RATI She is a member and past Vice President (2017-2018), past President (2013-2016), past VP (2011-2012), past newsletter editor (2009 -2015) of the National Whippet Club of Canada, member of the Canadian Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, active in the CWA Racing for Fun and Lower Mainland Whippet clubs and American Whippet Club Annual committee member. We are very pleased to co-own Puffin with breeder Donna Miner, who resides with Donna. See How to Find a Dog. Website by Intellect Solutions Inc. 2009 Finished his CanFCH (Canadian Field Championship) in March. First Barn Hunt trial and passed his RATI (Rat Instinct) and RATN (Rat Novice).

We are breeding for health and temperament, as raising happy healthy companions is our first goal. 2014 Completed his first agility title SGDC (Starters Game Dog of Canada). ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Highly sensitive, they will often jump or startle when touched unexpectedly. Chaska NTD Meta (LT JCH, LV JCH, LV CH Mafija Gracija Red Rose) Junior class Ex. Aurora (CanCH NatJr MACH-CH Domino Wintergreen Dream TKN, NTD, SD-E(SP), SDE, CGN, SN) HIT SDDA Started, HIT SDDA Excellent, Scentwork SDDA CH at 14 months, MACH-CH at 18 months. Watson (Hilerica Tofino) Can CH incl a Goup 3 and #11 Coursing Whippet in Canada. (CanCH Hilerica Jail Bait, NS). Oct brought his agility AGI (Intermediate Standard), CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) and PR4 (Performance Racer 4), and November his AmRN US Rally Novice and CGC (Canine Good Citizen). In one weekend, 4 UKC Hound Groups firsts and Back to Back BEST IN SHOWS, New UKC Champion. We believe in health testing and temperments. Poppy NTD ~ Winner of Am Bred class at 2017 AWC National Specialty under Mr. Red Tatro. Cee (BBPISS CanCH BIF Domino Neon Carrot, FCH, CDX, PCD, RN) #4 coursing whippet 2019 Canada by Multi titled AmCanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AMBIF GCH DC Domino Blue Moon SC, ARX, DPCX, TRP, PR7, SRA, RATI / Breeders: Donna miner, Laura Baratta (pedigree on Whippet Archives) YOB: 2019 Passed CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) test. Qualifications in Barn Hunt included High in Trial in Novice/First, a Second and a Third in division. Calgary: Whippet Breeders. Maeve AmCH, SC, ASFA FCh, 2019 SDDA scentwork Excellent title with Gold score SD-E. SDN. Joy (Domino Joy To The World) Best Puppy in Match. Toro WD/BOW at WWWA Whippet Specialty These Whippets and Italian Greyhounds have enhanced the breeding programs of others in the states and and abroad. ASFA Region 3 Regional Invitational winner. (AmCH, Multi BIMBS UKC CH, IntCH Regalia Where The Heart Is), by Multi titled AmCanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x Raybar’s the Individualist / Breeders: Rhonda Gifford, Cindy Hatcher, Barbara Parsons (pedigree on Whippet Archives)   YOB: 2014. Here is where you can find out what we have planned for the future. Group 2 x 2.

Hellcat UKC CH, BIF for 5 pt major Phantom NTD Saga ORT, NW1 first try. Dustyn NatCh – Grp 3, PKQT-COVID, PKD-N, RN, PKD1-UN, PKD1-FF, DJ, CH-PKD, NS, RATN, S, RATO Whippet parent Laura runs a graphic design business and has a second degree black belt in Taekwon Do, a first degree black belt in Sun Hang Do (mixed martial arts) and is developer of 4 on the Floor Dogwear dog collars.

