Stack’s Bowers Offers Bill Fivaz’s World’s Worst Type Coin Set, Small Business Investors, Hobbyists Sue Minnesota for Criminalizing Their Pursuits, The Continuing Threat of Counterfeits: A Problem for Numismatics and the NBA, Salome and the Rarity of Coins Featuring People From The Bible, United States 1976 Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollar. I came across this article and realized that I may have 2 of the 1964 SMS sets.

I got a 5,000 collection a little over a year ago. I have two 1964 Kennedy Half dollars. This crosses the line. One to look at tomorrow, I will investigate all my options. Hello, I have a set of 6 coins of Half Dollar 1964, last week I searched for prices and I found an article about an auction on the same theme where to my surprise I saw more similarities between the coins that I and the auctioneer have. Ummm…. Forget about finding a 1964 SMS. Guess what? Maybe it was a mint set coin (your 1964-D above, I mean), but there is a world of difference ... and confusion ... between the two. Was The "phony 1964 SMS" coins are certified by your hosts on this forum. Thank you for any time you provide…. I slept from that day and to 12 more days before I woke up!!

Pretty certain I have one of the collectable Kennedy coins described above but I simply don’t know how to proceed from here. And if it grades higher than 66, the cost would be justified. 15 to 20% of the silver has flaked off but it does appear to be a single coating, not 2 The 1964 SMS coins were discovered in the estate of a former mint director in the 1980s. Coinflation. The following 1939 T2 and a 1939-D T1 show those lathe marks and obviously showing whatever process they used, didn't remove those lines entirely and that these SMS coins are nothing more than EDS examples of coins. They don't appear to have the same quality as the SMS coins though. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Jaime Hernandez: . A 1964 Special Mint Set Kennedy half dollar recently turned heads when it was offered by Heritage Auctions during the September 7-11, 2016 Long Beach Expo U.S. Signature Auction. Learn how your comment data is processed. All News, Articles, Commentary and Opinions are contributed by the author(s), with or without compensation, who are solely responsible for the content, and do not represent CoinWeek Management. It also has the black splotches that look like fingerprints but I am uncertain if it has a teardrop under the four . What date and denomination? Furthermore, it is believed these SMS coins came into existence somehow through the involvement of Eva Adams, U.S. Mint Director at the time. Any answer is appreciated!

To bad Rodger is not available to chime in on this thread!

This is the "dangling 4" closeup from a certified 1964 SMS half. They are not YouTube hacks giving you incomplete/erroneous information just to get clicks., So please quote me the part of the article that says "sand blasted dies", I have bought and sold several of these sets and have examined many more thru QA Check and they are all similar with heavily polished dies. Ultimately the only opinion that will matter is a TPG such as PCGS. Here's more of my guesswork; When they cut the Master Hubs for any kind of coin and before they impress the Master dies, they somehow use a process to remove all those circular cut lines so they don't appear on the final product of coins. @halfhunter said:

Anyone can go check the inventory and accession files there.

If someone could get back to me that would be great. Quick Links: Sounds like a magician’s coin. PCGS seems to have appropriated the description after I sold mine at Heritage a couple of years back (and cataloged and described it and the dozen or so others I know of). As they say "money talks, (other stuff) walks.". He collected coins his entire life and he kept these locked up in a safe, which is why I'm wondering about them.. the Kennedy even has the dangling 4 and from what I read, I understood that the teardrop was a sure fire way to identify it as SMS. Believe me, I have been contacted many times by eager, fervent numismatists who are sure they are on to the next big payoff. Send it in to a TPG for authentication. Need the following OBW rolls to complete my 46-64 Roosevelt roll set: You Suck! When they find those, it'll be sitting next to several 1964 SMS Sets in OGP. The crazy part is Heritage sold the Sp67 PCGS Specimen pictured above and looks way different from every pic you find on PCGS coin facts. Then I really missed a chance. Without better pics it has a shot at 67. I don't think yours look like them at all I'm sorry to say. Were the '64 SMS quarters struck with the Type-C rev? PCGS |

CoinWeek does not buy or sell coins or numismatic material and No endorsement or affiliation to or from is made. I have no idea what’s the value. Not one has seen the moola yet. The coin looks like a normal (non-SMS) example.

