With an active Drone we really meed to ninja through the area and take out the Commander before we can try and deal with it because one-shotting a Drone usually means using the Laser and that is NOT suppressed. Killing him from the tunnel entrance is relatively easy. Airplane - Max’s Toy Airplane is found in an area to the right of the second subway that you activate … Concept Art: 10. Sticking to the walls we make our way over to the stairs up, then stay with the wall on the left and make our way through this floor to the far back corner where we find the Readable: Frank's Postcard. Take him out with a hatchet or silent shot. Take out the first couple guards silently to make your way up to the commander. Now head back into the subway car that is sitting on the tracks and turn left, going to the end and you will find Max's Toy No. Look in the corner to find a readable. Go through this door, then straight ahead under a walkway, then take the next right. Welcome to IGN’s guide for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Übercommander Death Cards: … Head straight from the beginning of the level, past the gas station to reach the storefront ahead. Blazkowicz as he attempts to foment a revolution against the US-occupying Nazi regime. After defeating the Übercommander in this area, look inside the train car to the right to find the toy at the back. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Walkthrough and Guide, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Guide Home, Wolfenstein II:The New Colossus makes the Switch on June 29, Thoughts after completing story. But bear in mind that as you exit to the right onto the street there ARE enemy troops across the way in the building. Pick up the Starcard 14 here.

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Watch for a patrolling guard. Directly below the exit to this level is a large heap of rubble. Then, take out the remaining enemies. 4: Manhattan Ruins District Boat. Now head back into the subway car that is sitting on the tracks and turn left, going to the end and you will find Max's Toy No. Now, move ahead into the large rundown area. Run the whole way down this corridor until you are right under a Nazi flag. You'll face enemies and dogs - and you will do a fair bit of shooting. No worries though - you can easily hear them. Now, you’ll need to take out the remaining enemies, including the giant robot. And if you notice from above you actually can kill Drones if they are hovering in place - but you need to use your suppressed weapon to do it as otherwise it will trigger an alarm. As you stand between them you will be able to see a small door way ahead of you that says “Achtung Ausgang” over it. Now, continue up the stairs. This The toy is in the back … Exploring the entire floor (and the one above) to clear the FoW is mostly pointless bur hey, it's what we do! Break the glass to retreive the collectible. Head forward from the beginning of the level to reach some trailers. Crawl through to find A Starcard 13. Unfortunately this is ALSO in the direction of the Target! Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Once you are SURE you have dealt with whatever wave of enemy is going to appear as a result of the alarm you can exit the building and head towards the back of the area the Mech was in which is the direction of the Target. 4: Manhattan Ruins District Boat. Takign out some or all of the Drones is actually a good idea since that will mostly prevent accidental alarms from being sounded - but bear in mind that there are also enemy troops down there - try to make sure none are in the immediate area BEFORE you shoot at a Drone. Look inside room 3 to find the toy just inside.

Head through the opening on the right. Starcards: 16. Then, before turning the corner to the right, snag the Concept 15. That said be very careful moving forward as there is a Security Drone in the area (you can hear it flying around) and you do NOT want it spotting you! Carefully. Then, head toward the opening in the rubble on the left. Right at the start, look behind the white crates on the right to find this toy. When you are happy that you have made it as safe as possible - meaning you have taken out the Drones and any patrolling enemy - you can drop off the edge and down to the street level.

Now, head back to the final area. And that IS the direction we need to go in if we are going to take out the Commander whose Signal we are clocking. Assuming you have unlocked this - which you must have if you are here - we are about to undertake the Enigma MG Assassination Contract for the target - in this case Ubercommander R. Hofmann - from whom we will be obtaining his Death Card. Yes, you will trigger the alarm - and yes some enemy will appear in the building you fired from to attack you - but the point is you took down the Mech which, let's face it, you were never getting past any other way! The bulk of the actual threat - and wave of alarm attack - is not going to appear in the building - it will appear ahead of you after you pass the mech and enter the Subway Tunnel. Climb u… Climb the stairs and turn the corner to the right.

Now, watch for the patrolling robot below. Watch for the patrolling guard in the middle. Start with the buildings alongside the left side of this area. After you collect the Gold walk over and puck up Death Card No. (Spoiler-free), Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus hardware requirements for PC revealed. Welcome to IGN’s guide for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Ruins – In the area with the robot enemy, enter the train tunnel in the crater. Around half way through this level you will come to two large, paneled industrial doors. After defeating the Übercommander, look in the back right room to find the toy up on a shelf. The locations of the 15 Max toys are: Manhattan – All Max Toys in Wolfenstein 2 Harbor District – It’s right at the end of the district, where the Ubercommander is located. https://www.ign.com/wikis/wolfenstein-2-the-new-colossus/Max's_Toys Keep up the fire until you deal enough damage to destory the robot. All toy locations below are listed as they are found in the levels, chronologically. Max’s Toys: 4.

In the first house you encounter as you exited the destroyed building, look to the left of the entrance to find Starcard 15. Continue forward to come across another readable. Then, turn around to find an upgrade kit in the back room.

So here is the deal - you really need to use the Laser to kill that thing - but if you do that will cause the Alarm to be sounded, at which point you are facing all of the regular enemy in the area plus the extras called by the Alarm. At the top of the stairs, look behind some furniture to find Starcard 16.

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