I am also a drinker and I want my Whiskey neat with a coke back. I ordered a whiskey straight up last night in a nice (but brand new) bar (now I know I should have ordered it neat) but it came in a shot glass, and I was put off. Is drinking Jameson "neat" the way to go?

What is the best way/time to make this clarification?

A friend of mine mentioned a drink they came up with last night. Uh, where i “get off” is demanding excellent service for the premium i pay. Thank you @willametteweek and @cohenesque for this, It’s cold out. Upload a photo of your drink creation on Instagram using the hashtag above to be featured on the Jameson website! ” I don’t want to sound like a total jackass, lol. Had he made a strange request, sure, I’d verify, but with a normal request, no, I’m not going to grill him about his choice. There is a mass of bad spots and a few good ones. It has gotten so that if I order a mixed drink out, I’m grumpy that it has gotten so watered down.

I’m sure you learned sone wonderful things in bartending school, but trust us, “Up” does not mean neat. A term like “rocks back” seems like it would be more effecient to convey this.

Put a cinnamon stick into the coffee and drop chocolate sprinkles on the cream as garnishes. Is that martini stem in your pic chipped? If the customer orders scotch on the rock without specifying any particular brand.what brand i will going to serve? Favorite Answer. I believe Absinthe is one of them. Neat: Room temperature, straight out of the bottle into a glass, be it a lowball or a snifter, etc. Keep up the good work up there.. I’ll keep in “neat” down in GA! Upload a photo of your drink creation on Instagram using the hashtag above to be featured on the Jameson website! Honestly, if you pulled the kind of attitude you suggest you have, I’d rather deal with the frat boys than a patronizing, know-it-all customer. Fill the glass with ginger beer or ginger ale. I think it is! Most bars have their spirit wall on an interior wall with florescent lighting of some kind. I adore the craft and I plan on continuing it as a profession probably until the end of my days. “Chilled and neat” would be an acceptable way to order this. Bottom line, customers are my lifeblood: i have to make it right or find someone who can, end of story. Let’s say you order a Wild Turkey, “straight up”. This buys them leadway with attitude and insistence on excellence.

Just curious as a relative newcomer to the scotch world. Jameson has 14 variants. Squeeze juice from the lime wedge into the glass.

However, I will generally order a ice-water back sometimes because I might feel like a *little* water in – just a splash or a few drops – in order to open up the aroma a bit, and I don’t really trust most bars to understand that. Suck it up, have the bartender strain the whiskey/whisky into another glass and learn from your mistake rather than throwing a perfectly good (yet slightly chilled) drink away. I’m just 30, and my first real experiences with single malts were recent and I’ve always ordered neat (on the advice of an excellent bartender).

Although “straight up” was used to refer to cocktails that are mixed with ice then strained into a chilled glass. Especially given the pompous attitude Chuck is bringing to the table here. STRAIGHT UP = z. Good thread!

I’ve ordered a gin martini with a twist (my preferred garnish) and received a big wedge of lemon on the side of the glass. To give you a ballpark, Glenfiddich 12 or 15 is my go to but I’ve been exposed to things I’ll never afford on the regular (sadly discontinued Macallan cask strength being a favorite) so I’ve got a somewhat decent palate. People out here think they’re God’s gift to bartending because they use simple syrup. Strain the cocktail into a coupe cocktail glass. I like what I like. It's a lot like trying to define what a martini is and what it isn't or differentiating cocktails from mixed drinks.

There’s a bar in my home town that uses their front window as a backdrop for their liquor display.

I always cringe when they ask for a gin and tonic with a twist. Pour in the whiskey, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, simple syrup and egg white. Great thread.

Still have questions? All rights reserved. It’s the combination of all these flavors that makes Jameson special and adaptable to a wide range of types of drinks. Total Time: 5 minutes | Prep Time: 5 minutes | Serves: 1. Chilled over ice and strained into an empty rocks glass. Jameson has in the past century been mostly given to baby boys. I’d hardly call “on the rocks” an unusual request for a scotch. sometimes i order cheaper single malts (livet and fiddich) rocks, and so occasionly i’ll slip up and order a nice single malt rocks.

Any bartender who serves you up a warm one (unless you ask for it) has no business behind a bar. 2. Uh huh…. A lot of us have rocks glasses pre-chilled in the cooler these days. Jameson Neat around the world. Straight Up = one liquor, not pre-chilled, no ice in the glass. Its pronunciation is JHEY-M-ih-SahN †. By the time the second one was gone, the first one would be fine. Wow, way more info than I expected to get so quick!

Neat: Right out of the bottle.

We should not forget, the customers are paying – and paying a premium.

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