Here, the cerebral cortex has been evaluated after prenatal nicotine exposure. “We’ve argued many times against attaching for-profit entities to inmate health care.”, Health care and hatred make women and queer people natural allies, King and Collins must ensure that drug safety and affordability go hand in hand, Light projections draw attention to ICE’s expansion in Portland, What to watch for this Election Day in Maine, Experts, advocates prepared to defend integrity of today’s election, Mills: Lack of virus aid from federal government a significant issue for voters, James O’Keefe’s attempted sting in Maine’s U.S. Senate race flops hard, Sen. Collins thinks this podcast is a ‘juggernaut’.

Dysfunctional autophagy and necrosis are characteristic features of severe acute pancreatitis.

This may be one of the causes of presbycusi... Introduction: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and its “It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the passing of Travis Roy,” the school said in a statement. neuronal survival. Method: One hundred human cadaveric hearts were studied by dissection over a period of three years. Age-related changes of the human retinal vessels: Possible involvement of lipid peroxidation, Estimation of Volume of Stria Vascularis and the Length of Its Capillaries in the Human Cochlea, ANALYZING THE AGE RELATED CHANGES IN THE HUMAN COCHLEAR NERVE: A QUALITATIVE MICROSCOPIC STUDY, In ovo Sound Stimulation Mediated Regulation of BDNF in the Auditory Cortex and Hippocampus of Neonatal Chicks, Morphological and neurochemical changes in GABAergic neurons of the aging human inferior colliculus, A morphological study and expression patterns of iron regulatory proteins in aging Wistar rats retina after iron overload, Changes in photoreceptor synapses and expressions of BDNF and Trk-B in postnatal chick retina exposed to light of variable photoperiods, Iron regulatory proteins in retinal changes induced by bright light in chicks, Chronic co-administration of nalbuphine attenuates the development of opioid dependence, Estimation of total capillary length in the human striavascularis using design-based stereology, Autophagy in experimental acute pancreatitis, Fluoride-associated mitochondriopathy in human renal cells: An ultrastructural analysis, Fluoride induced tissue hypercalcemia, IL-17 mediated inflammation and apoptosis lead to cardiomyopathy: Ultrastructural and biochemical findings, Ossified ligaments in relation to foramina and bony landmarks of the middle cranial fossa, Standardization of the technique of silicon injection of human cadaveric heads for opacification of cerebral vasculature in Indian conditions, Fluoride-associated ultrastructural changes and apoptosis in human renal tubule: a pilot study, FLUORIDE EXPOSURE AND ITS IMPACT ON DEVELOPMENT OF NITRERGIC NEURONS IN MYENTERIC PLEXUS, Expression patterns of BDNF and Trk B in neonatal chick retina exposed to light of variable photoperiods, Apoptosis and neuroprotective role of BDNF and regulatory pathway in postnatal chick retina exposed to light of variable photoperiods, Experimental oral iron administration: Histological investigations and expressions of iron handling proteins in rat retina with aging, Morphology of the Human Pancreas During Development and Aging, Changing Population of Neurons and Glia in the Human Cochlear Nucleus During Aging, Morphological alterations in ageing human choriocapillaris, Estimation of NeuN and GFAP immunostained cells during development of human cochlear nucleus – A stereological study, Morphometric changes in human oculomotor nerve with age: An electron microscopic study, Effect of ascorbate in experimental acute pancreatitis with reference to inflammation and cell death, Standardizing the MCAO model for increased post-stroke survival, Morphology of adult human stria vascularis, Comparison of unbiased stereological estimation of total number of cresyl violet stained neurons and parvalbumin positive neurons in the adult human spiral ganglion, An Evaluation of the Surgical Trauma to Intracochlear Structures After Insertion of Cochlear Implant Electrode Arrays: A Comparison by Round Window and Antero-Inferior Cochleostomy Techniques, Morphological and Morphometrical Maturation of Ventral Cochlear Nucleus in Human Foetus, A morphometric analysis and study of variations of foramina in the floor of the middle cranial fossa, Immunohistochemical Localization of GFAP and Glutamate Regulatory Proteins in Chick Retina and Their Levels of Expressions in Altered Photoperiods, Expressions of visual pigments and synaptic proteins in neonatal chick retina exposed to light of variable photoperiods, Simulation Based Skills Training in Neurosurgery and Contemporary Surgical Practices, Age-related changes in the ductular system and stellate cells of human pancreas, Alteration in presynaptic ribbon length and no.

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