[3] On 1 October 1885, the "Slip Coach", entered service to connect with fast trains to London, Northampton, Cambridge and the Eastern Counties at Kettering. The viaduct was built on land belonging to Lieutenant Colonel Tryon of Bulwick Hall. It will be great waking territory or. [3][1] Barrow lime for concrete and mortar was supplied by Ellis and Sons of Mountsorrel Junction, Leicester. Once again the route was easily followed. The viaduct is stunning if you get a nice sunset. Welland Viaduct, Harringworth Viaduct or Seaton Viaduct, crosses the valley of the River Welland between Harringworth in Northamptonshire and Seaton in Rutland, England.

After the walk we drove back to village of Seaton and had a drink in the pub. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom.

England - East England - Lincolnshire - Countryside. Please choose a different date. Church . It turned out the gate was chained but not locked so I could open it and then made sure that it was securely chained again once I closed it. [14] The line is also infrequently trafficked by chartered heritage trains. Came upon this viaduct unexpectedly whilst driving in the area, its a wonderful piece of engineering, well worth a look. The Welland Valley is one of the most rewarding places to walk in an otherwise rather flat region.

Bricklayers reported seeing the imprints of children's hands and feet in the bricks from when they had walked on the clay-filled moulds before firing in the kiln. I noted that (at point 6 on the walk) there is no footpath sign on the track leading towards the private house (although when I looked on google maps streetview one was shown) so I was a bit unsure if I was in the right place. [13], In 1967, as a consequence of the Beeching cuts, scheduled passenger services over the viaduct were discontinued, but the line remained open for freight traffic. [2] Another 12 huts were built at Gretton Hill.

At its peak, a workforce of 3,500 and 120 horses were employed along the length of the line. [3], The viaduct required about 30 million bricks, most of which were fired onsite. The viaduct is on a diversionary route for East Midlands Railway using the Midland Main Line route. Repairs have used other types of bricks, predominantly blue engineering bricks, which have superior water resistance and are stronger, making them suited for arch re-lining and face brick replacement. "Harringworth Viaduct - Travel & Repeat. Also called the Welland viaduct this is a kilometre long and dominates the landscape. Click here to learn more or control your settings. Also Item 7 you do almost go right up to the house but then you climb over a fence and follow behind the garden, seems a bit odd but makes sense when you do it. The sight of the viaduct was breath-taking to say the least. The next feature of the Welland valley is the impressive Harringworth Viaduct.

You need to log in as a member of Walkingworld to access the details for this walk. Before the privatisation of British Rail, repairs were made by Kettering and Leicester civil engineering staff. [5] Built by the contractor Lucas and Aird, a total of 30 million bricks were used in the viaduct's construction. Item 6 on this walk Grid reference 907977, refers to steps in disrepair, these have now been repaired and in good condition. Sandra Raffan, A great walk for an afternoon, especially if you are coming from the east (they've got real hills, albeit small ones!). A particular feature of the walk is the Harringworth Viaduct, which spans the valley. [2] It has been estimated that every man engaged in preparing the ground and building the earthworks shovelled more than 20 tons of earth in a 12-hour shift. Welland Viaduct, also known as Harringworth Viaduct and Seaton Viaduct, is a railway viaduct which crosses the valley of the River Welland Northamptonshire, UK, Weather, 22nd December 2019, The River Welland flooded along the valley and underneath the Harringworth Viaduct after days of heavy rain, brighter today and water level has dropped making roads passable.. Helen Wakefield. It's vast and beautiful. [2] On 5 July 1878, Lieutenant Colonel Tryon keyed the final arch in a ceremony to mark the viaduct's completion.

[2][3] Even by the early twenty-first century, it remains the longest masonry viaduct across a river valley in the United Kingdom. Additional construction materials included 20,000 cubic yards (15,000 m3) of concrete and 19,000 cubic yards (15,000 m3) of stone. The walk can be adjusted to start at the pub. Freight trains with a 25-tonne axle-load were limited to 20mph when crossing, a major goal of the strengthening measures was to increase this to 60mph. Welland Valley viaduct – Spokes pop up cafe Runde von Barrowden ist eine leichte Rennrad-Tour. Access is available to Walkingworld subscribers or you can buy the walk individually for £1.95 once you are logged in. The Harringworth Viaduct, also known as the Welland Viaduct and Seaton Viaduct, is a railway viaduct crossing the River Welland between Harringworth, in Northamptonshire, and Seaton, in Rutland.At 1,275 yards (1.166 km) long and with 82 arches, each of which has a 40 feet (12 metre) span, it is the longest masonry viaduct in the United Kingdom. Incredible to think its over 100 years old! A particular feature of the walk is the Harringworth Viaduct, which spans the valley. Great walk shame we didn't have better weather on the day we did it. [2] It addressed brickwork defects and prepared the viaduct for a long-term strengthening scheme aimed at raising its restrictive load capacity rating from RA0 (the lowest rating) to RA10 (the highest rating) so that traffic can cross more quickly. Didn't know this existed until we drove through the Rutland countryside. This site uses cookies to improve your experience, to enhance site security and to show you personalised advertising. The walk first hugs the pretty River Welland, then climbs to the ridge to give fine views of the valley. [2] The valley of the River Welland was a major geographical obstacle along the selected route for the line, required the construction of a lengthy viaduct. I always carry a satnav, though didn't need it for navigation this time. Core-drilling of the parapets was performed by a bespoke 900kg rig, developed by Amco Rail, which reduced the programme's cost by £200,000 over conventional means even when including its development cost.[2][18]. "The Guinness Book of Rail Facts & Feats". Marshall, John. Trains very seldom cross, but are a wonderful sight when they do.

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