it: Second Officer Keen, and CTO Yu.

This article contains unmarked spoilers. Quarantine Enforcement Platform Bulb Zone: 1383 -296 757Crag Field: -81 -290 -1360Floating Island: -662 2 -1050Ghost Forest: -931 -611 991Mountain Island: 340 61 903Mushroom Forest: -803 -227 409 Linguistic analysis reads: 'Caution: hazardous materials and lifeforms contained within. Crag Field The Disease Research Facility is heavily damaged, and unlike the other bases, is completely filled with water.

The Alien Cache houses Speckled Rattlers and Pink Caps and various unnamed flora.

Shows some potential for immunity to infection, but physical remains so far proved insufficient for full reconstruction. Type Point of Interest

Point of Interest

The Floating Island is a unique island biome in Subnautica. CabbageStabber.

This one is much easier to access but harder to find. This is evidenced by the fact that the Precursors had taken samples from the aforementioned creature's ribcage. Temperature Range The cave houses several clusters of Pink Caps and Speckled Rattlers.

Coordinates Each of these Alien Arch Caches is linked to the Primary Containment Facility, for the purpose of getting the ingredients for Hatching Enzymes, with the exception of the Floating Island Arch Cache, which is linked to the Mountain Island Arch cache.

Emergency Steps Taken: Core worlds quarantined.

Alien Data Terminals can be found within each, explaining the functions and purposes of the Bases.

Picking up multiple faint energy signatures on the island's surface.

Quarantine Enforcement Platform:gungunmoonpoolgun_Elevator_Entergun_Elevator_ExitDisease Research Facility:lostriverbaseAlien Thermal Plant:lavacastlebaselavacastlebaseinsidePrimary Containment Facility:antechamberaquariumprison MountainIslandLagoonTop.png|Mountain Island Lagoon from a small cave above

2. Islands The Floating Island is a unique island biome in Subnautica. It also works on the clouds shrouding the Floating Island. This Alien Cache is found in a large cave within the Floating Island.

steel carter. There are five of these bases, three of which can be found on the same island (one main base and two smaller, satellite base structures), all of which can be discovered during exploration. The Island is also connected to the Mountains Caves, with its entrances accessible from both underwater and on land. Players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious toward this article. A catalog of information on the organisms previously contained within the alien facility. lostriverbase Mushroom Forest

Depth Range This Alien Cache is found in a small cave near the top of the Mountain Island. Stage 4: Complete shutdown of executive function.

Players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious toward this article. Players new to the game would want to avoid or be cautious toward this article. MountainIslandLagoonUnder.png|Mountain Island Lagoon from underwater The Arch inside links to the Mountain Island Arch. The biome is surrounded by the Thermal Spires, Purple Vents and Tree Spires.

Adult specimen too large to study in containment.

It features many stalagmites and stalagtites within. Type Had that happen in my latest playthrough too.

The interior of the Disease Research Facility is accessible via an entrance on its northeast face near the top of the structure.

A Purple Artifact is required for access, The Balcony Area connecting to the Lab Room, A lab in the Disease Research Facility with two aquariums, a specimen tank and two surgery tables, A specimen tank with a Sea Dragon Leviathan Egg within, A small alcove with a data terminal, overlooking the main tank, The observation room in the Disease Research Facility, Various tanks with assorted Warper parts in it, Two tables with assorted Warper parts on them, Close up of the Warper's exposed structure, An aquarium inside the Disease Research Facility containing the skeleton of an extinct life form. Otherwise, it's very likely your computer can't handle the game well (the engine may be designed for faster Graphics cards) and you should make sure your settings are the lowest possible before raising them, Also, for future posting, consider not using "Alien" in the title, as it can spoil the whole alien surprise for newer players, instead use "secret base", "mountain base" or simply "this base", Wow I don’t know what to say after seeing this bug, definitely not supposed to happen. This article contains unmarked spoilers. MountainIslandLagoonOverview.png|Mountain Island Lagoon Overview Unidentified Leviathan:

This production line setup suggests these self-warping constructs were built, maintained and deployed by the aliens that designed this facility.

I really love the game though. MountainIslandCaves.png|A view inside the caves.

goto ID

MountainIslandSmallUnderwaterCave.png|A small underwater cave at the base of the Mountain Island so yeah, i dont get any more radio messages or anything, i have all vehicles that can all go 900m deep so im prepared for the first base.

It is located north of Lifepod 5 and is next to the Bulb Zone, Kelp Forest, Mushroom Forest and the Underwater Islands., The former name for the Disease Research Facility was the. Egg specimens acquired from nesting site. Organic matter indicates the habitat once supported extensive plant life, though it has since decayed.

Not sure on fixes, someone here might, if not look up fixes, When the sunbeam was supposed to arrive, it was actually invisible for me and the laser targeted an invisible ship.

Alien Data Terminals can be found within each, explaining the functions and purposes of the Bases.

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