Ward was tasked with interviewing the students involved, including Seth Dormer and Callie Hannigan, to learn the truth about the attacks.

Ward eventually managed to do it without his brother knowing.

Coulson told him that Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons had survived his assassination attempt, although Fitz may never be the same again.

Calling himself Zack, he then helped Eliza and her son, Graham, onto a bus to Dallas. Brett DaltonTrenton Rogers (young)Austin Lyon (teenager).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ward and Phil Coulson having their final fight.

"I don’t as Skye, but I do as me.

Grant then embraced his brother and they walked back to the road together, making it appear to Christian that he had forgiven him, but in reality he was setting him up.

When Ward produced evidence that Lydon had accepted payment of one million dollars for the information that endangered Chan's life, Skye was infuriated and felt betrayed by Lydon. Returning to the HYDRA base, Ward was complimented on his successful mission by Malick, although he was confronted about nearly killing Coulson, who had barely escaped with his life. Skye refused to listen to what he had to say and told him she would not unlock the hard drive for him, explaining that he was right that she would not like the real him as he had assured her she would not.

Ward fights all the S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA guards. Ward after managing to subdue Bobbi Morse, Without warning, Morse managed to rip off her restraints and attacked Ward, ripping the needles out of her fingers and attempting to stab him in the neck. facility. "I still ship Skyeward," Bennet told Marvel. agent so she could access the Index allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. Skye came back and Ward revealed to her that her father was trying to rescue her from HYDRA agents and that her mother was killed in the rescue attempt.

Ward, however, remained calm and told her that one day she would understand his actions.

Ward witnessed John Garrett showing off his new strength as he ripped a door off it's hinges and began carving strange symbols on it, claiming that he was writing down the ideas that were now in his head.

With Kebo as his new second-in-command, Ward made his goal to reunify HYDRA's splintered cells, and to clean the organization from soft and greedy members who cared only about wealth and not about power, which he blamed as the main reason for HYDRA's decline and inevitable failure, desiring a HYDRA made of strong and loyal fighters.[43]. He had a sister whose contacts he lost. Before the members of the Centipede Project could leave, Ward found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons spying on them. As a teenager, he tried to burn down his family home.

Within mere minutes, Ward had fought every guard on the boat and succeeded in disarming them before knocking them out or throwing them overboard, deciding not to use deadly force on them. Ward asked Zabo to free him, but he refused, citing that he did not want Ward and Skye to see him kill Whitehall.

Ward picked up the phone and found himself speaking to Gideon Malick, an ally to Wolfgang von Strucker who was feared by everyone who knew of his reputation. Ward leaves Kara Palamas with S.H.I.E.L.D. Although Palamas insisted they run, Ward reminded her that they could use Coulson to get to Bobbi Morse and find the closure that they were seeking. When the team had a stopover at the installation known as The Hub, Victoria Hand explained that enemy forces had obtained a weapon called the Overkill Device in Georgia, which had the power to wipe out their own missile systems and render S.H.I.E.L.D.

Garrett and Ward were able to kill both the guards but soon learned that the base had been set to self-destruct.

Ward breaking down their new mission plans, On route to the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility, Coulson asked Ward to brief the team on Sunil Bakshi's intel before the mission.

When the team regrouped on the Bus, it was discovered that Jemma Simmons had been infected by the virus.

As time progressed, Ward seemed to soften somewhat, developing friendships with his fellow Agents, which was eventually cemented upon rescuing Jemma Simmons after she jumped from the Bus.

Ward noted that Simmons had changed and he was disappointed in her, before making his escape from the facility.[16].

As they continued walking, with Coulson shooting Ward in the arm to keep him quiet and stop his continued discussions on the meaning of HYDRA, they had then located Leo Fitz, who was with the supposed Will Daniels, who attacked Fitz. When he recruited Werner von Strucker, he assumed that after one act of savagery that the boy could murder Andrew Garner, an act that caused Gideon Malick to chastise him. As he went to his room, he saw Melinda May with a bottle; after a brief moment of eye contact, she entered her room, leaving the door open, and Ward soon followed.

Ward took out the guards and they discovered the Overkill Device.

Having found themselves a new hideout, Ward and Kebo watched as their new weapons were unloaded from a van. Under fear of torture and death, Carmine quickly gave up the information and told Ward that Werner von Strucker was living on a boat, purchased with his father's money. Simmons quickly realized their end goal; when Simmons tried to attack Malick, Ward noted that her rage was new.

