The winning team gets $50,000. For the other two teams, the pairings were equally as obvious. Bachelor Kitchen - Austin natives and brothers Stephan and John, along, with friend Billy, look to bring their Tex-Mex cooking out west. The winner was Bachelor Kitchen. ^Note 1 : Independent of the Speed Bump, a local food blogger, "The Chubby Vegetarian", visited each truck. Before tomorrow comes by, Tyler gifts everyone a bottle of champagne, but not for what they think.

The pair that guests vote as the winners will choose one member of the four losing teams to be off the truck for two hours of Day 1.

After getting $150 seed money, they were told to make a 3-hour pitstop in Springfield, Illinois to make more money for their final destination: Chicago. They were given $400 seed money and an extra 24 hours to sell but unlike the night crowds of other large cities, the townspeople of Jonesborough didn't stay out after 8pm. They are ready to hit the road in a classic 1950s diner food truck, serving diner classics and indulgent cheat day dishes, and win it all to create their own path in the food industry. Both had to be priced at $10, and if they sold 50 specials before the race ended, an extra $1,000 was added to their till.

The team who was the smartest with the octopus, (although likely a fluke), was Team Fat Kid. ^Note 5 : Final amount for GD Bro was not mentioned. She was driving the food truck that caused the accident with Rolling Indulgence.

Instead, they were all amateurs who wanted their own food-truck business. Winning this week’s challenge was Team Fat Kid. Truck Stop: Late morning on the third day, the teams had to sell rattlesnake rabbit sausage dishes while riding around in pink jeeps. Challenge #4: The teams were delivered the ingredients for a key lime pie, courtesy of the Key West Key Lime Pie Company, and had to make a dessert with them that isn't a pie.

He chastised Lone Star on their high prices in relation to skimpy portions. On the "fifth day" of the two episode finale, the two trucks had to go to the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C. where the winner would be declared. Donuts were worth one point each. Last week's final totals and the possibility of sinking the putt determines the order in which they could choose from the side dishes shown to them.

On day 2, most of the trucks had trouble finding a steady stream of customers with Sassy Soul spending most of their three-hour challenge window driving around. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Truck Stop: Tyler called the teams late into day 2 and told them to stop selling, and get some sleep so they'd be ready for their final challenge in the morning at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn (at that point, Grill Em All was ahead in Manhattan while Nom Nom Truck was just getting into Staten Island). They were required to go back and sell another 50 plates within the designated Greektown boundaries.

Chef Aqui Hines went to each truck to taste and chose the best dish. The Seabirds opted not to go to the sausage factory because they were vegan, so they were the first to pick ingredients off the table. Madres Mexican also had trouble with a meat grinder for their truck stop challenge, slowing them down.

Welcome to another scintillating recap of “The Great Food Truck Race,” which airs at 9 p.m. Sundays on the Food Network. Luis worked his way up in U.S kitchens since he immigrated from the Dominican Republic, and he cooks what he knows best: Dominican empanadas. Home of the Grand Ole Opry and hot chicken, Nashville was the destination for the remaining teams. On day 2, they got their second Truck Stop. Pairs are Ladies & Mystikka - Team Fortuna, Super Sope & Crystal's - Team Nemesis, and Bachelor's & Fat Kid - Team Eloquence.

