is between 25 and 13,655, the optic was "celled" between 1899 and 1914.

The patents are to be linked to the inventors and products. The gaps include: military instruments as well as instruments which were ultimately not produced in Jena, especially glasses (Rathenow), binoculars (Eisfeld) and camera lenses (Saalfeld). 2015 by Wes » Sun May 26, 2019 5:37 pm, Return to “Collecting microscopes and slides”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited.

15001 - 38593, Astro 2 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 28508), Astronomische Optik. ALL FOLLOWING MODELS HAVE INTEGRAL CAST FOLDING BRIDGE, AND STRAIGHT LIDS TURNED UNDER AT RIM. 6X 105 1895-1897 OFFICERS BINOCULARS, 8 x 20 FELDSTECHER 82 1894-1908 430 FIRST SERIES, FLAT PRISM COVERS, 8 x 20 FELDSTECHER 90 1904-1908 WIDE FIELD VERSION, 8 x 20 FELDSTECHER 90 1908-1908 LIGHT WEIGHT METAL, LUXURY MODEL, 8 x 20 RELIEFFERNROHR 80 1894-1906 690 HAND HELD SCISSORS BINOCULARS RABBIT EARS STEREO RANGEFINDERS, 10 x 25 RELIEFFERNROHR 65 1895-1908 820 HAND HELD SCISSORS BINOCULARS RABBIT EARS, 10 x 25 RELIEFFERNROHR 65 1895-1918 RABBIT EARS - MADE THROUGH 1918 FOR MILITARY, 8 x 20 D.F. They can therefore not be distinguished here. 6 x 30 B 150 1961- INDIVIDUAL FOCUS, RUBBER ARMORED, 18.3mm EYE RELIEF, 7 x 50B 130 1961-1969 1000 PORRO I. The same process was applied to the documents from Research and Development (see also the Research Operations section). 57961 - 69460, Mikro 7 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7716), Nr. Zeiss Rifle Scope Serial Number Check. MODEL 95, 8 x 24 TELACTEM 110 1910-1914 630 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF TELACT, REPLACED BY TURACTEM, 12 x 30 TELEFORTEM 58 1914-1920 700 CENTER FOCUS VERSION OF TELEFORT, 3 x 20 TELEPLAST 215 1907-1911 730 SPRENGER-LEMAN PRISM, 5 x 20 TELEPLAST 113 1907-1911 590 SPRENGER-LEMAN PRISM, 6 x 15 TELETUR 123 1910-1924 210 CENTER FOCUS, NARROW SPACED OBJECTIVES, 7 x 50 NOCTAR 100 1911-1919 1170 ABBE-KONIG PRISM, ROUND PRISM HOUSING, 12 x 40 D.F. Unfortunately, there are no details about customers or delivery locations.

The opticians, on the other hand, who were initially trained by Carl Zeiss itself, came from the region and usually stayed until the end of their professional lives. 5th Edition W. & G. Foyle, Ltd. London, 1925. Would you like to try it too? Does anyone know if there is a serial number list for dating Zeiss microscopes? The M1 Abrams tank used by the US Army and US Marine Corps are equipped with the Hensoldt The new combat gunsight is based on the Zeiss ZO 4×30 that is in service with the German military aka the German Bundeswehr. The items are lent out for company presentations to museums and to exhibition organizers. MODEL 95 82 1895-1906 600 36 DEGREE FIELD, LEATHER COVERED, FLAT PRISM COVERS, 8 x 20 D.F. However, the documents on this level can be allocated to the individual laboratories.

I was not able to find a comprehensive list of serial numbers, so maybe some one on this forum might help me with the number I found on my camera... the lens is a Novar - Anastigmat 1:4,5 / f=11 cm, the shutter is a KLIO, and the serial no on the body is L 1239. The collection of product literature up until 1945 is almost complete; only some of the brochures for military instruments are missing. Bob Trotter apparently has hands on data for Zeiss telescope lens manufacturing data (size, type, date), but not the information on lens sets coupled with telescopes (focuser/prism serial numbers) to aide in dating completed scopes sales.

