Earthquake, Geology, Nature, Plate Tectonics, Geological Hazards, Geology, Natural Hazards, Nature, Volcano, Geology, Natural Hazards, Nature, Volcano, Volcanic Eruptions – One of Mother Nature’s Deadly Forces. Rock in the asthenosphere is hot enough to flow slowly. Volcanic eruptions can cause a lot of damage to both nearby areas and areas miles away from the eruption site. Create your own volcanic layered artwork inspired by the work of artist Margaret Godfrey.

When a volcano erupts a lot of gases are released that can go all the way into the atmosphere and can cause a cooling effect to occur. Personally, I [...]. An earthquake happens because of tectonic plates rubbing against each other on fault lines. 2020 © - Big database of free essay examples for students at all levels. In 79 A.D. a terrible catastrophe befell the city of Pompeii. Suddenly, the ground started shaking.

Our writers will create an original "Volcano Eruptions" essay for you. It was built in the menancing shadow of Mt. The earthquakes caused by volcanoes are usually not felt by people but can register on the Richter scale. Loud rumblings of the rocks from the mountains were heard.

Donate £33 to get individual access to your key stage. Most volcanoes are located on fault lines which is why they can sometimes cause earthquakes. To view a volcano dance and describe appreciation of music and movement. Strips of chiffon or other light material in reds, oranges and yellows, A large red/yellow/orange sheet (if possible). They had to evacuate the island. Free.

When a volcano erupts a lot of gases are released that can go all the way into the atmosphere and can cause a cooling effect to occur. The mountain people watched as the huge boulders rained on … It was built in the menancing … Volcanoes can be caused by other natural disasters or pressure underneath earths surface [...], Volcanic eruptions can be explosive or they cannot.

When an explosive eruption occurs it also sends a lot of ash that can wreak havoc on the wildlife’s ability to breath and by contaminating water sources. To study the features of tectonic plates and the features of extinct, dormant and active volcanoes.

Riding above this circulation system are the tectonic plates, enormous moving pieces of the earth’s lithosphere.

This great KS2 Descriptive Word Mat: Volcanoes can be used as a display piece or table prompt to allow pupils to improve their own work when writing descriptively about volcanoes. Adjectives such as: menacing and deafening were particularly well chosen as well.Viet thought that maybe you could try to up-level one of the 'terribles', to avoid repeating the word. Black felt tip pen/permanent marker/paint. Everyone ran for cover so as not to get hit by the huge boulders. In 1991 the mount Pinatubo eruption in the Philippines was caused by many small earthquakes from magma in the volcano entering the cracks in the tectonic plates. There was no way to go except to the boats.

Appreciate a volcano dance and imagine being close to a volcanic eruption . We particularly enjoyed reading your simile, describing the rumble of the volcano to be like that of a giant's belly. To plan and perform a commentary on the build up to the eruption and the eruption itself. Author: Created by smartsaz. Volcanoes are usually active and most people who live near one don't know it. A volcano is an opening in the Earth’s crust that allows magma, hot ash and gases to escape. When thinking of volcanoes, Oregon doesn't come to mind right away; however, Portland, Oregon is located along the Cascade Volcanic Arc, and is home to and around 5 volcanoes: Mount St. Helens, Mount Hood, Powell Butte Nature Park, Mount Tabor, and Rocky Butte Nature Area. Descriptive Uplevelling. That caused the pressure to build up until the volcano erupted and thousands of tons of gases were released into the atmosphere. Recognise the different traits of volcanoes, including dormant, extinct and active volcanoes. According to the British geological survey, 100 to 300 million tons of co2 are released each year by both underwater and land volcanoes’.

Privacy Policy, This site uses cookies to give you the most relevant information. The lava that is sent flying for miles of an explosive eruption, can cause wildfires that can devastate a wildlife area. The other effect of eruptions can warm the atmosphere, because of the greenhouse gases they also emit. The extreme force of a volcano erupting can sometimes actually cause an earthquake. 5G's Descriptive Writing This week, 5G have been looking at using description for effect.

Cereate volcano dances, volcano music and make up ‘David Attenborough’ style commentaries. I was impressed by your use of commas and connectives.

Preview. Understand where volcanoes are located in the world. Preview and details Files included (1) doc, 139 KB. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. Even with the greatest amount of determination, one could not escape … This helped to really bring the volcano 'alive' in our imaginations. 4.7 103 customer reviews. Perform their own compositions, using appropriate intonation, volume, and movement so that meaning is clear. A tour inside a volcano in Iceland from insidethevolcano.comFootage from inside a volcano from of Mount Etna erupting at night from Godfrey's website.

Suddenly, with a deafening roar, ash and magma poured out of the gaping crater at the top of the volcano and began to race eagerly towards the doomed city. Containing adjectives which describe physical features of volcanoes and human responses towards them, the mat is perfect for expanding vocabulary, uplevelling writing and adding flair to creative pieces. Discover how they are distributed around the world. People mostly die from volcanoes.Where volcanoes occur is magma that rises to the surface at the edges of the plates, [...], Submarine volcanoes are ruptures on the earth's surface that are found underwater from which magma erupts. It all depends whether the magma is thin or thick.

Appreciate a volcano dance and imagine being close to a volcanic eruption .

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