But a good tequila doesn’t have to equal an average car payment.

By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. Overall, this tequila has a clean, electric flavor with floral and herbal notes. Other flavors reported include bread, spiced plums, and melon. Add ice, top with grapefruit soda, and stir. Overall, this light-bodied blanco is known to be easy to drink: sweet, energetic, and straightforward. After maturing for around 8 years, their hearts — or piñas — are ripped out, steamed, crushed, and fermented into tequila. Product Highlights: Gets you drunk by just smelling it.

So we here at RAVE Reviews, out of the goodness of our hearts, decided to put together everything you need to know in order to make delicious, cheap cocktails with some of the, a modern and affordable take on a classic tequila, more sophisticated than most tequilas in this price range.

Hornitos Plata is the perfect complement to a paloma or margarita, and it’s hard to beat the price. For the finishing touch, add a chili-lime cantaloupe spear.

Sauza Silver is earthy and clear, with interesting mineral aromas. A spicy tequila needs some fiery salt. With its light, highly drinkable character, Espolòn is a, 100% blue agave and double-distilled, Hornitos Plata is.

That’s the list. Look out for citrus, pepper, and brine. If you like a tequila that bites back a little, Sauza is for you.

If chocolate-y tequila sounds like a recipe for a hangover, you haven’t tried Tanteo Cocoa. Can it stand on its own as a sipping tequila? Overall, it’s a very elegant unaged tequila, balancing big peppery notes while finishing with finesse. To make Leche Mexicana, a cream-based tequila drink, add 2 oz creme de cocoa, 1½ oz tequila, and 1 oz of half-and-half to a shaker with ice. And the long finish is sweet, presenting agave, fruit, and pepper.

Straight from the bottle, you may detect the aroma of agave, as well as an earthy brininess. Try Sauza Silver in your next margarita or bloody maria. Recommended Chaser: The classic salt and lime. By no means it is the worst by taste. Anyone hosting a cheap tequila party needs this t-shirt to complete their look. Expect strong fruity citrus notes, as well as a little hot pepper in the delivery, and in the finish.

Vitamix packs the legendary power of a Vitamix into a compact package. Milagro, which translates to “miracle,” is distilled 3 times: twice in a pot still and once in a stainless-steel column still.

It’s perfect for that spicy cocktail party you’ve been planning.

But a good tequila doesn’t have to equal an average car payment. So, we found the cheapest tequilas on the liquor store’s shelves and set out to find the best one to drink on a dime.

Follow these simple guidelines and you and your friends will be raving for weeks about your next cocktail party.

For margaritas, make sure you have agave nectar. These are the best cheap tequila brands, ranked from best to worst by user votes. Cazadores finishes with a hint of fresh cut grass and watermelon rind. Lime, grapefruit, and orange wedges are garnish standbys.

So instead, you’ll find exceptional smoothness and bright, clear taste.

You might expect this to make Espolòn an intense, hard-rocking experience. The agave used in Peligroso is sourced from the Highlands, and it creates a spirit with citrus character, a touch of minerality, and baking spice.

There you have it.

In the Camarena distillation process, the piñas, or hearts of the agave, are slow roasted in traditional stone ovens for several days before the juices are fermented and distilled. Once you’ve selected a cheap tequila from our list, make it spicy. Overall, Sauza Silver is a vibrant blanco with a snappy finish. Some good cheap tequila brands are made with mixtos while other top inexpensive tequilas use 100 percent agave. Camarena Silver is clear, with a pure, platinum sheen. But you love your friends and you want them to have fun next time they’re over for some drinks. On the palate, there’s vanilla, coconut, and a whiff of baking spice. Considering Olmeca’s competitive price tag, this is a go-to-choice for any party or gathering.

Here are some must-haves to allow your party guests to customize their cheap tequila cocktail creations. We did extensive research through hundreds of customer reports and expert reviews to separate the good from the bad from the truly awful.

Here’s our definitive ranking, just in time for your May 5th celebrations. The Tequila Sherry Flip is an acquired taste, so proceed with caution. For medium spice, try one de-seeded cayenne pepper for about 80 minutes. If it’s sweetness you’re after, Hornitos may also be for you.

incredibly refreshing, with light notes of ripe lemon, limes, and a balanced jalapeno spice. Basically, a massive volcanic wheel rolls over the steamed agave hearts.

Until then, we’ll be sipping Montezuma or treating our livers to $4 airplane bottles of the fancy stuff. Next time you're looking for budget booze, go for one of these brands under $20. Considering Olmeca’s competitive price tag, this is a. go-to-choice for any party or gathering. The best cheap tequila brands come in many forms.

The Camarena family has been planting and harvesting agave in the Jalisco Highlands (Los Altos) since 1860. Product Highlights: Least likely to induce your gag reflex, most likely to come in at #1 because of the decadent chasers we tried.

Traditionally, one way those piñas are crushed is the tahona process.

Olmeca Altos is incredibly refreshing, with light notes of ripe lemon, limes, and a balanced jalapeno spice. Until then, we’ll be sipping Montezuma or treating our livers to $4 airplane bottles of the fancy stuff.

As we reviewed dozens of brands to select the best cheap tequila, these were the criteria that we focused on: Milagro Silver Tequila uses only the finest, estate-grown blue agave, aged up to 12 years.

With its light, highly drinkable character, Espolòn is an ideal cheap tequila choice for mixing. Agave is sort of like a cactus, but it’s really a succulent.

spicier than many silver tequilas, but also green and vegetal, with grassiness and a raw agave character.

We gathered six cheap well-rated and popular tequilas that won't set you back if you need to buy them in bulk -- they're all under $25, with one costing as little as $12.99. Traditionally, and even now in at least one place, it’s still done by donkey. Price: $5.49 on sale… we wonder why.

Here’s what RAVE recommends. Yes, the bottle looks like a Cancun airport souvenir, but this is one of the best values in tequila—period.

Sip Cabrito, and taste pepper as well as the sweet oaky flavor of the barrel.

Cheap tequila, on the other hand, rewards a more judicious mixer and punishes the slob who thinks Gatorade and pickle juice can bail him out of a bum base.

Cheap tequila doesn't necessarily mean bad tequila. By law, tequila is only required to be 51% blue agave.

It’s perfect for that spicy cocktail party you’ve been planning.

A great post-dessert treat. On the nose, there’s an intense aroma. That email doesn't look right. Peppered with citrus and sage, it’s a clean and palatable sipping blanco that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re making palomas, stock up on grapefruit soda.

Once you’ve selected your cheap tequila, try these fun tequila-themed accessories.

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