Hah! Ayano:I dont he'll complain,when he gets me in the sheets~ (rap) Battles! MMMHMM. The characters in this are Osana Najimi, Yandere Chan or Ayano Aishi (the main focus), Midori Gurin (the host) and Taro (senpai) for comic relief.

(help!I started this and I had words in my head and I forgot them), OK so this is basically just a rap battle and it needs help so help please you can suggest stuff and if anything sounds good to me and some other people i will put it in and you can to but i might end up moving it around so idk it just needs to be saved and i do not have a video but to be honest you can make a video if you want and that would be great cause i don’t have the time to do that BUT you can’t take credit for the whole thing well please if you make a video don’t take all of the credit, {{rap battle}}yandere my made up characters(shinu v.s ketsueki), {{rap battle}}yandere my made up characters(shinu v.s ketsueki) Lyrics. That's IT! Osana and Ayano:MIDORI! Midori: WHO WON?? Ayano:I KNOW that you should probably keep an eye on your bento~ Ayano:Heh come at me,b****! Who's Next? Drop Em! Lyrics: Osana: Remember this is a Rap Battle.

Who won? Ayano:Osana! Shinu: UH you take that back And, that means you Ayano! Without a care in the world, or a want or a need..?

Osana:You know what? Osana:Senpai will never love you!You're weird and you're a creep!

Ayano:Grrr fine.. Osana:You dont scare me

After that, you'll finally know the meaning of being alive! I've had it!

*Ayano drops chainsaw* Ayano:I'll let give him gifts when FAT PIGS FLY!!! That means no weapons! Ayano:I can though~

... Don't answer that last question, this is the only rap we plan on doing haha!

Midori:Drop em'! Osana:What? Yandere Rap Battles! Shikimora: oh no here we go again Budo: So let me get this straight; you just sit there and read? Osana Najimi VS. Yan-Chan! (battles) of Akademiii!

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Midori:Im sorry!You decide!Eeeeeepic rap! How bout' i show you how to defend yourself so you can survive? !Thats it!I'll put you in your place! Yandere Rap Battles! Ketsueki: so you think you're better than me?ya see that's the key I know how you are at least "I" got Lamar,i'm better than you and you know it's true,so do us a favor and ..shew!! *Ayano drops weapons*

Yuno Gasai, VS, Ayano Aishi! Yandere Simula... Who won?

Taro, you blend into the crowd with some friends here, or there but what you really need is a purpose, not just sweet fresh air. Midori:Who won?Whos next?When will the next update be out?When will YanDev answer all my questions?

I know a million ways to fight and a hundred ways to block you. Osana:Looks its you the freak of the school,the one who thinks that Shinu:but you see senpai calls for me,he's not the one that's scared of me

Budo: Hey Yamada, I have to ask you somethin'. This song is a parody of yandere simulator and has two (four including Taro-senpai and Midori) competing in a rap battle. Ayano:Everytime you flap your lips is another brain cell fizzing out,I swear to my Senpai,that I will knock you out,You sway your hips and pout your lips and think your being sly,when you hide your precious about LOVING Senpai,Do you even really love him,You dont act like you do,You whine all the time and place the spotlight on you,"You always keep me waiting" Yeah that will get his love,I would give him more affection than he could ever dream of!

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