Debuted at ICAST 2010, Sufix's 832 is an eight strand braid with the unique feature of having a proprietary Gore fiber as one of those strands. So to determine a product's score in this category we take the percentage over, or under it is from its rated strength, move the decimal over a ten spot and A cross section of 832 reveals a round-ish profile with a 1.79% Braid lasts longer than mono but is more expensive. google_ad_width = 120; For me, it would depend on the reels you’re putting them on and the capacity you need. Fades about the same as most braids. Long story short, Sufix 832 braided line is currently my favorite on the market and it’s what I’m mostly using.

X2 Sufix 832 or pp superslick are both great, ive got some of each on my different reels and theyre both great. stripercrazy Caught some big blues and bass on it with no problems. Life will suddenly be a whole lot better with my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. google_ad_format = "120x600_as";

I feel like my casts are longer and I hear less humming of the line going through the guides on both the cast and retrieve. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Product turnover, is that what it’s called in business terms? Would love to hear a comparison between Jerry Brown and Sufix 832.

Their UK catalogue is here if that is any help. 832 is great casting line. As it flies off a spinning reel. Are those braids so much superior to my current favorite Sufix 832? Try it and your knot strength issues with Nano might just go away. google_color_url = "FF9900"; Also, the best knot (by a long shot) is the line to lure double uni knot. I also haven’t experienced any wind knots – something I had occasional issues with when using the 4-strand PowerPro and Spiderwire. It is some tough stuff that flies off the spool. The Alberto is good but the FG might be the best. Good to know. I like them both better than Power pro slick. I’ve used them all and what I have settled on is the fireline ultra 8 carrier. rsilvers Double double knot the noose. It’s one of the easiest and strongest line to line knots. I like it especially for light panfish jigs .

As it flies off a spinning reel. The multicolor spiderwire and J braids are very good.

It's not the best in terms of abrasion resistance, but still gets the job done. This Sufix X8 behaves immaculately, it’s as strong as hell when I tie it to my fluoro leader via the FG knot, it seriously seems like it’s whispering through the guides when you blast lures out there, and even if I am only imagining this slight increase in performance, at the end of the day I am more than happy fishing with this new Sufix X8 over their Pro 8 which is of course discontinued. There is nothing that compares to nanofil for casting distance. I seriously like the 8-strand Sufix Performance Pro 8 braid, and I can still remember stumbling upon it in an online catalogue a few years ago, realising that that I had never seen or even heard of this braid before, then ordering a spool on Ebay from Poland I think it was to see what it might be like. I like both lines. The wind knots with Nano virtually disappear The Alberto is much easier but I’ve seen those unravel on me more than once. Does this sound about right? Keep in mind I’m still a relative newbie to braided lines so this review is limited to first hand use of a few brands. Maxima is like super slick only better in all respects. I have the sufix 832 and I don't really like the feel of ... the set up cast like a dream. The tag from the knot snipped leaving about 3/16 of an inch and the knot pulled tight.

Another great line is Daiwa Samurai, but it’s very expensive. Rods | Lures | I have been fishing mainly with the “Hot Yellow” 23lb/0.165mm/PE#1.0 Sufix X8, but I have also fished a fair bit with the 17lb/0.148mm/PE#0.8 - there is also a “Stealth Green” colour available. I’ve never had Sufix break on me, even when fighting sharks that weighed more than twice the lb test rating.

All superlines are pretty low in that department, but from what I’ve seen it isn’t any better, or even worse than some…..???? A friend who was using Daiwa J-Braid asked me what line I was using so I recommended Sufix 832. I tried it because I though the braid aspect would improve the durability and have similar casting distance as nanofil. Debuted at ICAST 2010, Sufix's 832 is an eight strand braid with the unique feature of having a proprietary Gore fiber as one of those strands. The few backlashes I did get could be easily pulled out, and the subsequent cast was backlash-free.

