It tells the story of young John Jagamarra who was part of the Australian "Stolen Generation" - a horrible part of Australia's history. Kevin Steinberger. I've often wondered if I should write the next part of the story.

July 1st 1995 Allan Baillie, Book design, narrative style, illustration and the story itself combine in classic harmony to render The Burnt Stick one of the outstanding children's books of recent times. So the story of The Burnt Stick really happened?

We've got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. I've been meaning to read this for a while and had a bit of time today to sit and read it.

One of the things we did was read this book.

Stephen Matthews. But John never forgot his real home - or his mother, who dared to trick the men from the welfare department by darkening him with a burnt stick to hide h. When John Jagamarra was five, he was taken away from his mother and home in an Australian aboriginal camp. Buy Now  $16.95. He never saw his mother again, but he took his son back to the place he was born many years later. Despite not circulating, I think it's a story worth keeping around.

They would be hard books to write, for they would have to deal with many painful things: the effects of dispossession, alcohol and broken communities. I was in year 5 when my teacher read this to the class, it was the day that Kevin Rudd said sorry to the stolen generation. That was a huge day and over the course of the following week we learned so many things about Aborigines and the stolen generation. The Burnt Stick Blog Apps Page Terms 1&2 > > > > English Literacy Text Jewish Faith and Practice John Jagamarra grew up at the Pearl Bay Mission for Aboriginal Children. It was a good trick - but the Welfare knew one better, and came back to the camp in the early morning. Mark Sofilas' appropriately stark charcoal illustrations will haunt you long after the book is read Liam Davison. The idea is based on a story told to me

A tale of the past, it is a great short story to initiate discussion and the boy's feelings are well expressed, although I would have liked more resolution on how life went for him.

John Jagamarra, Liyan, the Aboriginal people of the camp, the white woman Mrs Grainger, the Big Man from Welfare ... their thoughts and words and actions all came from my own imagination. They soon forget', Sofilas has Liyan, naked and defeated, sagging on the long, empty dirt track which has taken her son. But I was greatly surprised a couple of years ago, when Mark Sofilas sent me the cover painting for my birthday, to discover that the original colours were exactly these light blues and greens. Charcoal drawing by Mark Sofilas. Published by Penguin/Viking, 1994, paperback edition Puffin Books 1996, 54 pages. Welcome back. John was half-white, and the law said he had to be educated in a mission school to learn the ways of white people. Why did you write it down?

Short but evocative story of John Jaggamurra's (a mixed race Aboriginal child) attempts to escape being taken into care by the Government. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Winner, Christian Children's Book of the Year, Honour Book Children's Book Council of Australia. When The Burnt Stick was first published in 1994 it was a larger hardback book. I love the feel of the book, the parchment style paper and mono colour art, but for me the cover is a big hurdle - I hate the dark background and feel it is a pessimistic book because of it.

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