An American division of troops is making an assault all along ... Lt. Hanley has the support of a tank to help his platoon to take the hill.

Combat! How the man did not win an Emmy is beyond my comprehension, Vic Morrow was an amazing actor, no doubt about it. I love this one.

(And, YES, this post is useful because I’d recommend any of these episodes to you if you’re interested in the show but don’t know where to start.) Items featured on this list include everything from “Hills Are For Heroes (1)” to “The Long Way Home (1).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Combat! – Kirby is AWESOME in this one.

Lots of good scenes through the whole thing – a sweet (though doomed) love story, an adorable (though doomed) friendship between a GI and a German private, a lovely (and not doomed) father-daughter relationship, and lots of intriguing scenes between Hanley and Angsty German Lieutenant. . I guess they should be next on my list!

means to me and why I love it, and so on and so on, but I figured that’d probably be boring to everyone but me and I might as well write something semi-useful instead. I watched “Dateline” recently, and while I thought the concept was good, there seemed to be something…I don’t know…lacking? Add the first question.

But it’s right up there. Also, Conlan Carter’s cameo as an MP is great.

The show was on longer than the actual war itself, but it never seemed to be boring because it was well written.

Subtitles. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

A pair of intelligence agents posing as a tennis pro and his coach go on secret missions around the world. (That’s when she fell for Hanley.)

Wonderful. Any Second Now is my favourite Hanley episode as well. (And, YES, this post is useful because I’d recommend any of these episodes to you if you’re interested in the show but don’t know where to start.)

The two try to treat people as individuals in an age of specialized medicine and ... See full summary ». Oooh, I love your list! “Off Limits” The cast was excellent and portrayed many of the horrible aspects of war to kids of my age, who were also reading Sgt Rock comic books at he time.


Far From the Brave, One More for the Road, Long Way Home, Losers Cry Deal, Gift of Hope, and Masquerade would make my own list. A french boy who is befriended by a German Soldier, only later in the episode to shoot him. “Mail Call” Saunders is wounded and trapped behind enemy lines while trying to provide cover for Doc and Caje as they take a wounded Little John back to their lines. “Ask Me No Questions”.

, Oh, I didn’t notice that you left out “Hills”. A good episode, all around.

, You already know that I’d love that post if/when you do it. – Out of all the episodes of Combat!, I think I’ve seen this one the most. And most of it tense and awesome with Saunders and Kogan trying to escape, and I liked that.

Glad I could inspire you.

– Burt Kennedy does it again with another squad episode that involves our guys being, for all practical purposes, trapped in a building with Germans surrounding them. ~”Masquerade” – Because James Coburn. James Henerson, Writer on 'I Dream of Jeannie' and 'Bewitched,' Dies at 84, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Paul Guerra, Robert Walker Jr. I thought the guest star character needed some more lines to explain his character better. Top Ten Fighters episode – “Forgotten Front” – which is why I’m writing this post (I have a big thing about my fandom anniversaries). ~”Cry For Help” – Almost as good as “The Hostages”. He does SUCH a good job. You’ll definitely have to include it in one of your posts.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 18. episode – “Forgotten Front” – which is why I’m writing this post (I have a big thing about my fandom anniversaries).

The dramatized World War II adventures of U.S. Major Gregory "Pappy" Boyington and his U.S. Marine Attack Squadron 214, (The Black Sheep Squadron).

I love this one. I don’t watch it too often, ’cause I don’t want the impact of the final scene (or, really, any of the scenes) to be lessened.

“The Party” Top 10 Anime Girls Fighting Scenes. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. When the encampment comes under fire. Caje and Saunders have to clear Kirby’s name, and it makes for a wonderful episode. ~”A Cry In The Ruins” – I’ve seen a Rat Patrol episode with the exact same plot, and they both had the same writer (Edward J. Lakso), so go figure.

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