Cities divide in two teams and sometimes riots may happen because of the outcome of some games. The last World cup (Russia 2018) was viewed by more than 4 billion people! The reason why people love watching soccer is because of the passion the sport makes them feel. Because of a lot of factors actually, but the most important one is because of the pride and affection fans and players feel for their soccer team. Passion is something that drags people to a sport. All of this happens because of the competitiveness soccer has.

Which Health Insurance Plan Is Best for Me? When huge companies invest so much money in this sport, believe me that you will see the word “Football” or “soccer” absolutely everywhere you go: restaurants, bars, hotels, airlines, the internet, videogames, etc. But something even better is that soccer is one of the few sports that exists that can be played either outdoors or indoors, meaning that the game can be played basically anywhere. This objects could be rocks, shoes, sticks or basically anything visible. No matter the situation, you can do anything to play the game, the only limit is your imagination. Special thanks to UPF Panama, Panama’s College Soccer League, for letting us use their pictures for our articles. Top 15 Reasons Soccer Is the World's Best Sport. Let’s start by saying that I will call football, as it is known around the world, soccer. It is now the most popular league in the most popular sport. You have to pass the ball and develop new techniques and ways to control how the game is played. As in everything, you’ll find cheap and expensive gear, you can read my recommended gear section to find out the best soccer gear out there for the price. There is a constant discussion in the sports world related to if soccer is really dangerous or not.

Fans live soccer as a religion, as their, creed. Ultimately, however, the game as we know it today began in 1863, when the first football association rules were written down, though they’ve changed plenty over the decades. But the other kind of football, the football the rest of the world knows, has no padding or helmets. Being in the spotlight is something everyone likes. Subjective, for those of you unfamiliar with how objective news outlets like the failing New York Times work, means its based on personal viewpoints. Baseball games, for example,  can last in average about 3-4 hours or even more if it goes to extra innings. In contrast to other tournaments like the Super Bowl, World Series or NBA Finals that are actually played in one single country. Whether you’re at the match or following on TV, it’s not hard to keep track of like tennis with its convoluted scoring or American football with its obscure rules. Bruce Gant played in the NASL(North American Soccer League) Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I recently wrote an article about The History of Soccer, which I believe is pure gold and something any soccer enthusiast would enjoy reading. Most of the times when I ask my friends why they don’t watch a specific sport their answer would be: “I don’t understand it”. She played on a boys baseball team as a starting second baseman. This sport has everything to be super competitive: running, aggressiveness, heated atmosphere in games, fast developing, playing against the time. The USA and Australia are probably the only countries left in the world where soccer is not one of the top-three most popular sports.

In the other hand, soccer has great leagues in every continent.

It is the highest paying professional team sport so the prize money for winning the 2010 World Cup was $30 million (World’s Most Popular Sport- Most Popular

I recommend you read my article “17 reasons why Soccer is the Most Popular Sport in the World”, so you see by yourself the magnitude of this sport. Soccer is one of the few sports in which all players have the chance to be in the spotlight. If you don’t like one form of soccer you could play another and so on. Someone that has never played soccer before can easily start playing the game and learn other more complex rules like the offsides, corners, penalties, yellow or red cards as they go on. Soccer is so popular because it tries to decentralize competitiveness and promotes the realization of international competitions. The point is, when it comes to why soccer is the best sport, it’s subjective and complicated. What is the most viewed sporting event? Now, you may be having visions of huge quarterbacks, dressed up in their padding and helmets, parading down the field during the Super Bowl. A game in where you can depend more on individual plays from a single player than other team sports. Blue Wrap up/sum up: Restate main idea of paragraph Keep reading until the end. He also describes the underlying reason of why soccer is so heavily pushed.

It can be hard, being a soccer fan in the United States. Soccer is definitely a worldwide fever. Soccer’s global governing body is expected to take in $3 billion in media rights for the 2018 World Cup, an increase of $600 million over 2014. While 19 countries show a majority of the population expressing interest in soccer, the U.S. and China—the world’s two largest economies—are not among them. In the other hand, the basics of soccer are simple: You have 90 minutes to make the ball go into the opponent’s goal as many times as you can, and you aren’t allowed to use your hands. Maybe not in the US, but in other countries, people take extremely personal what happens in a soccer game. It's not sectioned off or dominated by one particular country. Everyone on the field, even a goalkeeper, can score a goal for their team. In a Nielsen survey that spanned 18 … In comparison to other sports, this is very few time. Last year, Barcelona received 233 million dollars from their biggest sponsor while Real received 210 million according to Forbes.