Our Rules and Guidelines will help you and others enjoy The Breed Archive (TBA). Alberta Lure Coursing Association Aspen Grove Sighthound Association Ontario Lure Coursing Association Gazehound Ontario. Tristan was shown very lightly in US Specialties in 2016 and 2017. He qualified in 6 of 6 runs for this title! 2015 Tristan NADAC agility titles TN-N (Novice Tunnelers) and IAC (Intro Regular). Loki (Ocean’s Carissima) New Can CH. CanCH Highbridge Lady Byng, Group 4th Thias (Ocean’s Burnt Almond) Can CH. Whippet Breeders: We currently do not have Whippet breeders listed with CADF. Saga AmGCh She moved so soundly and with ease & power. 2012 Finished Canadian Championship with a Best Puppy in Group. AWC National Specialty: Tristan placed 4th in Stud Dog class, daughter Evie (Jetstream Tryst at Stormhold) completed RATN and then CGC at 7 months old, and daughter Karmen (Regalia Painted Heart) finished RN. Am RN Rally Novice in 3 of 3 trials. Winner of Am Bred class at 2017 AWC National Specialty. These dogs are not the breed for people who are gone for long periods of time as they do not enjoy being left alone. She has a very nice head with strong jaw. Finished AAC Advanced Jumpers level, and Master Snooker Dog of Canada MSDC. Located in beautiful North Georgia just 5 miles off of I-75, Sugar Valley Farm and Kennel provides the room and resources to produce top quality show animals. Calgary's premiere custom Event Caterer specializing in beautifully crafted Cakes, Confections, Savoury Catering & Lunch Take Out Services Lucifer (Whiparoo Cast from Heaven) CC pointed They respond well to calm, positive training methods that emphasize praise and food. Katniss 1st Award of Merit at the Greater San Diego Whippet Specialty, entry of 100+ whippets. Simon MBPIG, Best in Sweeps his first show LT JCH. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2018 1st AOM at Specialty (100+ whippet entry). Justin is the proud Breeder, Owner, and Handler of the Top Winning Whippet in AKC History, GCHP Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon. Second Barn Hunt trial weekend, RATO with a High in Trial in Open. Veteran Champion AC. (LT CH, LT JCH, LV CH, EE CH, Baltic CH Mafija Gracija Red Moon), 3 BOB Junior wins in 4 CACIB Shows. The number one source of information on Whippet breeders in Canada. April he advanced to AGIJ (Agility Intermediate Jumpers). CanCH Regalia Painted Heart, RATI Group 2nd (Karmen)

Jasmine BOB at WCOBC coursing trial.

~ Started CKC Ch with BOB over Specials first weekend out, then Specialty WD x 2 to finish in 3 shows/4 entries at 8 months, undefeated in the classes. Hellcat (UKC CH, BIF Crossfyre Goblin Valley)

CanCH Hilerica Saturna (Zarina) Boomer ARX pointed as FTE. Cee prenovice PCD at just 1 year, RN. SDN, SDO E Y E S   O F   L O V E   [evelyn underhill]. ). CC (AmCH UKC CH Ortona Candy Crush at Runners, RATI), 2 Specialty majors for a total of 4 majors, under breeder judges Al Minero, Kathy Davenport, Kerrie Kuper, Connie Alexander, RWB to a 5 pt Specialty major. TJ (Raybar’s Foolish Heart, TRP, PR2), AKC show pointed, ARX pointed. International IntCH Maeve (AmCH BIF Crossfyre Angels Landing at Anlan SC, FCh, BCAT) 2nd in 9 – 12 mo bitches at the 2019 AWC National Specialty (26 bitches).

Stormhold is a magical kingdom with characters displaying humour, determination, love and playfulness – traits we appreciate in whippets. (Jetstream Tryst at Stormhold, NS, RATN, CGC), by Multi titled AmCanGCH Burnt Sienna Red Mountain x AmGCH NSBIS CanCH Jetstream Forgetmenot Tigerpaw / Breeder: Lorraine Burch, Jetstream (pedigree on Whippet Archives) YOB: 2015. Whippets are the fastest dogs for breeds of their weight: 40 miles per hour (64 km/h), and even challenge greyhounds for top speed. Offspring:

