Generally, atomizers are durable enough to last for many months of use, but eventually you’re gonna wanna refresh to improve the potency of your puff and the intensity of the vapor from each and every hit from your 510 thread vape pen. With purchases over $60 in the US from US warehouse, we will upgrade it to the USPS Priority Mail Service for free.

There’s a MT3-model atomizer that is ideal for e-liquids or oils, and a glass globe atomizer with a spiral pancake coil good for herbs and weed wax, plus a skillet tank atomizer with a dual quartz coil that works well with herb and waxes, or shatter; lastly, you have BUD-brand Touch atomizer (CE3) Tank that is super for oils and e-liquids. Fully assembled, the Brain Fogger is 58mm (or just over 2 ¼ inches) high by 22mm (or just under an inch) wide, and it holds a volume of 4mL of the e-liquid concentrate of your choice. If it’s in your budget or you’re a bit more experienced, step up to a combo vaporizer like the Blackout X PREM31R dry herb vape, V2 Pro 7 Series, or Haze Dual V3. The sleek, streamlined Pilot Battery features 3 temperature settings for the 400mAh battery – the lowest temperature is about 2.6 volts, the medium is 3.3v, and the highest setting is 3.7v. Though it isn’t specifically designed for smoking cannabis concentrates – and is in fact an e-cig battery and vape with 510 thread – you can use cannabis or CBD vape oils in this vape mod and it will work just as well! (We answer that, too.). To be sure that you are getting the real deal, the Yocan coils all come with an ‘Authorized Yocan Retailer, Beware of Knockoffs’ certificate, suitable for framing – though we’re not sure why you’d want to. The term “510 thread” was originally coined by Joyetech, manufacturer the eGo-T, one of the first vape pen batteries. Powered by a long-lasting, self-reliant 900mAh battery, the Vuber Atlas dual quartz heating rods are wrapped in titanium coils in a quartz bowl – no plastic or wicks – and allow you to experience the full flavor of your concentrates, producing 3.3 volt - 3.7 volt output to meet your, and just your, cartridge and dabbing needs. So now you have some background on what 510 thread vape pens are, what their basic parts are, and how they work – now let’s look at some of the best choices of vape pens out there and some of the accessories that you can buy to take your portable vape game to infinity and beyond, getting you buzzed for lightyears!

The only drawback, really, is that this unit doesn’t come with a charger, because it was meant to be a replacement for the battery that comes with LINX Hypnos pens, and when bought together, there is a battery charger included. The Quaser uses their new Q-Cell technology wh... Airistech's Vegatank for Sub Ohm Atomizer for Wax and Dry Herb adapts the newest technology and styling of popular sub-ohm vaping mods. Kandypens 350mah 510 Battery w/USB Charger is the product of brand Kandypens, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black:1pcs, etc. The KandyPens Slim vape pen is a great, affordable option that includes a life-time  warranty. Yocan Armor Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate is the product of brand Yocan, it's one of the best vapor products with the option of Black:1pcs, etc. The 510 threads enable you to connect the cartridges or sprays to the battery.

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