AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), The frontline of our domestic violence emergency, Live: First polls begin to close in eastern states where Americans are still in line to vote, 'Folks are ready for a change': Voters line up where they haven't been seen in years, Live: Daniel Andrews gives first coronavirus press conference since break, Up to 300,000 ballots may never have been delivered to US election authorities, postal service data shows, Victoria records no new coronavirus cases for the fifth straight day, 'As the grim reality of what was unfolding in Vienna set in, I grabbed my bulletproof vest', Australia faces 'a dystopian future' in a new world dominated by China, What if Biden dies? Frankston, Werribee, Dandenong, Broadmeadows, Sunshine. A stroll through Lysterfield Lake Park... #weekend #lysterfield #CityofCasey South-east of the Melbourne CBD lies the second most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne, these three neighbouring suburbs have a burglary rate of one in 46 homes. For the sake of this list we stuck with the number of burglaries. Press J to jump to the feed. Tarneit, Cranbourne, Broadmeadows, Dandenong and Craigieburn. THE best places in Melbourne to live for work and play have been revealed, along with the worst when it comes to jobs, health, education and transport services. I maintain there are absolutely no downright no-go zones in Melbourne. I caught the train from roxy and went to school in Broady and saw it every day. I've always found St Kilda to be really weird like that. Shopkeepers suffered in 2019 as retail theft spiked by 13.8 per cent from last year, to reach 20,817 incidents. However, a surprise inclusion in Melbourne's top 10 was Footscray in the traditionally working-class western suburbs that jumped to the sixth spot. Collingwood, Carlton, Hawthorn, Essendon, Richmond. We have good shops, food, are extremely multicultural, and our schools aren't that bad. Dandenong, Frankston, Broadmedows, Melton and Sunshine are the places you want to avoid.

I travel an hour door to door every day, but actually really enjoy it.

You can check the statistics on your postcode here. That's an above average suburb. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I used to hate having to go there, now I go out of my way to go there for the food and such. I don't think many of you guys even grew up in our area. The West has a particularly bad reputation but the stats back it up as it is the likeliest place of being robbed with one in 39 homes broken into yearly.

The Beveridge area is improving dramatically year on year but just scrapes into our list of the most burgled suburbs, it has gone from one in 36 homes last year to one in 55 homes this year. property crimes or crimes against the person. Or Trump refuses to go?

But while areas in the city's west topped the list, many other surprising suburbs were revealed to face a significantly higher risk of burglary than the state average. Thousands of houses that are identical, virtually no backyards, no parklands, very few local activities other than the RSL. You can look up statistics but it's just that, a statistic. An average of 91 houses are burgled across Victoria each year and the chance of homeowners becoming victims could depend on their postcode.

Although their rates are improving they still make the list with one in 52 homes burgled. The traditional 'bad' suburbs are all pretty good. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The rate also climbed 11.5 per cent over the year to its highest level since 2014. The traditional 'bad' suburbs are all pretty good. Dont get me wrong it's not the worst place to live, but I do understand why others don't like it.

Suburbs include: Broadmeadows, Dallas, Jacana. Sometimes both. If I had to generalise, I would say low socio-economic status and higher population density would be factors that would increase the prevalence of crime prevalence. Crime doesn't stick to suburb boundaries or times of the night. . Melbourne's pretty safe in general but this interactive map may help. Havent seen that many hoons in my 9 months of living out here.

Lottie Dalziel, is a 4AM riser and coffee-addict who loves reading up on the latest trends in sustainability or discovering ways to upcycle almost anything! . Suburbs include: Cardinia, Clyde, Clyde North

i live in meadow heights, its totally fine. A subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts! Polls have closed in most of the key swing state of Florida, Follow our live updates on the US election as Americans in all states head to the polls, ABC's rolling coverage of the US election results with chief elections analyst Antony Green, Follow our live coverage for the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it leads to more cases being solved remains to be seen, however. You can see bogans everywhere, with most outer suburbs your bound to encounter them. Rates of theft per 100,000 people rose 4.4 per cent. When it came to burglaries, suburbs in the postcode 3978 fared worst with an astonishing one in 19 homes burgled. Brimbank (including Albanvale, Albion and Deer Park) with 225. House prices reflect this, Dandenong and Broadmeadows are much more expensive for an old 1960s three bedroom, than a brand new 4 bed estate house in Clyde North or Tarneit. I hadn't been there in years until last Friday night and I was surprised at how dead it is. 1.

