Breeding two cats together with the same level of white spotting will produce cats with a similar degree of spotting. What are the differences between dry food and wet food?

A large and muscular cat, the strength and power is evident in the substantial body and legs.

The Turkish Van and Vankedisi are ancient breeds from the Middle East, kept as domestic pets for hundreds of years.

However, their temperament depends very much on their upbringing and the temperament of the mother and the cats with which they are reared. Look at pictures of Turkish Van kittens who need a home. The Turkish Van is one of the larger cat breeds.

The semi-longhaired coat does not tangle easily but it is a good idea to brush them regularly to remove loose, dead hair and help prevent furballs. Cats of other breeds who display a similar color pattern are often said to be "van-patterned". In general, one of the eyes of this breed is green while the other one is blue. The 'top-and-tail' markings, even when seen on other breeds of cat, are frequently referred to as "van …

They might have diverse tones and are sometimes chattered, murmured or whispered. Your email address will not be published.

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Turkish Van coats are also water-resistant to help with swimming, so they really don't need you to give them a bath. The coat lacks an undercoat and has a very unique and beautiful texture similar to cashmere. The Turkish Vankedisi has a full brush (tail), with a length to balance with the body. It should be noted that the winter coat of the Vankedisi is longer and heavier than the summer coat. [4] Despite the modern Turkish Van breed consisting almost entirely of pedigreed, indoor-only cats with no access to large bodies of water, and despite dubious connections between them and the cats of the Lake Van area, some feel that the Turkish Van has a notable affinity for water; for example, instead of swimming in a lake, they may stir their water bowls or play with water in the toilet,[8][unreliable source?]

Turkish Vans were first brought to the United States in 1982 and accepted into championship for showing in the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) in 1994. It’s water-resistant, as well! The Turkish Van is known for its distinctive pattern - a white cat with a strikingly coloured head and tail. Commonly known as the "swimming cat", the Turkish Van is a naturally occurring semi-longhaired breed from the rugged region of the Middle East centred on Lake Van where the climate varies to extremes.

Why buy a Turkish Van kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? The fur should be long, soft and silky to the roots, with no woolly undercoat. [3]:148 A Turkish Van may have blue or amber eyes, or be odd-eyed (having one eye of each colour). The lack of an undercoat gives a sleek appearance. In all colours it is possible to breed three different eye colours, with these being amber, blue or odd-eyed (i.e. There is one other characteristic that makes them highly unique.

Our Van Cat Meow 2021 calendar is … Here you'll find all collections you've created before.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Van is a very common name in the area.

A rescue cat.

All white Van cats may share this gene. For the first time, … This wonderful cashmere texture of the Turkish Vans' coat makes it waterproof. Another year of adventure!

Turkish Vans, not just with their owner, are friendly to other animals. The US-based Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA, the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats) and Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe, the largest international cat fancier organisation) recognise only van-patterned specimens, as they define the breed by both its type and pattern. Redeem Now!

Although some may confuse the Van for the Turkish Angora, they are different. Or is it our misconception?

", Don't forget to follow us on Instagram: @prettylittercats. Not content to be merely a rare breed of cat, the Turkish Van also has a one-of-a-kind coat. [9], The piebald spotting gene (partial leucism) appears in other different species (like the horse and the ball python). Turkish Vans are unusual in that they require three to five years to reach full maturity. Vans have been known to reach 3 ft (1 m) long from nose to tip of tail. All three types of cat may exhibit eye colours that are amber, blue or odd. The Turkish Van has since attracted a loyal and spirited group of breeders and fanciers. Adult cats rarely meow to each other, so an adult cat meowing to human beings is probably a post-domestication extension of meowing by kittens, a call for attention.

They are large and strong cats that are very intelligent and are very curious.

The white spotting factor is the variable expression of the piebald gene that varies from the minimal degree (1), as in the blue-eyed cats with white tip on the tail to the maximal degree (8–9) that results in a Van-patterned cat, as in Van cats, when coloured marks occupy at most 20% of the white background, but the white background in the breed covers about 80% of the body. They have large paws and rippling hard muscle structure which allows them to be very strong jumpers.

Since then, CFA has registered approximately 100 Vans born each year in the US, making them one of the rarest cat breeds. 22 March 2020, 02:13 2.5k Views 245 Votes 1 Comment.

Just discovered us? If you want to have this unique and special breed.

The first Turkish Van cats to arrive in England were brought in 1955.The breed was initially called the Turkish cat in England but this name was modified to Turkish Van later to avoid confusion with the Turkish Angora. The term "Turkish Vankedisi" is used by some organisations as a name for all-white specimens of the formal Turkish Van breed,[5] nomenclature easily confused with the Van kedisi landrace cats, which are also often all-white. These cats are quite a social breed and they even do not matter living in small apartments. If you are looking into getting a cat, think carefully about what you would characteristics you would like to see in your new companion. The Turkish Van was so named for its region of origin, central and southwest Asia.

The Turkish Van comes in a number of colours from the traditional white with auburn through to the newer varieties (and still relatively rare) which include white with cream, black, blue, tortoiseshell, blue tortie, brown tabby, blue tabby, tortie tabby or blue tortie tabby. The Turkish Van is very much the new kid on the block in America having been here only since a first importation of a few kittens in the mid 1970s, but the breed only began to take off in this country with a second importation from France in 1983. You can notice the difference by observing them -if we are talking about a specific cat and god- during […] More. Enter code “LOVE20” at checkout. Many people confuse the breed with the Angora cat breed, which is also originated in Turkey and known as the oldest cat breed in the world. Delivered straight to your front door, every month.

The Turkish Van is known for its distinctive pattern - a white cat with a strikingly coloured head and tail.

While we are taking care of them, we can apply the wrong ways to care for them based on common wrong knowledge.

Anything Look…Weird?

Luckily this makes grooming a breeze.

Neither city is anywhere near Van Province.

The area includes the modern countries of Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Syria, and eastern Turkey.

Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Their coats are somewhat unique in that there is no undercoat. The pure white Turkish Vankedisi has exactly the same characteristics and temperament as its  van- patterned cousins. Get tips, spotlights, and upcoming offers/deals to your inbox, Chat with us: Lake Van is the biggest lake in Turkey and has several islands, the largest of which - called Ahtamar - has the remains of the early Christian Church of the Holy Cross built in 910 AD.

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