What does that say about the year of production? To order files from the archives, you need the digital signature of each file. IS THE MILITARY DESIGNATION; ALL D.F GLASSES HAD A LARGE HINGE TENSION KNOB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HINGE. What is your lens serial number.

by 75RR » Wed May 15, 2019 7:15 pm, #4 Documented And - $899. Production lists for optical measuring instruments, Production Lists for Astronomical Devices, 1929–1976 (1990), This is where you will find information about instruments manufactured by ZEISS up to 1945, and in some cases 1990. In book 1, simple and compound microscopes appear in separate lists. 8X40 110 1912-1918 SAME AS TELUMACT, 8 x 40 TELUMACTEM 110 1914-1920 875 CENTER FOCUS MARINE MODEL OF TELUMACT, 5 x 12 STENOR 140 1914-1927 215 SPRENGER-LEMAN PRISM, VERY WIDELY SPACED OBJECTIVES, 15 x 60 D.F.

bis Nr.

It became the center of the South Production System (aka Factory II), which saw a large part of the South Factory consolidated into a technological system. 7X50 128 1915-1945 1160 NAVY MODEL, SAME AS BINOCTAR, 6 x 39 D.F. 6 x 21 TELEX 120 1907-1912 430 HARD RUBBER REPLACES LEATHER COVERS AFTER 1912-6x24, 6 x 21 TELEXEM 120 1910-1912 480 CENTER FOCUS, HARD RUBBER COVERS AFTER 1912-6x24, 6 x 30 SILVAMAR 1910-1975 PRODUCED IN JENA THROUGH APPROX. This is where the rest of the written documentation was collected, documentation that survived WWII, the American confiscations and the Soviet dismantling of German industry. O. Old_Contax_User Active Member. Canon Community |

The patent database for the period before 1945 will also be included in the museum. It was mentioned that the high Nr. 12X50 72 1917-1919 1280 ABBE-KONIG PRISM - FORM SIMILAR TO NOCTAR, 18 x 50 DELFORT 49 1919-1930 1180 PORRO II, 7 x 50 BINOCTAR 128 1919-1971 1160 1937, 830gm LIGHT WEIGHT METAL VERSION, 7 x 50 D.F.

Thilo Immel has good account on that. 751 (1919) through 3085 (1942).

The topics and some of the staff initially moved to the X department, then to WEH, and later on to WEK. One of the greatest construction projects was that of building 6/70. The three parent companies G, F and P relocated to building 6/70 once the investments were complete and were consolidated in "Factory 2". Thanks very much to both of you, most informative. In collaboration with the Thuringian State and University Library in Jena, digital scans of these books  were published online to enable independent research.

I recently inherited a Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/2 with serial number F17134 and am trying to date it. If you are registered, you get access to the members only section, can participate in the buy & sell second hand forum and last but not least you can reserve your preferred username before someone else takes it. The Story of the Planetarium Reation Books, 2017. Nikon Community | He was last active on CN in Mar of 2015.

You can search by name, place of origin or profession. 18X50 49 1914-1919 MARINE MODEL PORRO I - SAME AS TERSEX, 6 x 42 D.F. Also effective 6 December 1971, the F, G and P enterprises were allocated to plant management for Factory II. ): Large devices were assigned at least two numbers (one for the mount and one for the optic). Apparently Bob Trotter of Western Australia is recognized by even Zeiss as the master of these serial-date-type relationships and from his comments in this thread it sounds like he has production run records to draw from. There will be links to the instruments that each person invented. WW1 as from 1914 to 1918. This does not apply to the dissecting microscopes, which are logged in book 3, and numbered from 10,003 to 51,260. As of 6 December 1971, the plant management of Factory 2, which was renamed G enterprise, assumed its duties. 95 1907-1914 REPLACED THE EARLIER 8X20 D.F. Does anyone know if he ever made his records public? appeared occasionally since 1957 and continuously since 1960, and simultaneously functioned as the numbers for the drawing sets. Blank pages (1-6, 55-84, 87-96) have not been scanned. LOGOS: 1894-1904, ZEISS IN SCRIPT. For this reason, the documentation remained allocated to the origin classification of the VEB's old research institutes. The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers. The ZEISS Museum of Optics in Oberkochen collects instruments from the ZEISS Group up through German reunification, as well as the latest products. 91 – 2800, Mess 1 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7741), Butterrefraktometer / Milchfettrefraktometer, Absorptionsgefässe zum Vergleichsmikroskop, Wandtafel zur Erläuterung des Butterrefraktometers, Nr. nos. A separate list details planetariums, from no.

