Ray answered they were the Ghostbusters. Deep down, Louis really wants to break out of his humdrum little existence and be a hero. He made the covers of magazines like Digipocalypse, set off a geek chic fashion trend, became the spokesperson for Keymaster Cologne, and dated models. He pointed. He tends to be obsessive compulsive when it comes to matters of taxes. Dana was upset but Louis was excited to be able to run so fast with the lower half of his Terror Dog body. BT034 - I Live In Viscera / Dave Grohl​.​.​.

He popped out to greet her. If the work piling up on his desk is any indication, Louis was sick for several days, at least. Louis appeared in seasons 5 and 6 and was portrayed as wimpy, but a frugal and competent accountant who was focused on keeping the Ghostbusters in the black. readings and took custody of him. Ray took the call and advised him to pull the plug. In the July 6, 1983 script, Louis Tully was a visiting conventioneer. He was mysteriously locked out of his apartment numerous times, unaware of the supernatural history of the building. In a deleted scene and subsequent adaptations of Ghostbusters II, Louis went to his cousin. He revealed he had Twister and break dancing planned. In late 1989, at Peter's insistence, Louis reluctantly became the defense counsel for the Ghostbusters. Louis held onto Egon's coveralls as a memento of his experience during the Vigo incident, and hung up behind his desk in the lobby. Louis looked around and guessed the superintendent was going to be pissed.

Upon the defeat of Vigo, the slime shield dissipated, and the crowd hailed Louis as a hero even though he had little to do with the situation. His back pressed against the window.

Animated Primary Canon. Louis did some research on settled on a certain brand of microwave. He revealed he was just exercising. Appeared In: Dana handed her grocery bag to him to hold while she opened her door. Louis continued that she shouldn't leave her TV on so loud when went out. Louis realized he was locked out yet again. He purchased a refurbished model but soon learned it was possessed.

He ran to door.

Next to Louis is a bottle of mineral water modeled after Perrier. He followed. Dana apologized and told him she forgot about the party. There was an idea of putting Louis in a fully body cast, There was an idea of making the area where the Ghostbusters II No Ghost sign, miniature satellite dish, and. Dana lowered her case. Funky Interlude 6. Louis occupied 2202. He banged once on the window. After the Tiamat incident, Louis returned home to Ocala.

Rick Moranis came around towards the end of production of The Video Game and was okay with being involved with the game. In the 10/8/2007 draft of Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Louis would have appeared in three cut-scenes. Mountain Project and Access Fund are partners 4. After the Ghostbusters battled Gozer, Louis was released from his possession as the Keymaster and returned to normal. Louis looked at them and asked who they were.

Louis droned on about learning a musical instrument and Newstime magazine's article about blood born disease. He announced he was going to go have a shower. Cars honked at him. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. Louis is celebrating his 4th anniversary as an accountant. After Kylie gave the word, Egon closed the trap and checked Louis' pulse. He bumped into a Coachman who gave him a hard time for talking to his horse. BT032 - CB / F16 / PL, Sherman immediately asked him to look into an investment opportunity and inquired why he suddenly uprooted himself. He greeted the new arrivals, a middle-aged married couple, and introduced them as Ted and Annette Fleming. He ran off rambling incoherently about the coming of Gozer. At some point between 1984 and 1989, Louis earned a law degree at night school and expanded his specialties as a tax attorney. In anticipation of the Ghostbusters offering franchising, Louis was tasked to scout locations around the USA, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati. Louis came upon the Tavern on the Green. Louis is wearing his blue track suit from Ghostbusters Chapter 6: Spook Central. He begged them to do something and help him but Ray deferred him to Louis.

He walked up to her. Kylie took Louis and Dana downstairs to safety while the Ghostbusters tried to deal with the possessed Ray. He handed her a bottle of generic acetylsalicylic acid which was apparently just as effective, but much better value for money when it came to quantity as well as quality.

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