I still like the ThredUp website, but the subscription box model isn’t right for every company.

Lots of clothing companies are catching onto the subscription service model. (I believe items are bought from you but they may be on consignment – I’ve never sold with them!) (Sadly, not for the Goody Boxes!). Have you ever tried ThredUp? Making 1 sale per day will earn you a monthly full-time income. Not only me that are having a similar issue, some people are also writing their reviews online. I didn’t want to buy them all new.

I found out that my Clothing was wadded up and jammed into the bag. Like Camera, Laptops, Automotive stuff, and even Clothing. It came beautifully packaged and the stylist picked some incredible pieces. You will learn how to create a review post or video and promote the product easily. For example a $998 camera can earn you $80 – $120 commission for each one sold.

I tried out a ThredUp Goody Box and here are my final thoughts! // Goody box. Perhaps it takes more time to get a sale, but I patiently waited for someone to buy my used cloth. And I actually really loved the lavender cardigan and kept it as well. But How do you promote the product inside Amazon right? I tried out a ThredUp Goody Box and here are my final thoughts! You can Sign Up as their Affiliate, and promote the products inside for commissions!

Just so we get it out there – I am not affiliated in anyway with thredUP. Once you receive your box you have only seven days to mail back any items you do not want (feels like a quick turn around to me). Hi, I’m Shelbe Gee!

It allows you to sell & buy clothing with ease.

I hope you can make an informed decision whether to invest your time on ThredUP or choose to do Affiliate Marketing instead.

While ordering you also select your price range, I picked $20-40 per item (the cheapest category).

And, I definitely didn’t want to spend time scouring thrift shops near me. It was $40 for a 10-pound box plus $5.99 shipping. If you’re interested in trying ThredUp I have a referral link here that gives you $10 off and I get $10 towards my next purchase.

When all the transactions were completed, I received an email with ideas on what I can pair with my "new" clothes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you liked this review you may also like my review of MightyFix!

Learn more about our style boxes.

Having items conveniently delivered to my doorstep is so much more preferable than carving time out of my day to “leisurely” go shopping (likely with my son in tow and all the while thinking about my mounting to-do list back home). Hopefully, the service can get better in the near future. ThredUp did not pay me to write a post in any way.

Some boxes are themed, like “9-5” or “Vacation Ready.” I went with the Holiday Party Box. The latest box I tried was one of the ThredUp Goody Boxes. According to the company, you’ll get 10 unique finds from $20 per piece tailored to your size, style, and budget.

I immediately realized my definition of business casual was not the same as theirs. However, if you keep ANYTHING (seriously, just one item) from the box, they apply that $10 towards your purchase. According to the company, you’ll get 10 unique finds from $20 per piece tailored to your size, style, and budget. A 20-something who loves to travel and live a conscious life. I was really unimpressed and, needless to say, didn’t end up purchasing any of it. The latest box I tried was one of the ThredUp Goody Boxes. This time I am going to ask them to focus on summer items!

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