Miss Caroline’s reaction, meanwhile, leaves much to be desired and shows again how poorly prepared the school system is to serve all the children in it. On their way back, tragedy strikes when they pick up a hitchhiker who aims a gun toward them and makes Tex drive to the State line. help you understand the book. Chapter 1. Against this situational backdrop, the novel opens with a description of a routine day for Tex.

Enjoying the simple things, 14-year-old Tex leads an easygoing, carefree and happy teenage life.

My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. Tex calls Jamie and tells her where he is, and faints directly afterwards. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Thwarted in the pursuit of his dreams, Mason is tired of the over-burdening responsibilities set on his young shoulders. Summary. Throughout the novel, the two boys’ lives are turned upside down.

On waiting for test results from the city hospital, Mason and Tex decide to pay Lem and his small family a visit. When he regains consciousness, Mason tells him he beat up Lem, and Pop gives Tex details of his birth.

Small Town Southern Life . On this day, David is about ten years old, and decides to go off by himself to play in an area beyond the bank. Hinton Message Board. Tex tells Mason he will hate him forever. (including. As the Collins express their shock at the bruise and scar, Mason appears in the truck ordering his brother to get in.

Struggling with distance learning? There, they find out about his drug dealing. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Again, Scout betrays how uncomfortable she is with difference of any sort when she calls Walter out for pouring syrup over his entire plate. It indicates that these are, even in his opinion, people beyond help and beyond the law. He calls and tells them he’ll be coming home the following morning. The review of this Book prepared by Holly McBride. When Calpurnia is the primary one to scold Scout for this, it situates her in more of a parental role, not just the role of the Finches’ cook.

He enjoys riding his horse Negritto and daydreams about his friend Johnny’s cute sister, Jamie. This introduces Scout to the idea that there are different levels of poverty in her small town, and a variety of different ways of dealing with that poverty among families.

Click on a plot link to find similar books. Hinton. Teachers and parents! Surprised, Tex runs out of the school and ends up coming across Lem, and subsequently he accompanies him on a drug-selling errand.

In other situations, however, Scout is able to conform and understand her surroundings properly, as shown by her ability to navigate and explain Maycomb’s eccentricities. Living in the significantly larger ranch house next door(about a half a mile) are the Collins's, the family includes Mason's best friend Bob, Tex's best friend Johnny and the younger sister who Tex loves, Jamie. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of.

In this sense, Calpurnia is one of the most important people in Scout’s life, as she’s one in charge of helping Scout develop her moral compass and figuring out how to deal with difference when she encounters it. In the end, Mason is set to leave for college while Tex finds a job working with the horses he adores. That the Ewells’ situation is common knowledge in Maycomb speaks again to the insular and close-knit nature of the town. One day, Gatsby’s chauffeur brings Nick an invitation to one of these parties. Tex by S. E. Hinton.

Both are suspended from school for gluing caps onto the letters of typewriters.

Growing Up.

Tex finds out that he was born as the result of an affair his mother had while Pop was in prison.

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