They have train stations, shopping, employment, The worst suburbs are just new housing estate areas that are flat plains that are car dependent and have no infrastructure or facilities. What makes you guys dislike the northwest so much? Use the RACV’s interactive Victorian Burglary Statistics map to determine the rate of your suburb. The number of bail condition breaches fell by 3.4 per cent, with 600 fewer breaches than the previous year. 22 years here and there hasn't been any notable incidents that I would say makes it a bad suburb, unless you just really hate Italians and Muslims. . Cookies help us deliver our Services. It might surprise you to know that three homes in Victoria are burgled every hour and a Budget Direct report found that Victoria has the largest number of break-ins. Sydney's top 10 1.

Chatterbox cafe is the only decent place I've found so far. Crimes were up in all categories except for public order and security offences, though the headline rate remained below 2016 and 2017 levels. A subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts! Because I'm in an inner city suburb, the trip out of town in the morning, and in at night is never crowded, and gives me a good chance to read a book and relax. With a population of 4.5 million, it is Australia’s second-biggest city and has a safety index rating of 81%.

Property offences were the most common crime in Victoria over the past 12 months and theft from motor vehicles was the biggest component of that. Bike theft incidents were up 10.7 per cent on the previous year, hitting a new record. Westside, Northside, Southside and SouthEast.

It comes off as ths cool, vibrant place - but that seamy side is always just below the surface. . Absolutely loving this shot of the city skyline behind the Maribyrnong River by @pontian69 #marimoments ・・・ . There were some dodgy people around (and a decent amount of homeless people too), but overall it felt very bland and quiet. 'It's so petty', the woman says, but then the phone rings. Reported incidents of common assault are also on the rise, and particularly so for family violence, for which rates have more than tripled over the decade and jumped 9.3 per cent since 2018. I can't imagine ever having to live there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can find her by the beach, cooking up a storm or adding to her abundant (some would say out of control) plant collection. Also, as is normal in Melbourne, the West is copping a lot of flack in this thread. I went for a walk around Greeves, Grey and Fitzroy St, then to Luna Park. And sometimes the inside. Your US election questions answered, Football great Diego Maradona set to undergo brain surgery, 'It's so petty', the woman says, but then the phone rings. Don’t toot your horn at anyone their likely to get out & punch your car if they can’t punch you, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The rate dropped by 5.4 per cent to its lowest level since 2014. Report examined more than 1,100 suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Any time I go out west past Epping it's so depressing, the wasteland, dilapidated houses and community buildings, the industriality, the shitbox cars, the complete lack of gentrification or development. The chance of homeowners becoming victims could depend on their postcode. Don’t store your valuables in your undies drawer, Remove any valuables from your car overnight, Clean your car! . . My mate used to think St Kilda was cool until he moved there and a hooker got murdered on his doorstep.

The largest category, property-related offences, saw an uptick thanks to a rise in total thefts, which were up 6.6 per cent over the year to reach a total 143,511 incidents. - R Letekro / T Harnell. "They might want to get a mobile phone or a tablet or whatever and they'll rip them out of the wall," he said. They have train stations, shopping, employment, The worst suburbs are just new housing estate areas that are flat plains that are car dependent and have no infrastructure or facilities.

2020 US election live results: Who is winning? Victorian crime statistics reveal the worst Melbourne suburbs for thefts from cars.

It might surprise you to know that three homes in Victoria are burgled every hour and a. found that Victoria has the largest number of break-ins. How to keep your home secure this holiday season. Talk show host's topless election day plea, 'Ugly, uncivilised wokedom': Author takes aim at Maori minister's face tattoos, Sydney teen arrested over 'bomb threat call' to school.

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