The 3.73:1 gear (leaving the tire size the same) slowed the e.t. I can even remember running time-trials four cars wide. With a wealth of overdrive transmission conversion options, it's never been easier to build a quick drag or track car that can also be fun to drive on the street.

dba Summit Racing Equipment | Trademarks. One way to improve this without having to completely change over to an overdrive automatic might be a Gear Vendors overdrive bolted to the back of our TH400.

The nearest 12-bolt gear ratio to 3.80:1 is 3.73:1 and some may think this would be a huge loss of e.t., but the simulation reveals something different. Today, gearing choices are incredibly wide. x Gear Ratio Of course, one downside to the five-speed is an additional 35 pounds. Let's start with a look at the simple side of gear ratios. Best ET; 11.60 @ 119, crossing line at 6400-6500rpm. The most common approach is to overdrive Second so that the shift sequence is First (2.48:1), Second (1.48:1), Second Overdrive (1.15:1), then Third (1:1). Let's burrow down a little deeper into our drag car example with this ratio package. My current vehicle, a 92 Toyota pickup 4×4, […], History and General Information AboutCitizens’ Band RadioFrom the Origins of Citizens’ Band radio and it’s growing popularity in the 1970’s to the worldwide following today around the world, this article explains where CB radio came […], DEPARTMENT OF: Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips …Exploding Clutch – Why you should not coast down-hill with a disengaged clutch! This Richmond six speed has an overdrive ratio of 0.77:1. But there was more. The following chart of Tire sizes and axle gear ratios are meant to give a general idea of the relationship between the differential gear ratio and the tire size and what effect the ratio has on power output and fuel economy. 0. That change would net a 70-mph cruise speed of 2,326 rpm. I have an 1986 Jeep Comanche2.5L I4 with % speed manual Transmission and a 4.11. I […]. You'll instead want something that'll get you better gas mileage and cruise down the highway at a decent RPM. The exception to this is the new line of 6-, 8-, and, now, 10-speed automatics. This aluminum alloy constructed wheel gives a sleek style to your JK Wrangler. How to dry out a wet smartphone the right way. We've listed the gear ratios for several transmissions in the Late Manual Trans chart. How-To and Tech Tips, News, Slideshow, Tech Tips, Transmission and Clutch One way to do that is simply multiply the Gear Vendors' overdrive ratio of 0.78:1 by the gear ratio to create our effective ratio: 4.10 x 0.78 = 3.198, we'll round that off to 3.20. But if you change the tire diameter to 30 or 31 inches, it brings the RPM back down to right at 5k to keep it in its power band. The ET Street tires weigh 26 pounds while the ET Drag tire weigh 27 pounds. Remember when a 10-speed bicycle was considered exotic?

Jeff Smith Editor. This chart shows you the cruise rpm at 60 miles per hour based on gear ratio and tire height. When I first started drag racing 60-foot clocks did not exist. To keep this discussion about gear ratios and not about torque converters, we'll ignore slippage. We simulated that tire change situation of a 26- versus a 28-inch tall tire using a taller 3.55:1 (versus a 4.10:1 gear) and the car lost barely 0.07-second running 10.30s at 130 mph but cleared the lights with the taller tire at 5,800 rpm instead of 6,700. Input an rpm into a pinion gear that spins a larger diameter ring gear and the resultant motion reduces output speed but multiplies torque. Willow Springs is the longest at 2.5 total miles with a front straight that is roughly 2,000 feet in length, over 3/8ths of a mile. The overall First gear ratio with the TH400 and 4.10:1 rear gear would be 2.48 x 4.10 = 10.168:1. This modular design gives your Jeep a custom look able to conquer any terrain. We've come a long way from the days of the lowly Powerglide. When I first started drag racing 60-foot clocks did not exist. Mwilson Veteran Member. This gear ratio and tire diameter chart is meant to give you an approximation of ideal RPMs at highway speed (65 mph) for three situations: fuel economy, every day driving and increased towing power.

Of course, the Gear Vendors can also be used behind a manual transmission.

