Siamo riusciti a realizzare un film di questa portata con un budget limitato, utilizzando le risorse a nostra disposizione. He totally loves Alaskan dogs. I knew what I had visually wanted and when we had the opportunity to get Henry Thomas, I wanted that character of Thompson to be likable.

He was disruptive to harnessed sled dogs, just as he’s shown to be in the film. A fitting tribute, the Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award is given to the Iditarod musher each year judged to have taken the best care of their dogs. Per decenni l'onore dell'impresa è stato attribuito a Balto, il siberian husky che ha percorso l'ultimo tratto e consegnato materialmente l'antitossina nelle mani del dottore del piccolo ospedale del Nord. Proudly powered by WordPress It seems like every possible challenge you could bring to a film project, you were willing to take on. As for his thoughts on Togo and the “Great Race of Mercy”, which changed the course of his own life and dog sledding forevermore, Seppala summed it up thusly in his unpublished autobiography before his passing: “Afterwards, I thought of the ice and the darkness and the terrible wind and the irony that men could build planes and ships. ... York City's Central Park later that year and Hollywood immediately turned Balto's journey into a movie titled Balto's Race to Nome.

All told, the 12-year-old Togo and Seppala traversed an astounding 264 miles, compared to an average of 31 miles each for the other teams. The Great Alaskan Race is a good choice for family movie night, since the film can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Also, as you can see from the photos, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. Most recently, Togo was featured in the AKC Museum of the Dog exhibition “Mush! Sepp finisce per sposare Constance e creare una nuova famiglia, con il suo meraviglioso e fidato cane Togo come membro importante di essa. Officials determined that the only way to deliver the serum in time was via.

Leonhard Seppala era un pescatore norvegese che si trasferì a Nome per diventare un minatore d'oro. In reality, the winds were in a “rare state of calm,” and Seppala had a crowd to cheer on the beginning of his journey to Nulato—halfway to Nome, but still a six-day journey encompassing a total of 630 miles.

Over the years, more and more began to recognize Togo as the serum run’s true hero dog. In real life, things played out a bit differently. Required fields are marked *. John Bucher: Tell me about how this story came to your attention and how The Great Alaskan Race came to be. Le tematiche dei bambini, dei cani, della comunità, della famiglia, del superamento della perdita, del coraggio e della fede sono universali e senza tempo.

One competitor described his communion with dogs as “unnatural control” or “hypnotism.”.

Are you somebody who writes throughout the day? Per le riprese aeree e quelle più cinematografiche, è stata usata una Phantom 4 con una camera X-5, per mostrare il solenne paesaggio dell'Alaska. Bruce Davison è l'insicuro ma dalle buone intenzioni Governatore Bone, che cerca di crearsi una buona reputazione nel suo stato.

Nessuno o quasi conosceva il nome di Seppala e quello di Togo, i veri eroi dell'impresa, che percorsero qualcosa come quattrocento miglia, con temperature che toccarono i quaranta gradi sotto lo zero, dimostrando che il coraggio dell'uomo e la fedeltà di un cane potevano arrivare là dove non erano capaci di arrivare né gli aerei né le navi. Back on land after covering a near-impossible number of miles, Seppala and his team eventually made the serum handoff in Golovin, just 78 miles from Nome. Obviously the Alaskan weather and the snow are difficult to work in. Togo jumped into the water, clambered back out, wrapped the rope around his body, and pulled. This is very close to what Seppala told the Boston Sunday Post really happened, albeit not on this particular run but on a previous trip. We had to find creative solutions and one of the hardest things is finding the correct dog, finding period structures, period everything. As deaths from the disease mounted, the decision to act was made. Cast completo What would you say to the folks out there that have projects where they’re trying to do the same thing? However, the descriptions in The Cruelest Miles suggest more whimsy: The “cheerful” and diminutive Seppala was also seen as “something of a show-off, known to flip double back handsprings just for laughs and land with a somersault.” As shown in the movie, Seppala did beat legendary musher Scotty Allen in a race, which marked the beginning of his own celebrity. Directed by Brian Presley. In 1910’s All-Alaska Sweepstakes, an all-Siberian team driven by musher “Iron Man” Johnson took first place in what remains a course record. But when Nome needed life in little packages of serum, it took the dogs to bring it through.”, Leonhard Seppala: The Siberian Dog and The Golden Age of Sleddog Racing 1908-1941 by Bob & Pam Thomas, The Cruelest Miles: The Heroic Story of Dogs and Men in a Race Against An Epidemic by Gay & Laney Salisbury, Togo’s Fireside Reflections by Elizabeth M. Ricker. L'inimitabile James Russo veste i panni di Wild Billy, la sua sicurezza fuori dal comune rappresenta perfettamente il tipo di uomo impavido che avrebbe intrapreso un viaggio così pericoloso. Hollywood — it’s good when it’s good but it can also kick you in the butt. A multi-team dog sled relay was arranged to deliver 300,000 units of serum, already en route to Nenana by rail, the remaining 674 miles to Nome. And for me, what’s gotten me through is my passion for storytelling, my passion for filmmaking, and not taking no for an answer. Thanks for the chance. Lions Gate Rated PG Release date 1/28/20. L'intera città è a rischio. Un film di Brian Presley, tratto dalla vera storia di Leonhard Seppala. Not only is Diesel related to Togo, he also resembles Togo in coloring: Unlike many Siberians, Togo had a darker coat. Synopsis. All rights reserved. Seppala is initially unmoved, but after peeking into the windows of the town hospital and seeing children crying and coughing, he is convinced he must go, despite the misgivings of his wife. The quick-thinking Seppala tied a lead to Togo, his only hope, and tossed the dog across five feet of water. My daughter read a book about Balto for school and this would be great to win!

Quando Presley ha saputo di poter utilizzare un lupo addomesticato, ha iniziato a riscrivere la sceneggiatura inserendo Ootek nella narrazione. What does your writing process look like? And when I come to the end of the rail, I feel that along with my many friends, Togo will be waiting and I know that everything will be all right.”. While Kaasen and Balto were given much of the glory, it was Seppala and Togo who insiders knew had truly saved the day. Check out my other giveaways, so you can have more chances to win prizes.

Being the writer on this project, can you tell us about your writing style? In 2001, Togo received his own statue in NYC’s Seward Park. John Bucher: You told a story that had a lot of challenges to bring to the screen. Bruce Davison came in and knocked it out of the park as well. Maynard is all in favor of getting the diphtheria antitoxin flown in by airplane, weather notwithstanding. Beyond the possibility of getting caught in a storm or a dog injuring its paw on a shard of ice, it was also likely that the ice of the Norton Sound could break up and carry the team out to sea. According to The Cruelest Miles, although Togo was the only puppy in his litter, he was indeed smaller than average, and worse, he had a painful condition that made his throat swell.

Ultimately, Seppala and New England musher Elizabeth Ricker chose to open a kennel of Siberians in Poland Spring, Maine. Ogni altro film o libro sulla Grande Corsa del Siero di Nome, in Alaska, nel 1925, raffigura Balto e Gunnar Kassan come eroi, ma durante le ricerche della storia ho scoperto che un cane da slitta di nome Togo e il suo proprietario Leonhard Seppala avevano in effetti coperto la maggior parte della distanza ed erano i veri salvatori degli abitanti di Nome.

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