They did not go until I clapped my hands. Eww when I zoom in close on the picture the vulture is so gross looking. I guess I should put that into consideration…, I dreamt that I was walking in the night and two vultures fell in front of me,it was like there wings were broken then started to heal I was scared at first then I chase them away. There is a tree, a dead one that whenever we pass it, I check to see if a vulture is in it. For me, they are a profound bird. I have created from scratch a brand new Certificate Creator.

This fun website offers you messages from your, Brought to you by the same people who created Spirit Animals. Our wedding corelates to Matt 6:6-15 the Lords Prayer.

These could all be coincidences is but it has happened way too much for me to believe that coincidence could be the cause.

Today I was looking for a place to camp and had typed in a store on Google on the way. I think it’s great you feel like you can slow down in this busy world and appreciate the little things. My bedroom window faces toward the back yard. The vulture has been connected with prophecy of the future, Love of the Mother goddess, new visions, and of course, protection. I can’t take more pain .. For the past four weeks, no matter where I am there is a Turkey Vulture. What I mean is, the first time I saw a group of vultures on the front lawn of an apartment complex but quite a distance from the road. Therefor, you need to meditate and let the Turkey Vulture come to you in that space and let you know of it’s message. I just wanted to say that from your posts it seems like you already have your answer. Lisa, you are a wooden tiger (Chinese zodiac). How long will the footprints on the moon last? 0 1 2. I live in the county but don’t usually see any in my yard. Bird Meaning: Symbolic Vulture Meanings.

Teaya I believe you. At the same time, they decided to clear some of the dead maple trees in their backyard.

I am not superstitious never have been but this creeped me out.

It also describes me well, but like I said before, Primal Astrology does not include Ophiuchus. Their white heads are significant in that they represent communication with the Creator. Asked By Wiki User. It’s head was quite a bit detached but it was still on the top of the body. I the dream I saw, me n my elder sister (we love each other so much) we step into an open ground suddenly while being at home as soon as i close a window while at home (night time) I see ourselves in an open ground. My brother, the wooden horse, married a fire rooster (a phoenix same as Year 2017). I thought it was quite a sight to see, as you don’t often see animals communicate like this. Though commonly associated with the South and Southwest, turkey vultures and their smaller but more aggressive relatives, black vultures, are expanding their range to the north and east, and into New York State, wildlife experts say.

Something similar happened during the weekend with a hummingbird at like 5:50 am as I was looking at the blue moon we just had this Again thinking about the same love situation it’s been heavily on my mind the past month… And this little Hummingbird guy came outta no where in my face but I was sitting on my driveway tire level of my car it must mean something. Is there anything else that you can tell me about this experience? My husband of 15 years walked out. Whether I’m headed to work, church, or just hanging out with my family I’m starting to recognize these Vultures every where I go.

Before noon, five black faced vultures arrived on the scene. It was my daughter that allowed the buzzards were there to tell you to go ahead, it’s OK. We will clean up the mess. This morning when I went out of the house to feed up, I looked towards my husbands shop, and in the trees closest to the shop there was 28 buzzards, There was 4 in the tree next to our house, and 3 in the trees directly behind the house. Relationship questions are allowed. What a beautiful day l thought. And all will unlock and open up to me completely. Please help. I don’t know if they are turkey buzzards or vultures, but I know that I had a vulture in my garage one day that hissed at me!! Does anyone know of species-specific vulture spirit messages? The night of her passing I was at home in bed with the tv on. Also my parents would be mad, and I don’t have a very good reputation.

It means three persons are concerned about you. We stared at one another. I hope my story helps in someway and if you have a response, I will be reading back within a few days to see if you have.

Not sure what the significance is but I know it is very significant to both you AND me….. My birthday is March 20th and I was born in 1989…. He has also had prostate cancer, had surgery for that. Powerful, Intense Focus, but there was also a Grace . The birds hang out on top of their … ''But, you know what, that's easy to say. Please disregard all of the terrible errors. I was walking in my old hometown (small town in Eastern Germany where there are no vultures, ever) when I noticed a big grey vulture sitting up on a lamp post.