It still performs and holds up better). Oh, and please learn to tie the Alberto knot. What I deliberately did was to fish with this line for a while and see what I thought and what differences if any I could find to their Performance Pro 8 braid, and then I would go back to my Sufix contact to ask about the actual/technical differences between the two braids - would what I might find tie in with what was actually going on? Good price. Distance wise PPSS will out cast it. If you read the piece about our new FPI (Fluorocarbon Performance Index), you already know we've reformatted and standardized our line review metrics per line type, and today we debut our BPI (Braid Performance Index) with a look at Sufix's popular 832. Fishing a lot of 1/16 oz. They make it in high vis yellow but you probably have to order it online. But for whipping lures, I won’t (can’t) go back to mono. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the Sufix 832 braid and talking about how it stacks up to the rest. Truth is, without some true, qualitative data, we just weren't happy with our own line reviews. Please bear in mind here that I can’t prove any of what he has told me but that I see no reason for him to feed me a pack of lies, not with how much information he has shared with me in the past. google_color_link = "006699"; I don’t see any deficits aside from price. If you are going to try a new braid. (even though the diameter rating on the 40g is off. Fish lighter jigs a lot and the casting distance is un matched compared to suffix. Yes, I have a serious thing for Sufix lines, and it’s because try as I might I honestly can’t recall a single time when one of their monos, braids or fluorocarbons has ever given me cause for concern - and that is from many years of fishing with Sufix lines now. How often does that happen? That was nearly three years ago! Thank you. Jim McFeeley

(even though the diameter rating on the 40g is off. Was Sufix successful?

Copyright StripersOnline, Inc. 1999-2020 in measured diameter. I’d use it almost strictly for its castability and only when it’s needed. I can’t comment on 832 but Nano vs. Power Pro it’s a no brainer Nano is the winner…A few comments below: 1. I went with 12lb just because I’ve heard of the knot strength horror stories. Swimbaits | Lines | Is the blue camo spiderwire 4 or 8 strand? This makes the line rounder but also smoother, without the small bumps you feel when you do a 4+4. Sufix 832 is my braid of choice. » Forums Much more durable and ties much better though. Tough as heck. I tried Nanobraid after having fraying issues with Nanofil.

The two 6 pound rods I love in cold weather walleye jigging applications where things can be kept vertical and lures light. Easy to tie once you get the hang of it. What’s so hard about making a 50 lb line, with a 1 lb diameter, with the abrasion resist of Blue Label, and casts 2x as far as Nanofil??? All of that sounded great when I made the switch from PowerPro a few years ago, but I mainly wanted a braided line that wouldn’t cause backlashes when casting my bait casters. IDO 832 is a good braid. I don’t think I have ever had a knot fail with Nano or other braids using the knot. Often I ended up with so little line left that my casting distance was greatly diminished. Braid varies greatly in this department and we even receive negative values in this category for some lines with greater than 5% deviation in their diameter! Charley’s Fishing Supply just started carrying Sufix 832 in bulk spools. Stopsign32v I picked up a clearance spool of 10lb Super Slick in brown at Scheel’s a couple weeks ago. From my experience it’s probably not the knot failing…..but a break from a nick just above the knot. PPSS braid gets fuzzy quick. Cast-ability does matter too. ), Shimano Stradic 2500HG-FL spinning reel review after one year of use - around £150 here in the UK, Some of the new fishing tackle I was starting to play with and/or I’ve got here waiting for a bit of a go when we can get back at it. Our evaluation of initial quality of a braided line involves its coating, consistency of diameter, and the accuracy of the line's rated breaking strength. Great in-depth review gents! Started Yesterday at 12:17 AM, By I'm thinking that on the front end for a thicker / shock cord I'll have Sufix 832 (80# plus test / 20 pound mono thickness) ... with a 30 or 40 # test line PPSS or 832 or Spiderwire. 30lb and up is 8 carrier. The reviews and my experience say that the gore fiber is not very helpful and the regular performance braid is better than 832 in my eyes. I did no like it at all in the light braids. Is 832's proprietary Gore fiber a true benefit? We've found most other lines vary within a few pounds of their rated strength. IMO is has some issue with knot strength, tensile strength and tying Nano to flouro. Started Saturday at 04:56 PM, By Diameter: For the line's diameter, we use the same method of calculation from our FPI and that is to measure the line's diameter at five different points along the length of a line off the spool, calculate the standard deviation, and subtract that percentage from the number 5. Have not tried the 832. So the line is soft and silky smooth. For the line to lure knot, I slip the lure/jig on and up the line a ways, then tie a small noose in the tag end.

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