Finished LT Junior Ch in 5 shows. CanCH Swiftsure Cameroon, FCh (plus many titles) Group 3, 4 (Smoke) Nosework SD Level 1 Scent Patrol (CW-SP). Djinn (CanCH Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn, DPC, TRP, PR, RATI), WD at 2 Specialties incl a 5 pt win, CWA ARX pointed. We are a small hobby kennel located in rural southern Alberta, Canada. Best in Sweeps. BOS at 2018 AWC Eastern Specialty. The search tool above returns a list of breeders located nearest to the zip or postal code you enter. There, he made the cut under respected breeder judges Harold Red Tatro (2017 AWC National), Doug Broadfoot, Dr Lisa Costello and Paula Knight. Djinn (Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn) CWA DPC Dual Purpose Champion. Saga (AmGCH Ortona Hidden Stories ORT, NW1, RATI, RN), AKC Hound Specialty BOB, with two 5 and a 4 point majors, 11 points in 1 weekend, multi Group 2. Contact us here if you have any questions about our dogs or the breed in general: © 2023 by Rowen Nikel. Our whippets have participated in shows and Specialties both in Canada and the United States, CKC, AAC, NADAC and AKC agility, lure coursing, CWA and NAWRA straight racing, NOTRA oval track racing, CKC, AKC and CARO Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt, Scentwork, Parkour and Dock Diving. 2014 Best Racing Class at the National Whippet Club of Canada National Specialty. Box 290 Sugar Valley, GA 30746 Luka BOW for 5 pt major Eastern Specialty weekend. Photos displayed courtesy of Steve Pedro and Paul Allard, The Hounds of Freckashpeng, Ontario. #2 Whippet in AAC agility. 2016 Second time National Whippet Club of Canada’s Lure Coursing Class winner.

We are very pleased to co-own Ginger, who enjoys living with the Lawlor family. ~ Best Baby Puppy in Group. Best in Sweeps and RWD at AWC Midwest Specialty. ~ and numerous well-loved dogs residing in wonderful companion homes.

Jasmine (Hilerica Miss Demeanor) WB/BOW/BOB over 4 Specials c4 Enter your zip or postal code above to access our up-to-date directory). AKC Achiever Dog. Salem (MBPISS Ortona Bubble Witch), first show at Cascade Hound shows, BOB in Sweeps x 2 and Gr 2 Hound sweeps, Reserve WB/Best Puppy at CKC WCOBC and NWCC Regional Specialties. AKC show pointed. Find a breeder. Copyright © 2013-2020 All Rights Reserved.Design by Laura Baratta. An easy go-er on the move and dead sound on both ends. Our dogs are raised in home and loved unconditionally. Trick Dog titled at 13 weeks, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~, P U F F I N (co-owned)

2012 Best Coursing Class – LMWA and WCOBC Specialties. CC WB/BOW for another major at AZ Specialty weekend. Sugar Valley Farm 2016 Tristan finished AAC Advanced Snooker. Learn about the Whippet. It is your responsibility to investigate. Cee WD/BOW/BOS over a Special at exactly 6 months of age. A long time well respected breeder had these kind words for Tristan: Tristan is definitely a sire of note as he does reproduce himself. IABCA International Puppy Champion (Int JHA) and International Champion (Int Ch). CanCH Forgetmenot Tonic and Djinn, RATI (Djinn) (NatBA Loara Stormhold at Majesticanis NTD, RATI) Stellar (Whiparoo Heavens Gift to Aslan) 7 x Best Puppy in Show, CC pointed, BOB over champions Dustyn (CanCH, TDCH Whiparoo Storm in Heaven ETD, TKP, ADP-L5, ADP-CH, PKD-T, SDN, RATI, RATO, S) BOB over Specials/Grp 3, US BOS over Specials, multi Specialty SD, AOM at 8 months, youngest dog for Parkour CH c14 2013 Western Washington Specialty – Open Dog/Best of Winners (Burnt Sienna Red Mountain): I loved this boy.

Best Junior, BOB and BIG-2 at 13 months. Cee CanFCH, CD, CDX, HIT, CanCH, #4 coursing whippet 2019 (Linda Zaworski), Western Washington Specialty – My winner here was an Agouti Red Fawn (A color you don’t see often in the show ring). Katniss (AmCH, Multi BIMBS UKC CH, IntCH Regalia Where the Heart Is), finished AmCH with back-to-back 5 point majors. Completed his first racing title PR (Performance Racer), then DPC (Dual Purpose Champion) and TRP (Title of Racing Proficiency).

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