The PACKs provide preconditioned air to the pressurised fuselage. That document about survival factors and the injuries described sound like the captain died immediately, but the co-pilot could possibly have been saved, had there been a chance of immediate intensive care? should helicopter time be counted towards airplane ratings/certificates of any kind? I run a business in my present incarnation with brutal hours and a long drive home. @mm43. UPS is pointing out that the crew had time off before the flight. I have fallen in sleep in finals,many times,microsleeps to be scared of. Possibly a leak / rumour? "the copilot could have said: EXCESSIVE RATE OF DESCENT BELOW 1000' AFE/AGL, go around".

DMJ. The pilots prescient comments about the lack of One Level of Safety under the Federal Aviation Administration's crew rest regulations are chilling. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Did I miss this, if so, a link? I just read the transcript and thought this was a night visual gone bad, when in fact it was a non precision IFR gone bad. With respect, I'd like to see some supporting evidence for this assertion before I accept it. Good points.

And we do still fly,be tired or not. I think 9999 out of 10,000 times, in the same situation, the pilot would have made the right judgment and gone around, but the one time he didn't, it ended up being the final hole in the Swiss cheese. Advertising -

@OBD Thanks for all your insightful posts. He's suing for a relatively low $2 million. The CVR transcript was released.

He also somehow failed homestudy training three times in 1991 and 1992 and failed recurrent FO sim training in 2007. By that I mean if they had been vectored to the FAF and at BASKIN advised to be at or no lower at IMTOY than 1380' - "If NOT visual with the PAPI", this accident would not have happened. So isn't the point moot, accident-wise, unless we want to just point fingers? But, they had a sight line to the PAPIs until very near the end when the small hill and perhaps trees would have blocked the sight line. Not sure what you are reading into the trace, but they were still AP coupled so I'd think the yoke forces would be pretty relaxed. More than that, a number of participants in the original Th were highly interactive - swapping back and forth with computer-based profiles, and analysis, of topography, visual profiles, and other evidently pertinent information. NTSB/AAR-14/02. This transcript is proof enough that we need one level of safety in our industry. tdracer calls our attention to a couple of factors … the FIRST thing we were told at the beginning of the investigations was that we were not allowed to publically release ANY information with regard to the investigation until the NTSB had issued their report - we were even discouraged to discuss it with co-workers other than to get additional technical input. Patty Wagstaff has pictures of herself taken in uniform. Location: Surrounded by aluminum, and the great outdoors. I cannot see any company shifting working practices without major pressure. Oh come on now That is a disgraceful thing to say. I hope Machinbird has only 30 minutes drive back home. @aterpster. They may have never seen the PAPIs because of weather obscuring their ability to see them. On 14 August last year, at about 04.47h local time, UPS flight 1354, an Airbus A300-600, registration N155UP, crashed short of runway 18 while on approach to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport.

F/O seat remained attached. On the other hand, their conversations may have been just shop talk. Look at mm's diagram? - indeed, it would be nice. In my opinion, ill served by the VS mode. But there are plenty of other problems with the Federal hiring process.

It isn't a lifestyle, it is a bid package. Amazingly enough I don't think new regulations would have helped here. But that is precisely my point, there does not appear to be any acknowledgement that change in waking and sleeping hours causes symptoms that you could argue are not due to fatigue but they are precisely the same lack of attention, loss of situational awareness and cognitive tunneling. i do not know backgrounds,but i may know what night flying best and of worst of it.

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