As Wei WuXian arrives in Mt.

DaFan, he meets a group of cultivators who are there to investigate a mystery about a soul-eating beast. The masked man then appears again and Lan WangJi gives chase. His threats and power intimidate Jin ZiXun and the latter finally answers where Wen Ning is.

However, Jiang FengMian's favoring of Wei WuXian angers Yu ZiYuan.

Wei WuXian tries to fall but Lan WangJi catches him in time, unwillingly to let go. Just then, Lan WangJi and some Lan sect disciples come back carrying a corpse.

The headquarters of Qinghe Nie sect is in the Unclean Realm.

Since the Stygian Tiger Seal might be linked to the Stygian Iron, Wei WuXian will be monitored by Jin GuangYao. Wei WuXian continues to expose Su She and the latter has no way to defend himself. After finding out that the Mo Family are controlled by a certain Stygian Tiger Seal, Lan JingYi speculates that Wei WuXian might not be dead. Jin Ling, who had been watching Wen Ning with suspicion, unsheathes his sword.

Wei WuXian brings drunk Lan WangJi to their room and goes out to look for Wen Ning. This series completed broadcast August 20, 2019 with the 50th episode.

They then hear the pleas of the Wen Sect again and rush to stop Jin ZiXun from killing the innocent, elderly, and weak.

Wei WuXian gets Wen Ning to hide while he brings Lan WangJi back to the inn.

Later, Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian part ways for the latter to find clues. However, Lan WangJi finds him a bother and shuts him up with the silencing spell again.

When Wei WuXian pities on Xiao XingChen and Song Lan's fate, Lan WangJi gets equally emotional and drinks a cup of wine that Wei WuXian has poured for himself.

Inside, Wei WuXian has to be cautious as his Mo XuanYu identity had been kicked out of the Jin Sect for causing trouble.

However, Nie HuaiSang continues to deny it. Paperman Wei WuXian wakes from the memories and avoids Jin GuangYao's attacks, also using his sword SuiBian to tackle him before successfully escaping. After the Stygian Iron reacted violently, they, excepting Nie HuaiSang, immediately go to investigate. Wei WuXian then brings Lan WangJi to show him around his cave. Jiang Cheng and Wei WuXian grow to dislike Jin ZiXuan's attitude and question the arranged marriage between him and Jiang YanLi. However, she is unable as she still has Wen Ning and her family to take care of.

Wen Ning continues to attack him and Lan WangJi and Lan XiChen plays their instruments to stop Wen Ning. At night, the trio drink wine together but are discovered by Lan WangJi.

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