It met and held my gaze. I live on the second floor of an apt bldg. Time stood still. I have come in contact with a very powerful shaman who unlocked my inner potential this year and he has said to me and my group to, She also speaks to me of the necessity of change, that all things must pass into something else. The other day I was taking my dogs for our morning jog when we heard cawing in the woods.

“Why are these birds going towards me?” What did I do?”. We’ve always joked with him about it and tell him that his “friends” are here! It could also be a common characteristic for this particular vulture species. The O'Byrnes put out a bucket of mothballs, thinking the vultures would be repelled by the smell, but the birds just pecked at them. The birds fly off but, of course, they return. I saw at least 10 or more vultures along the road ravaging a dead deer along the road. I run back n chase away those kids and see my sister almost eaten and almost dead and I see that old man coming to chase away those kids(guilt n pity in his eyes) and then woke in trauma. There was one that was obviously the dominant one; it was the one doing all of the the eating at first. Within the past few months on several occasions I have driven by a large grouping of Vultures and once again this morning I came across a large group of vultures.

Based on what I’m reading here and your story, I feel now that I need to consider things more closely before I assume this is a bad thing. The Vulture teaches efficiency in actions and promises that changes are imminent. Tell me I am imagining all this. Therefore, in a way, vultures is a precursor to death to the weakened prey----the dead feed them, afterall.

We were married over 50 years. Two stood up there displaying their impressive wingspans, slowly rotating for all to see.

When you have a Vulture dream, it symbolizes purification and insight. I feel like I’m more grounded or bonded with nature or something lol it’s weird but whatever, my bird is still with me everyday.. Hello Jerry, Are hawks vultures? Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. That sight didn’t sit well with me and I actually tried to just put it out of my mind (except for saying a little prayer for kitty). This incredible energy. Dan and Carol Ann O'Byrne sit in their breakfast nook each morning, look out at their horse paddock and the woods beyond and face mortality. The first few weeks it was always the hawk and now I’ve seen nothing but turkey vultures. I started walking towards them, however the closer I’d try to walk the father the vultures would be. As I was reading a book (The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down) outside on my birthday this July, I saw a vulture circling above me. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Or i am the next bird whisperer haha please let me know your thoughts and interpations thanks. There is so much more to say, but first I need a response. The day after my wedding June 6 2015, I return home to a single vulture standing on the front corner of my house. They see right through to the heart of things. The vulture spirit animal has an uncanny ability to locate death and feed itself from death. I am in pretty good health and was surprised at what it did. Lisa. shaggin, I'm not absolutely sure but I think that the reason why the vulture sat down on the roof could be that it has an injured eye, at least it looks a bit like that. 3 very long neck vultures fly aggressively to my roof I knew they were up to something cause they wanted forcing their way to meet me. When I found one just like it on the internet it had the same kind of eyes and markings. I ran outside and saw three vultures entering my back yard. The other two walked around in the grass, checking out their reflections in glass patio doors.

If they feel like grilling a steak, they set up a barbecue in their garage. It represents energy - all year round. It all started out when I asked someone a question (can’t name who) and I said to give me a sign of 27 vultures in my back yard the next morning if the answer was yes. But they seem to warn me of nearing danger or problems. Do you think there is a message of some kind there? In Revelation 18:2, Babylon the Great is described as being “a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird.”. I seem to have a connection with birds and often see hawk on my way to work. No blood or any other parts found anywhere on the truck, i was going 50 miles an hour. I walked out to go to work. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls.

I looked up and 10 feet above my head was a turkey vulture. I had been up since 12 am distraught and weak from crying over my situation. about 5 mins later, a black bird comes and just flies towards me and passes my shoulder.

Adapt easily into your role. It was now, maybe 25 feet away from me, watching me. Are you processing your own past and ready to embrace a better healthier future for yourself and others? I have seen vultures before but never that many all at once, I felt it was significant.

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