Soccer is older than most other games. Another thing that gives the game of soccer an advantage over other sports is the flexibility it offers. Something that anyone would like. What is often classified as American Football for this essay will be called football. As more people had more leisure time, sports like soccer grew in popularity. It is in the top 3 sports in 100 countries with 3 billion people. Why soccer is the best sport By: Omar Soccer is the most played sport worldwide, many people love it and I’m one of them, it is my favorite sport because you can improve your skills with your feet, and get a lot of exercise. It can be played on any surface, on the neighborhood street, on the beach or in the park. My first success is sports.I love to play sports. Some people that have never played soccer think it might be very hard to learn. Support Your Sport and Add Detail to Your Get Up, There’s A Chill In The Air- Preparing Your Wardrobe For Colder Weather, The Most Comprehensive Mobile App Prototyping Guide, Allow Yourself to Live The Life That Is Best For You, 5 Great Reasons to Enrol Your Kid in a Basketball Camp, Streaming: sports films for the wearing agnostic, Chargers Join GALvanize to Empower Women in Sports, Streaming Video and search engine optimization Tips. No sport can be simplified better than soccer. It gives the opportunity for the players to shine, which feels very pleasant for anyone. We’re talking about playing soccer for fun, but if you want to play competitive soccer for a club or a team you can read my article “Costs of playing club soccer” to find out how much it costs to play soccer at a competitive level, and how to play for less money as most professional soccer players did. This game triggers all of these things in me and that is the reason why I play it. I play soccer and baseball like I said before. We all love it, but why is soccer the best sport? Definitely, soccer is so popular because it gives the opportunity to shine and feel pride to everyone and awakens great feelings even in those passing through struggles. However tha annually most viewed event is also soccer’s UEFA Champions League with 300 million viewers. Other factors like its low cost to play and simplicity, significantly contribute to making it even more popular. First, if we look strictly at numbers, we can definitively say soccer is the most popular sport. It is just beatiful to see an absolute screamer golazo to the upper angle, a perfect slide tackle, a nice freekick. I want to start off by saying that more than half, Yellow topic sentence: Lets reader know main idea of upcoming paragraph This favors soccer to being more popular sport because people don’t have to spend too much of their time watching, even though you could plan a nice dinner, or BBQ around a soccer game if you wanted to. What makes soccer so great is that you can use your imagination to play anywhere in the world without needing to spend a single penny. A sport that can by played by anyone, anywhere, anyhow, and at anytime probably has to be the most popular sport in the world, and that is soccer.

However, a  portable soccer goal can be a total game-changer and a smart purchase.

People like to talk about their favorite sports and personal hobbies which is why it is such a wonderful ESL topic. Women Power Bloggers - Inside the Minds of Today's Successful Female Bloggers, 10 Awesome Tips: How to Pick Up Beautiful Women on the Gym, 10 Amazing New High-Tech Gadgets and Devices, 10 Best Investing Apps for Android of 2018, 10 drip marketing examples to enhance your email strategy, Simplify Your Life as An Employer: Why Using QuickBooks Business Checks for Employee Salaries Makes Sense. Some started following the sport because of their love for the FIFA videogame series. POPULATION SUPPORT AND THE ECONOMICS OF SOCCER. He said: “I don’t get to choose what team to support, before I was even born my father had already bought for me the Boca Juniors remera (jersey)”. You can play soccer 11 vs 11 style in a full size soccer field. Average Goalkeeper Height and Weight: Am I too short? Also, soccer has no gender restrictions either. Playing 7 vs 7 is also possible in a turf field. The leagues from other country can’t even compare to the huge major league that is in one country.

In american football most of the time the ball is the hands of the quarterback. Nielsen’s research shows a long runway for soccer growth in both countries; in the U.S. and in China, 32 percent of those polled expressed interest in the game, with young people much more likely to follow soccer when compared to their parents.

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