At the end of Season 3 and beginning of Season 4, she’d firmly stood by choosing Stefan; since then, it was as if she never really liked Stefan in the first place and quickly turned her feelings toward Damon. Yet Elena had become human, although in a supernatural coma, since the end of season six, leaving Stelena fans quick to point out the possibility of the triangle resurfacing. It’s there where they see the coffin they keep Elena in is empty — and she’s awake. Nina Dobrev will be turning 30-years-old in 2019.

While Elena didn’t have a long list of dating history, her record of having been intimate with two brothers isn’t something you’d associate with a Nice girl, is it? Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. © 2020 Condé Nast. I will love you forever. Bonnie Bennett saved the world, and now she finally gets to enjoy living in it. We first had Stefan – a mysterious, brooding lover who obviously had a dark secret and was nothing like the usual boys. OK, I am never one to trust Kai, but he's back and he's making some pretty hefty promises. Delena fans would likely be furious if Stefan and Elena reconnected romantically, but the show has made a point throughout its seasons of emphasizing the fact that human Elena is Stefan’s soul mate, and Elena had to turn into a vampire to be with Damon. In an interview with Deadline, he said, “Well, I always thought it would be Stefan and Elena. Elena was supposed to be 16-17 when The Vampire Diaries started, marking a 3-4 year age gap between Elena and her actress. Here are some theories.

You see, after one takes the cure, they are supposed to be reverted into the age they were as human beings. Matt Donovan is still Sheriff of Mystic Falls, and he’s thinking about running for Mayor.

As fans can recall, Damon heard Elena's voice, which lured him into entering the vault.

Maybe they could create a new “other side” and that’s how Damon and Elena end up back together. “I wanted that Damon to live, and I wanted you to have an opportunity to get to know him.”, Stefan says goodbye to Elena one last time, as The Fray’s “Never Say Never” starts up (like at the end of the pilot), and he walks into the white light… outside the school, where his best friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) is waiting, along with his vintage car he torched last season.

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Obviously, Bonnie’s momentary death must have triggered it… but there are no loopholes. In 2009, The Vampire Diaries was commissioned to cater to this market and brought a similar protagonist to Twilight’s main character on the show.

And, now fans know that, one way or another, Elena … All rights reserved. Dazu gehört der Widerspruch gegen die Verarbeitung Ihrer Daten durch Partner für deren berechtigte Interessen. For the time that Elena’s brother Jeremy was on the show, he didn’t do much other than being the guy who constantly falling into trouble. In the first season, it was established that the older vampires were the stronger they would get as the years passed by. Even after an emotional reconnection with her estranged father, Peter (Joel Gretsch), Vicki still chose to ring the bell rather than go back to Hell. 1. Stefan had his fair share of followers and these girls weren’t happy he was tossed aside by Elena like he was an afterthought.

After Stefan realized Elena’s feelings for Damon were too great for her to control, he promptly broke up with her. She still has a full life to live, even though Bonnie is more than willing to die to be with the recently deceased love of her life, Enzo (Michael Malarkey). His sister had always placed him first in importance, but it seems Jeremy wasn’t all that attached to her considering he never came to see his sister. It’s the one question you can’t escape when discussing “The Vampire Diaries” – who should Elena be with, Stefan or Damon? They were happily reunited and Elena got her happy ending. Instead, Bonnie somehow came up with a magical solution that negated the previous spell Elena was under. But rather than desert their family, Matt and Peter stay behind. In the very final scene before the actual final scene, Elena and Damon were shown to have lived out their human lives and passed away in order to arrive in the afterlife.

“Tonight I saw a side of Damon that I hadn’t seen in a while: The older brother I looked up to, the son who enlisted in the Civil War to please his father, the Damon I knew when I was a boy,” Stefan tells Elena. Any woman would. Obviously that’s not ideal, but as this season keeps saying, Hell really is no joke. Without her final return, the Vampire Diaries wouldn’t have been able to have a satisfying ending.

While inwardly they were in love with Elena herself, the motivation to be in love with her came from her resemblance to Katherine. Nina Dobrev was 20-years-old while Sara Canning was 22-years-old when the latter played Elena’s legal guardian! Damon and Stefan were both in love with Elena, that much is for sure. (edited by administrators) Elena Gilbert. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Does Damon know Elena is sired to him, and if so -- how horrible is that? King also admitted that things may become more complicated for "Steroline" next season.

Stefan explains how he’s not quite sure what happened with Bonnie, but he knows that he took a syringe full of his blood (and the cure for immortality), went back to the tomb where Damon and Katherine were, injected Damon with the cure, and took his place on the highway to Hell. Stefan is the better man.”. Princess Elena is the protagonist in the crossover, Elena and the Secret of Avalor. You can’t help who you find alluring, it’s just something that comes naturally.

But it’s Elena who realizes something’s wrong — she and Bonnie’s lives are linked, so Elena can only wake once Bonnie is dead for good, no loopholes — and she tells Bonnie it’s not her time.

With Damon being lured into the vault after hearing Elena's voice, will Elena wake up from her deep sleep to save Damon? To enjoy our website, you'll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories.

Elena wakes up, greeted by her best friend — in a callback to the scene where Bonnie first revealed her powers to her — and ready to return to the land of the living.

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