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Mr. Kaplan made Reddington and the rest of the world believe that Elizabeth died in season 3, all so Elizabeth, Tom, and their child could escape the dangerous insanity of Reddington's world. It's a very smart move on her part to park him, so she can get a real foothold on Jennifer and try and make him figure out what's going on. He has one goal; it might be more important than getting out of prison is figuring out who betrayed him. Names Like Mike Hunt, The act alone positions Liz with a major leg up on Reddington for the first time, as she races to put the pieces together on who he really is and why he came into her life all those years ago. What is going through her mind in that moment? With Red vowing to hold his own investigation into who turned him in, things are about to get very dangerous. Cooper hated doing this, but Reddington unfairly left him with no other choice, regardless of everything Cooper has done for him.

When Liz confronts Red about having it changed, he has no idea what she's talking about. How To Pronounce Ace,

Gale asks Ressler to partner up again, noting that this is their chance to take down Red once and for all and wash all that blood of their hands and, at Cooper's (Harry Lennix) urging (so that he can stay one step ahead of the investigation), Ressler agrees.

Historia Regum Britanniae, He's ultimately more reliable and loyal than many of the others who've worked with Reddington. He's helped them discover and catch many formidable criminals. RELATED: The Blacklist: Raymond Reddington's Best & Worst Relationships, Ranked.

Red decided to get rid of Mr. Kaplan after they finally rescued her from Alexander Kirk (UIrich Thomsen). These are the 10 worst things Raymond Reddington has done so far. Chez Nous Menu Charleston, Her slightly flawed reasoning is that she's always been qualified for it, and she resents the fact that Aram only nominated her for it now because he feels badly about lying to her about his new girlfriend. ET: At the end of the episode, Reddington makes an ominous declaration that he's going to make it his mission to find out who betrayed him. Mr. Kaplan has survived two gunshots to the head, cleaned up countless murders, and taken down the criminal empire of Raymond Reddington, but for … There seems to be a mix of regret, sadness and guilt. Schaum's Outline Of Programming With C++, Men In Black Characters, When asked about Red's reason for wanting to kill her, he told Entertainment Weekly, “Red values loyalty above all else, and Mr. Kaplan betrayed him in the most impossible way. Can I Vote Online In Illinois, Mr. Kaplan had always made it clear that Elizabeth's safety was her highest priority. He shot an old woman (Diane Fowler) after she betrayed him. Rudy Giuliani Twitter News, Nwn Ultravision, 3 years ago. This is currently creating a whole host of problems, which has already created unnecessary suffering for Dembe and his imam. In a private moment, though, Red seems less confident.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaplan has enlisted the services of a bounty hunter named Philomena to track down Red's associates, including his lawyer Marvin Gerard (Fisher Stevens). Captain Sam Sector 26 Menu, Responding to a fan’s tweet about Mr. Kaplan’s fate, NBC teased on the series’ official Twitter account that she still has some unfinished business in “The Blacklist” Season 4. While Tom and Elizabeth were eventually honest and genuinely loved each other, a great deal of betrayal, deception, and suffering came first. She was shot in the head in Season 4, … Naturally, this phrase strikes a chord in Liz, and Mr. Kaplan wastes no time in explaining to her that that's because Mr. Kaplan (aka Liz's nanny Katya) used to say it to Liz when she was a little girl. Axis Communications Reviews, Planet Fitness Red Bluff, In Red’s mind, Mr. Kaplan had to go.”. She murdered Attorney General Tom Connolly. This is a show that does love its wide array of twists and turns, and with that, though, we’ve learned to question everything. Remember, Reddington killed Newton Phillips in season 1 by suffocating him with a … Kaplan”, her first name was revealed to be Kate in “Monarch Douglas Bank”. What I would say about Elizabeth and Jennifer that should instill some confidence is these are two women who are from incredibly different backgrounds and the only thing they share is that they are the daughters of Raymond Reddington and they've both been lied to about who he is. But the question is, will she bring down the task force too? There has been a lot of back and forth on some other social media sites debating the motivations of Mr. Kaplan. Sam was Elizabeth's adoptive father. Liz is alarmed to walk in and find Mr. Kaplan holding baby Agnes, and thrown for an even bigger loop when Mr. Kaplan puts Agnes in her crib, saying "You are safe, you are loved, you are wise." The man is ruthless. Summit Place Kia, Snohomish County Imap, There’s also a chance that Mr. Kaplan might become Red’s foe in the future, since he has already proven that he’ll resort to any means to get rid of her. The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC. Archived. This seemed to prove that Kirk may have been telling the truth when he said that Red and Katarina had an affair.

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