Exact manufacturing dates are often difficult to ascertain, which is why we have decided not to offer specific information. Stück (Quantity): The quantity is derived from the difference between the order numbers (+ 1). 1 – 4999, Mikro 1 (ZEISS Archiv, BACZ 7710), Nr. That thread shows an amazing transformation of a really filthy, corroded Zeis Asegur which I think is the Traveling Telescope we've come to know, maybe? Thanks. 2019 JavaScript is disabled.

You can also access this page with:, #1 After conclusion of the reforms, the organizational strcuture of Factory 2, or the G enterprise, remained intact until the dissolution of the G enterpise. L-Mount Community | Please try again later. The following is a collection of serial numbers for large format lens manufacturers. Carlos Alberte, there are many lists of Zeiss serial numbers with dates of manufacture. However, as the documents were pre-classified in this way, this system remained in use. Simple microscopes were given their own numbers, from 1 to 879, and compound microscopes from 1 to 5,024. So do all Zeiss telescope lenses share the same serial number sequence? As the documents of the BACZ are already used and cited in scientific literature under this signature, and there is no compelling reason to realign them, it was decided that the documents of the VEB would stay as is and perform major division only at catalogue level. Not all products are approved in every market, and approved labeling and instructions may vary by local country.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Regards, Dan.

We are currently working on a way to help locate the older Carl Zeiss files from before 1945. The internal organizational structure of the laboratories and development offices had hardly any impact on the new setup. Around 150- 200. by MicroBob » Thu May 16, 2019 7:25 pm, #9 55 (1949) through 385 (1975) (386 through 388 as "latecomers" in 1990) and panorama telescopes from no. 7x50B/GA 130 1964- 1175 PORRO I, STILL IN PRODUCTION, 8x56B/GA DIALYT ZEISS 110 1968- 1030 ABBE-KONIG ROOF PRISM, STILL MADE AS B/GAT MODEL, 8 x 30B DIALYT-MONO 1968-1986 TELE-OBJECTIVE, FOCUS AT OBJECTIVE, 8 x 30B DIALYT 130 1969- 550 SCHMIDT PRISM, 8 x 20 KLEINFELDSTECHER 120 1969- 135 SCHMIDT PRISM, FIBERGLASS BODY, FOLDS TO Z SHAPE, 6 x 20 KLEINFELDSTECHER 120 1971- 145 SCHMIDT PRISM, ALSO EYEGLASS WEARER S MODEL, AN H IN THE MODEL DESIGNATION INDICATES A PORRO II DESIGN WITH THE OCULAR FIELD LENS CEMENTED TO THE PRISM, D.F. There are 4 hierarchy levels: at the top is the inventory, and below it are the main departments and directorates, followed by the other departments. ブログを報告する. If you are interested in taking part in one of the projects on a voluntary basis, please send an email to: wolfgang .wimmer @zeiss .com. They are being added to the Virtual Museum along with a photo. This means that only minor adjustments were made to the informal processes as well.

Zeiss Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture, Lens Type - posted in Classic Telescopes: Quick question on Zeiss lens sets and the serial numbers inscribed on them. As well, these lenses are all of the same type, but varying apertures. Post Online research for microscopes and employees until 1890. For the period after 1945, the publications of VEB Carl Zeiss Jena and that of the combine have been collected.

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