The earth's axis is tilted and that causes the seasons to change. Today, the figure has dropped to a measly 6%, and biologists have warned that the remaining rainforests could be decimated in the next 40 years. All Rights Reserved . The y-axis represents the annual precipitation (cm) and shows an annual rainfall of … - This photo shows the green area being the temperate rainforest biome. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The main kinds of trees found in the temperate rainforest biome include oaks, beeches, walnut trees, lime trees, sycamores, aspens, elms, tulip trees, and birches. The temperature is shown on a line graph, and rainfall on a bar graph.

Sometimes, lightning could strike a  tree and start a wildfire. Essentially, these areas do not experience extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. Temperate rainforests have two different seasons. This biome can also be as low as -76°F. This aspect allows plant species to thrive on the ground, which explains why plant species that exist on the ground surface grow, flower and produce fruits before late summer.

Summer is the next season that happens from June 21 to September 21. A Temperate rainforest biome is a type of rainforest biome occurring in a temperate climate.

Beeches do well in wet conditions, with clayer and airy soils, but far from harsh winter frost.

Fall, the shortest season, does not really have a description. There is a huge diversity of life in temperate rainforest biomes. Annual rainfall is 750 to 1500 mm (30-60 inches) of rain per year.

They bear stone fruits, which are naturally fleshy. They bear fruits, which are commonly known as beech nuts. Throughout the long wet season, the temperature hardly falls below freezing point, which is 0°C and 32°F. In this season everything starts to go into hibernation and the plants shed their leaves. Temperate Deciduous Forest. Rainforests once attributed to 14% of the entire earth’s cover. Some of the mammals present in this biome include raccoons, porcupines, red foxes, white-tailed deer, and opossums. The average temperature of the forest is about 50 degrees F. The average amount of rainfall in the forest.

They like areas with plenty of sunshine and mostly grow in small groups in mountainous and hilly regions together with broad-leafed and coniferous trees. But when summertime finally comes around, the forest can get up to 20 hours of sunlight. During wintertime, the forest may only get a few key hours of sunlight. - Temperate forests are relatively wet, but not as rainy as tropical rainforests.

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