I also have a Penny and quarter that look the same to the this Kennedy. And why do you believe it is a "true first strike"? Reply. I’ve been looking through my grandfathers collection for the past six months and just got through the half way point of his collection on my spare time. Everything about the phony "1964 SMS" is speculation. The 1964 SMS coins could have also been produced as introductory pieces, possibly even intended to include a 1964-D Peace dollar. These coins do not display the mirror-like reflective surfaces that are seen on proof coins, yet they have a stronger strike than seen on either the 1964 proof coinage or SMS coinage from 1965 through 1967.

Nothing more need be said. big difference on all those comparisons all the portraits are slightly different and the fields. I’m in the same boat as Avonna. Collectors Corner | Unless a collector put it away when it was brand new from the mint, it is only worth its value in silver. Overall, the coin boasts strong details and a sharp, square wire rim – features seen on other 1964 SMS Kennedy half dollars. There is much speculation, excessive rumor and very few facts concerning the origins of the 1964 SMS Kennedy half dollar. Here’s a comparison of a plain mint set 64d Cent on left vs my possible Satin SMS 64d Cent on right. All the images on PCGS show the same. Well, I mean the design is the same. And the coins looked like in very very very good condition. This coin made me question many people about the air on this 1964 Kennedy half dollar, and the air it’s different from every other coin that I have seen personally and on the internet to decide why it looked as it does on its own.

I might have the real deal. I have a 1964 with the orange top on the front and on the bottom of the back. PCGS/NGC/ANACS/ICG - any of these could authenticate it.

Correct and no 1958 Kennedy halves have been found "YET" either. They have infrequently turned up for sale over the years. I recall reading about the ANACS authentication on the 64SMS auction listings in the Heritage site, but that was for coins consigned and sold a while ago. --- George Carlin RIP, he'd have a lot of fresh material if he was alive today!! Some of the images are compelling, but when a certified set is viewed next to a really nice Mint Set, the difference with just the aid of the eye distinguishes the two as the SMS coins are by far more superior. The Denver Mint SMS does exist for 1964 and now that that’s a proven fact... it’s closed minded to 100% rule out that the Denver Mint only made one SMS Satin Finish for 1964 and yet the Philadelphia minted somewhere around 50 sets. Adams passed away on August 23, 1991 – just two months after the first Stack’s listing of the five-piece 1964 SMS coin set. Leothelyon I just wanted you to know my reply wasn’t argumentative to your comment I’m agreeing with you. Thanks! Since Eva Adams is "directly" tied to the 1864 SMS coins found in her estate after she passed away AND she is tied "directly" to an agreement that was made between the NNC and "special finish" coins, I see no reason to believe that the 1964 SMS Coins weren't actually intended for the Smithsonian or perhaps produced with the4 same manufacturing technique for some specific purpose … Nothing but early die state coins with sand textured sorfaces. So what if I actually for real have 1 of these coins. Awarded 6/2008- 1901-O Micro O Morgan, 8/2008- 1878 VAM-123 Morgan, 7/2013- 1983 No-S Proof Set. Adams’ estate was sold soon after her passing, and it is believed coin dealer Lester Merkin may have acquired some or all of the 1964 SMS Kennedy half dollars that may have been offered during that sale. I disagree. All coins (both sets) are still in their plastic container that has screws in each corner. I thought the 1964 SMS coins were all minted in Philadelphia, no? There is relatively little verified information explaining their origin or provenance, and the mystery coins are scarcely offered for sale. And now I see I didn't capture the 'chrome' look in the photos very well either: @Walkerguy21D said:

This coins liberal F pity get it just kidding but for just wanted to look into it and see if there might be something about it and wow never in a million lifetimes would I ever have thought I was holding a car in my pocket. That would be the most definitive way. I was under the impression satin finished coins came from sand blasted dies. MORE info here at PCGS" Within the last year I have gotten 2 different 2 headed Kennedy halves. CoinWeek Supplies Highlights _______________________________________________________________________. *Unless otherwise noted, my posts here represent my own personal opinions. I would like to have the coins graded but am really hesitant to mail them off to just anyone. Those would be what they call proof coins for the 1964 set. And I do not believe that any 1964 or 1964-D SMS coins are out in circulation and available to the general public. But the surfaces are not the same, which is the distinction between an SMS and other coins. Merkin passed away on July 26, 1992, and his collection was in turn sold by Stack’s. Mark is absolutely correct about the surfaces.

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