Your Cart. Terrier breeds, which were bred for digging, may be especially want to dig for pleasure. Good luck! Zak George is a renowned dog trainer known for his friendly, enthusiastic style. Is your dog digging everything in sight? Do you have kids in your home? Another great way to channel excess energy is to practice obedience training and teach your dog some new tricks. Learn how your comment data is processed. NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Getting Started! To nip this behavior in the bud, you’ll need to offer your dog an alternative way of cooling off. As you work on how to stop a dog from digging, it can be helpful to see the process enacted. When we first got Toby, we spent months working on training, and it was exhausting at times! Zak George is a proponent of positive reinforcement dog training, which teaches that only gentle, reward-based methods, without physical aversion, should be used for dog training. Here are four awesome ideas. And if all else fails and you aren’t seeing improvement, keep your dog under supervision while outdoors and contact a dog training professional for support. If your dog is getting on your last nerve, take a deep breath and regroup. The book covers all the bases when it comes to training and provides you and your dog a solid foundation for the future. Ask any pup parent, and they’ll tell you how messy, frustrating and exhausting it is to housebreak a puppy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The first thing you’ll need to do is use sturdy fencing around places that you don’t want your dog to dig in. It isn’t uncommon for animals to burrow in your yard, so if you suspect your dog is digging to hunt, locate the burrowing animal, and then safely remove it from your yard. Also, make sure that their environment is comfortable and attractive to them – not something they want to get way from. With this training guide, you too can discover how to stop a dog from digging. Dogs dig for a number of different reasons, as we’ll explain below. If your dog is digging next to or trying to get under a fence, you can assume the digging is associated with wanting to escape the yard and get to something else. After spending all this time working on how to stop a dog from digging, there is nothing more frustrating than looking at the backyard and seeing your dog burying their face and furry paws in the ground. ... 30 Day Perfect Pup with Zak George. If so, Puppy Training for Kids serves as a great introduction to caring for a dog. You'll find videos on topics ranging from puppy basics to advanced tricks. If you’re dog is getting overheated outdoors and has no other way to cool off, it will resort to digging to uncover and lay in cooler dirt. Remember, digging is a natural behavior, so don’t get too stressed if your dog loves to do this. Check out our site Find Cat Names. Training a dog to listen in public can be tough! If you don’t want to sacrifice a corner of your green lawn, you could use a child-size pool or sandbox. STOP DISOBEYING! It may be the case that your dog just sees something it wants on the other side of the fence, but other times, it may also be trying to escape something unpleasant. No matter what the root of the issue is, however, it’s important to get this behavior under control. Removing the source of agitation will likely stop your dog from continuing to dig up your yard. He had learned basic commands and we were looking for other ways to keep him mentally stimulated. With some training and reinforcement your dog will be happily digging without causing damage to the rest of your yard. Training a dog requires patience and persistence. This isn’t technically about stopping the digging, but rather moving it to an acceptable, designated area. And if you’re looking for additional training resources, don’t forget to check out our puppy guide. “Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a must-read for dog lovers everywhere. Next, introduce more toys and engage with them in active play as much as possible. Our dog Toby went through a short-lived phase where he liked to dig. One big reason why your pup may be digging is to blow off excess energy and work through boredom. If you’re wondering how to stop a dog from digging up dirt – along with your precious plants, grass and more – here are the top 5 reasons for this behavior and the best strategies you can take to stop it. Better Homes & Gardens has created a training video on the topic that is useful to watch if you have a dog who loves to dig. You can identify this behavior by the fact that your dog will like to lay inside of the hole they’ve made for themselves.

If you’re looking for extra support, we highly recommend the following books to aid in your training journey. Make sure you leave plenty of these toys around to occupy your dog while you’re away. This classic bestseller has everything you need to know about dog training, canine behavior, and the animal and human bond. The behavior was cute at first, but became annoying when we realized the damage he was causing. To ensure your dog is obedient and well-behaved, it’s always a good idea to learn as much about dog training as possible.

Figuring out how to stop a dog from digging is just one very small part of the overall training process. “ Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a must-read for dog lovers everywhere. By implementing the tips above and practicing training every day, you will be able to stop your dog’s digging in unwanted places! The book covers all the bases when it comes to training and provides you and your dog a solid foundation for the future. First and foremost, you should be taking your dog on walks at least twice per day to ensure they’re getting enough exercise. Take a look for more info on how to stop a dog from digging. One strategy is to create a safe digging spot in your yard. We read this when we first got Toby and highly recommend it. You’ll feel more collected and ready to work on breaking this annoying and potentially dangerous habit.

Take the Free Class. If so, find out how to stop a dog from digging ASAP in our quick training guide. Use a humane method and stay away from toxic substances, which may find their way into the surrounding ecosystem, or even poison your dog. Pupford Favorites. me on Facebook! If you see your dog digging only in one particular spot or area, underneath a tree or bush, or in a pattern that resembles a path, you may have an unwanted intruder in the garden.

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