Working at Martha's Vineyard and serving 500 meals a day, Jenny and her coworkers, brother-&-sister Eli and Nisa, drive a school bus-painted truck and serve Mediterranean dishes that are cafeteria classics in their school. NOLA begins to party thanks to a trumpeter playing "When The Saints Go Marching In" as Day 1 ends. The Great Food Truck Race is headed to the Wild West, where host Tyler Florence welcomes seven teams of brand new food truck operators as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime. They all met in Malibu, California, but were immediately sent to Las Vegas, Nevada, to officially start the race. Erik used to work as an electrician before a car accident caused nerve damage and left him unable to go back to that trade. Each week, they'll race across the desert landscape to a new town where they'll face new challenges, cook incredible dishes and, as always, try to outsell the competition. Beach Cruiser – This truck comes from Venice, California. The next day, after some restocking and forcibly paying without of their income, Tyler surprises them with a call for their next challenge involving cacti (but it's technically agave). At the downtown plaza, they met Mexican restaurateur Bricia Lopez and found out they had to use Mexican ingredients, then they got $400 seed money. Challenge #2: The teams have to create an octopus dish for their menus. Challenge #1: In the middle of day 1, the final two got a call and were told to sell their food out of pedicabs for one hour. Most of the teams converged on Hollywoood on the first day but New England Grill was a few miles away and they accidentally broke their generator leaving them without lights. ^Note 5 : Week 6 did not feature the elimination of a team, but the third place team was instead eliminated at the start of week 7's leg. They begin in Los Angeles, California and the final two return there to finish the race. Once the challenge was over, Everyone received $400 in seed money and made their way to the grocery store. The first day, Just Wing It immediately got a parking space while New England Grill had some initial problems finding foot traffic. After selling $1,500 of worth of buffalo dishes (with a $10 limit on each dish), the teams raced to Vista Point for the chance to win one of the three tokens to add to their till: one large token worth $750, one medium token worth $500, and one small token worth $250. A number of food trucks in a competition to see who earns the most money, with the lowest earning truck kicked off at the end of each episode. At 2:00 pm, they had to return to pay $100 for the sausage. Carretto Siciliano – Noted for having Vinny[7] from The Jersey Shore, this truck specializes in homemade Sicilian food prepared by Vinny's mom, Paola, and his uncle Angelo. Everyone drove to The Big Texan Steak Ranch restaurant in Amarillo were they were given an initial $50 in seed money and the chance to earn more by completing a 20-minute eating challenge where they had to eat 72 oz of steak, a salad, a baked potato, three fried shrimp, and a dinner roll. With a hangar housing their food trucks, a private plane, and seven covered plates of proteins, the first challenge of the season begins. Another stadium was the destination for the trucks this week. The best seafood dish would get $1,000 toward their till. The major challenge was when the two trucks had to partner up in Naples and sell pre-determined ingredients; they would split whatever profit they made together and that would be their seed money moving onto Alligator Alley (Lone Star made $200 and Middle Feast made $169). Nine teams wanting their own food truck will compete and travel along the east coast for a "Summer Beach Battle" themed season. Challenge #1: The finalists must create a sweet and a savory dish with two wines provided: Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay. Speed Bump: The teams were given no seed money to start with, so they had to make their money by selling toasted ravioli. Summer's daughter, Autumn is there to help the women achieve their dreams. Middle Feast chose not to get shrimp and did three different fish dishes. Using the knowledge and experience from the past three weeks, the teams quickly get into a rhythm with their prep time; setting up by some of the most notable features in the city (i.e. The first truck to feature anyone in drag, this far-out trio cooks up Indian-Tex-Mex fusion cuisine. The winner will determine their last location for the next day of selling. On the morning of day 2, they got a phone auction/challenge. Part 2 had the teams making a dish inspired by one of five Sonic drinks: mango limeade, ocean water, cherry limeade, raspberry lemon iced tea, and strawberry lemonade. They were again told to close early on day 2 for a speed bump challenge. The team is made up of Lafayette, Louisiana natives Stephen, Joey and Jazmin, with Stephen playing up his crazy, outlandish personality to bring in customers. Hodge Podge – Hailing from Cleveland, this truck is led by Chef Chris along with his sister Catie and his girlfriend Jacquelyn.

Each team had to create a brand new dish incorporating the crab meat. The trucks had to sell habanero dishes for $10 and whoever sold the most dishes got their habanero profits doubled. Philly's Finest Sambonis – Straight out of Philadelphia, childhood friends Erik, Joe, and Chris serve authentic Philly cheesesteaks and sandwiches known as sambonis. They were tasked to record a 30-second radio commercial in the second city, Bonita Springs, that would play in their final destination.

The winner of the truck stop was announced early on day 2 and got a headstart on moving to the second city: Portland, Maine. The lunch rush dies down, but the finalists do what they can to draw people in; from NOLA's beads to the Babes' flips, ribbons, and pineapple suit.

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