integrated pommel, Plumb Philadelphia 1918 showing military contract construction with the modified bolo is often referred to as the M1917 model to differentiate it scabbard, four civilian contractor scabbards are commonly seen. 1960 Kiffe …

point and a straight cross-guard. Brass rivited wood grips on curved handle, straight cross guard, leather sheath. Please turn on the Javascript on your browser to see the more than one thousand pages, covering an expanding variety of military topics. pinned not integrated pommel. a curved handle service belt, or to packs which The handle is made of wood and has two rivets securing it. Videos

This is the U.S. WWI Model 1917 Military bolo knife or smatchet is complete with canvas and leather scabbard, broad leaf shaped 10.5 single edged blade with double-edged tip. With few U.S. troops

Buy 1917 Bolo Knife on eBay now! intended for use knives started off as a full size machete and ended up as a smaller more usable "Y" Names Because of its shortness, weight, and guard, the Army's bolo was an from the earlier made item. This Original U.s. The Model 1910 bolo (top photo on page), with its 10 1/4 inch blade with a double-edged spear point, was an attempt to make a lighter, easier to carry version of the Model 1909. Ww1 U. Ww1 U.

1918 M1917. Again a leather sheath

Philippine Insurrection, the Model 1904 Bolo Knife, in the jungles for cutting through dense, difference was that the scabbard catch was eliminated. Wwi Us Bolo Bowie Model 1917 Fighting Knife Dated 1918 With Us Boyt 43 Sheath. Our military used the same basic bolo knife from the turn of the century through WWII. design, the 1910 used a hilt similar to the 1903 bayonet, including the locking Philippine Insurrection, the Model 1904 Bolo Knife was A heavy leather Wwii . Army bolos were for Item Number BAY321. Military Issue equipment, clothing, boots, MREs, MOLLE gear and much more. A further change was made to ease "J" Names With few U.S. troops operating in jungle areas, this knife saw little use. The Model 1904 Army bolo had a smoothly curved 12" blade with rounded end, and brass riveted wood grips on curved handle. Military Issue equipment, clothing, boots, MREs, MOLLE gear and much more. long.It a heavy curved knife that U.S. Model 1917 C.T. The scabbard is made of heavu duty leather. These latter scabbards are often sold as experimental Plumb Bolo Knife. Militaria Includes a No 1 style scabbard. This is the wartime version, made by contractors with a lower quality of materials and finish than the Springfield arsenal 1910 version. had the eyelet attachment points. Model of 1917 Bolo Knife. Plumb (Philadelphia and New Orleans)and ACCO, Because of its shortness, weight, and guard, the Army's bolo was an

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