They took Selwyn back to their hotel room and forced him to fix the mask. In Mexico, Ward bought a cactus for his and Agent 33's house while she called her mother, who was helping her get better reacquainted with her old life by sending her old pictures of herself which allowed her to recreate her original and unscarred face with the Photostatic Veil. Ward and Bakshi joined Skye and Jemma Simmons as they were attacked by soldiers, Skye demonstrated her new powers of creating shockwaves and knocked out the guards.

He then freed Garrett and they escaped. Grant Ward is a fictional character played by Brett Dalton.

Ward makes his own escape from the building, Using his top-level S.H.I.E.L.D. Ward discussing their team's rescue mission.

Real Name

Ward agreed to take the deal, and he and Agent 33 were taken back to their home by Deathlok where they gathered their belongings in preparation for the mission, also taking Sunil Bakshi and locking him inside the trunk of the car. How do the traitors die? Ward and Skye hack into a computer system, Later, when the operation to extract Chan from captivity by the Centipede Project went sour, Ward released Skye from custody and accepted her help in rescuing Coulson and Melinda May.

The team received a call that a S.H.I.E.L.D. When the Bus was spotted by HYDRA, the team ran into the Quinjet and Melinda May used that to escape while the Bus was shot out of the sky.

Morse, however, told Palamas that she had made a choice while at HYDRA to give away the location of one S.H.I.E.L.D. Over the next few weeks, Agent 33 treated Ward's gunshot injuries and eventually nursed him back to health, they developed a strong flirtatious relationship and Ward felt he owed Agent 33 a debt for saving his life.

He was slightly anti-social with strong morals and was known to be "deadly". May thought he was speaking about blaming Fitz and Coulson, but in reality, he was blaming John Garrett, whom he knew had given the order for Skye to get shot. Ward manages to convince Skye to join him, When Ward struggled to find Skye in the Providence base, he went to the closet to check she had not discovered Koenig's body. Date of Birth Ward learning that Ian Quinn was responsible.

However, Ward questioned if joining a team was the correct use of his talents as he claimed not to be a very good team player while Doctor Streiten confirmed that Ward was highly fit and mission ready. [10] However, Skye informed Coulson that they had a serious problem, Coulson came back a few minutes later with Melinda May unconscious, now believing she was connected to the Clairvoyant. Ward, however, was already working out a plan to free Garrett.

Affiliation While Ward argued that Skye's history with the Rising Tide made her a risk, Coulson insisted that her skills would prove valuable as she did not think like a traditional agent. When Morse remained calm, Ward opened his toolbag and took out a long sharp needle before revealing that he knew Morse hated needles. Hive states, months later and after possessing Ward's body that his final memories were that he was almost glad to be dead.

His parents were even worse. Seeking to take out several agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ward looking up at the sky with Anne Weaver, Through his investigations the team was able to learn that the attacks were being done by Seth Dormer and Donnie Gill, the two students who had been injured in the attacks, as they had attacked each other to ensure they were not the suspects. Finally, one of the men told him the vault was in Zepkow, Germany. [42], Ward attacks and kills one S.H.I.E.L.D. Ward promises to bring Kara Palamas closure, Ward and Palamas dragged Morse's unconscious body back onto the Quinjet and tied her up. They need some loving! Ward stood guard while Jemma Simmons attended to Peterson's injuries, until she accused Ward of standing around doing nothing and ordered him to find a stretcher to help get Peterson out of the base safely, which he did without question.

Ward attempting to cheer Agent 33 back up, When Ward returned, Agent 33 had turned her face into Skye's and tried to seduce Ward, but he insisted that he wanted to be with her, not anyone else.

[22] Deputy Director Maria Hill gave Ward top marks in combat and the highest espionage rating since Natasha Romanoff, giving him low marks only in his people skills.

could find and interrogate him. : 2.19: The Dirty Half Dozen, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

: 2.03: Making Friends and Influencing People, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. [28] As Skye recovered, Ward admitted to her that he blamed himself for her injury, but Skye reassured him by promising him that she would train harder after her recovery.[29]. Ward and Kebo scouted out the area and spotted von Strucker having a party on the boat surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis and his security team.

During the new team's first mission together, they encountered the Rising Tide "hacktivist" known only as Skye, who was their only lead in the case of Michael Peterson.

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