recent testimonials (scroll down), 3 November 2020: You can mark my titanium Superformance serpent SOLD! So if you attempted to contact us during that time and were unable to do so, that’s the reason. The real-life Ken Miles in Le Mans, 1966. Gone down south to Geneva, Illinois.

Note: the thumbnail image above of Darek’s West Coast Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself his extraordinary motophoto prowess! drivin’ machine the way it looks “in person”! Many thanks to your site and to your Cobra marketing expertise! And wishing you a happy Holiday season! But Ken and ‘the shingle’ were still the standard by which under-1,500-cc performance was measured. [11][12][13] Miles was denied the unique achievement of winning Sebring, Daytona, and Le Mans in the same year. and with a special tip-of-the-visor to the Los Angeles chapter of SAAC, who brought this article to our attention in the club’s August 2001 newsletter.

After Ford’s complete failure at LeMans (11 of 12 Ford-powered cars blew up! Again, many thanks for your site’s astonishing ‘reach’ to Cobra enthusiasts! Please tell Curt that, once again, his advice on taking good photos paid big dividends, and my photos and my Showcase ad looked fantastic! Wit and charm like almost no one else I’ve ever known. Peter was 14 years old when his father died, and he was actually at the Riverside Raceway with his mom when the fatal crash occurred. Stay safe! Peter Miles currently lives in Monterey, California with this family. This white beauty left today for a new home in northern Texas. Anybody could go fast on the straight—if he could afford the car that would do it—but it was Ken who showed us about going deeper into corners, who shifted down with immense skill and who would probably continue to smile as he passed an adversary on the inside. Many thanks for your “pan-Texas” market coverage! He wanted things done his way and he didn’t want to discuss his decisions with the non-racers, either.

And as much as Hollywood loves an uplifting ending to their biopics, Ford v Ferrari subverts that by reminding everyone: sometimes, they don't get out of the car. 5 May 2020: You can mark my Crimson Red Cobra SOLD! Note: the thumbnail image above of Mike’s Factory Five Racing Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself his fine motophotos! Thanks to Cobra Country’s global reach to Cobra buyers, it went down south to a lucky new owner in Wilmington, North Carolina. He rather enjoyed the fact that his application for membership was refused by SCCA even after he was no longer active in Cal Club affairs. 29 November 2019: Seasons greetings, CobraCountry: My gorgeous ERA#532 sold yesterday (on Thanksgiving Day!). James Yale.

Note: the thumbnail image above of Eric’s  Cobra is hotlinked to its Showcase page… so you can see this deep blue USRRC beauty the way it looks “in person”! Sidewinder Tip#1: you can instantly find/return to this Ken Miles: an appreciation personal salute by just using Sidewinder. Ken Miles' death in Ford v Ferrari isn't too far off from what really happened - though the movie changes some details for storytelling purposes. For the 1955 season, he designed, constructed and campaigned a second special based on MG components that was known as the "Flying Shingle". Ford v Ferrari: How Claire and Mollie completely differ, How to watch the E! Many thanks! His father’s life and the days that led to his death became the subject of the 2019 American sports drama film Ford v Ferrari starring Christian Bale as Ken Miles and Noah Jupe as him. There were still more sides to Ken Miles. 28 October 2019: Dear Cobra Country: I sold my Indigo Blue serpent (SPO1983)! "I gave Christian Bale some information on my father, they could come from press clippings, articles in magazines, I also showed personal photographs or shared audio recordings," Peter told the outlet. The funeral was held the following Saturday and the chapel would not hold all the people who came to pay final respects to a man whose career was unique in the history of American racing. 8/18/19: Dear Cobra Country: Success! Note: the thumbnail image above of Willie’s #BDR722 Cobra is hotlinked to its Showcase page… so you can see this Black Magic beauty the way it looks “in person”! And his British accent, even if slightly incomprehensible as it came out the side of his mouth, seemed exactly right. They should be pulling into the Cobra’s new home in the Shenandoah Valley area pretty soon, or they may be home already if it was a short stop last night. The film stars Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby, a former race car driver-turned automobile designer tasked with building a new racing car (the Ford GT40) that will allow Ford to finally usurp Ferrari as the champions at the annual Le Mans competition. Keep up the good work! Note: the thumbnail image above of Doug’s Superformance Cobra is hotlinked to his Showcase page… so you can see for yourself his beauty for yourself!

Many thanks for your skills in marketing these fine Shelby driving machines! Peter stayed at the workshop for four years. Much of the shooting was done here in southern California, at Willow Springs International Motorsports Park [about 50 miles north of where I’m writing this] and at California (Auto Club) Speedway in Fontana, east of Los Angeles.

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