If we divide a higher gear (like Third) by the lower gear (Second), we can see the change in rpm expressed as a percentage. See all 14 photos. Now let's take our theoretical 6.0L Chevelle with its aforementioned 4.10:1 gears and put it on the street with a set of 28-inch tall street tires, but we want to know our highway cruise rpm. (*excluding holidays). The receiver hitch kit from Rugged Ridge offers a sturdy attachment point for the rear of your Jeep which makes towing your toys a breeze. Super Clean 73  Chevy Luv Drag/Prostreet Package, Jesel’s New Steel Sportsman Rockers Part 1, 50 Engine Compartment Detailing Tips Part 4, Our Favorites from SEMA Battle of the Builders Showcase, Today’s Cool Car Find is this 2015 Corvette C6 with NASCAR Cup Engine for $39,900, Mitzi’s Pinup Corner: Miss Presley Chevelle. The previous record of 1,846 […], Copyright © 2020 | MH Magazine WordPress Theme by MH Themes, Mud Tires – MUD TIRES or MT are as you might have gathered from the name, designed to perform most specifically in the mud. Rugged Ridge's Tire Carrier maintains full mobility of the rear tailgate and eliminates the cumbersome two-stage opening process present in other designs for easy use. On a TKO-600 five-speed for example, Second gear is 1.89:1 and Third is 1.28:1. Building a Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon, 18th Annual All Breeds PA Jeep Show at the York Fairgrounds, York PA, Installation: Mopar Tailgate Table for 18-19 Jeep Wrangler JL, Installing Rusty’s Front Track Bar Mount Brace on a JL Wrangler, 5 great, inexpensive upgrades for your Jeep JK, Good Fuel Economy but less power, good for flat highway driving, Best Overall Performance, good for daily driving, Highest for Power and Towing but reduced fuel economy, higher engine RPM, While I never had the need to lift the front of the Jeep with a Hi-Lift, I think doing so…, Are the D-rings far enough forward from the bumper that they can be used at a jack point for a…, Thanks for explaining that you want a tow strap and some basic tools as a minimum for offroading. And here's a formula that you can use to calculate your vehicle's rear axle gear ratio:

But that's just the rear axle ratio. Learn More, We're confident our prices are the lowest. Here at Alloy USA we have a made an easy to read chart to help you decide what is on the best gearing for your Jeep. The 10-speed simulation experienced tire spin (which slowed the 60-foot) because it had much more overall First gear. This pulls 6,500 rpm in Second down to 4,400 in Third. Here, the situation is a bit more fluid because drag racers have a set eighth- or quarter-mile distance to manage while track day fans and autocrossers face layouts of considerably wider variation. Your email address will not be published. (The drag tires i couldnt see what size).This is well past where the torque curve drops off. If we plug in 3.20:1 to the formula, it works out to 2,688 rpm as our new cruise rpm. Soon after came three-speeds like the TH400 with a First gear ratio of 2.48:1. Featured products from your favorite shows! We took the car to the track.

A Budgeted Jeep CJ-7 Rebuild from Concept to Conception by Ralph Hassel  My evolution of thought…   It all started with a humbling realization a number of years ago. World's #1 Racing & Performance Classifieds, December 8, 2016 This way you can do the math yourself as verification. We also added 90 pounds to simulate the added weight of 10-speed. Let's assume that we're running a 26-inch tall rear tire and a 550hp small-block in a 3,600-pound Chevelle and it runs low 11s at 120 mph. Keep in mind that the highway cruise rpm needs to remain at or above the converter stall speed to prevent building excessive heat in the fluid.

Second gear ratio is 1.85:1; third gear ratio is 1.31:1; fourth is 1.00:1 and as pointed out earlier, fifth is overdriven at 0.77:1. How to Choose the Right Gear Ratio for Your Muscle Car or Drag Racer. At the beginning of my 40-plus years of drag racing, someone with a fairly consistent car and good starting-line reflexes could win his or her share of drag races as I did on national, state, and local levels.

You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. We also have multiplication of engine torque by the transmission ratio. A good way to calculate this is to multiply .12 by your Jeeps tire diameter (Example: .12 X 38" = 4.56).

The quickest way to figure it out if you plan to run a given track is to find a similar performing car and ask them what their maximum speed at the end of the straight is (or peak rpm at the end), along with their gear ratio and tire size. So, we plugged in a 2.73:1 rear gear. If the compound is too hard on a lighter vehicle, it may reduce traction. The 10-speed, for example, offers gear splits of 17 to 18 percent compared to a TH400 of 33 percent between Second and Third gears. This chart provides values that represent a 1:1 ratio on a manual transmission. For example, the Richmond transmission has several different first gear sets available: 3.33:1, 3.06:1 and 2.89:1. The 10-speed was quicker by nearly two tenths of a second and 1.5 mph faster. ODR = (26 28) x 4.10 *There are actually three different ratios available in this transmission. DEPARTMENT OF:  Cheap Tricks & Useful Tips …Protecting your PaintOk, so you’ve done a little fourwheeling down some narrow paths. Jan 6, 2020 "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I … The formula looks like this: ODR = (Original Tire Dia. Since drag-racing tires have a softer compound than typical street tires, you would think that softer is better. This is where every car is different. The 60-foot times were exactly the same for both transmissions and no other changes were made. Ford eight and nine-inch rear ends are common, as are quick-change setups, vintage banjo housings and of course, Chevys, Mopar, Dana and even vintage rears. Archimedes would recognize that gears are a form of leverage. Here at Alloy USA we have a made an easy to read chart to help you decide what is on the best gearing for your Jeep.

But these transmissions have not found their way into the mainstream as yet, so we'll focus on the manuals. This is much longer than the other courses and is a big factor in the final drive ratio based on rev limit.

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