Although England, France, and Germany led the world in the production of spyglasses, there are some excellent examples from 18th … The Dollond family made telescopes for five generations. and the mechanical integrity of the scope all figure into its value. Spyglasses can be concealed as part of other objects such as fans or scent bottles. and China. Next to the de baillou spyglass is its accompanying satinwood case. Museum postcard of spyglasses 1905 Nenuphar Pattern American Silver Co. The optical professions: what does the future hold? watch the auctions! Broadhurst, Clarkson & Co. Benjamin Martin established an instrument Vintage Antique Brass Leather Telescope Spy Glass. manufactured over a long period of time. The middle spyglass is a five-draw specimen with a painted enamel barrel and gilt tubes. Does it have a sharp field stop around the Spyglasses were obviously considered suitable devices for women to use, but their owners were not normally so vulgar! circa 1860. here were hundreds of makers of spyglasses over the last three centuries, and without an engraved name, there is little

had a top reputation and Broadhurst wished to trade on it, as well as wishing

Most likely of French manufacture this set exhibits the quality and craftsmanship indicative of French opticians in the 1800’s, as exhibited in this … The decoration depicts the marriage of Cupid and Psyche. The decoration depicts the marriage of Cupid and Psyche. or no hope of identifying the maker of a telescope. Mid 20th Century Wooden Ship Midel Of Emma C. Berry From Mystic CT. 19th Century Caucasian Runner. of its condition, how easily it draws, the sharpness and quality of the image

Following is a guide to some of the most well-known makers 7 Antique Vintage Garden Bug Sprayers Hudson Spra Well. Opticians to the Royal Family. It is a detail taken from a print of 1796 called High Change in Bond Street ou La Politesse du Grande Monde by James Gillray. As many were signed we can use them to learn about the work of several famous opticians and instrument makers. Galipolli Dardanelles Turkey Col. Map 1789 … Antique Brass Telescope 16" inch … To all intents and purposes 'spyglasses', 'monoculars' and 'prospect glasses' are the same thing. Go back to see other pictures. It was The earliest date from the third quarter of the 18th century (not from the 17th century, as Antique Telescope Spyglass Military? The group image is taken from one of the set of 16 museum postcards shows three particularly fine spyglasses. Production continued until the middle of the 19th century. View cart for details. Early scopes were often inscribed with italics on the first draw. on the eyepiece with a removable brass object lens cover. More recent research has revealed examples in Britain at the Wedgwood Museum itself and at the Bowes Museum, in Europe at  the Louvre (part of the Madame Heymann bequest), in the USA at the University of Arizona, the Brooklyn Museum in New York and the Metropolitan Museum (this latter a jasperware example with numerous putti). firm.

There several mentions of the early spyglass use are presented, 1). The best place to get a feel for the value of a spyglass is to watch the

The object lens cover

$700.00 8d 18h +$29.10 shipping. Registered Charity No: 1060431. The company distributes Meade Instruments and other astronomical Telescope House produced very high quality astronomical telescopes from 2-inch to 6-inch in diameter. It has a single gilt draw-tube and a blue and white Wedgwood barrel, with gilt trim and an ivory eyepiece. They were produced by many generations, probably by members of the same family, and are still His family owned the business until 1844, when it was bought and developed There are further silver bands on the straight-sided barrel. On the left is an example of a single-draw spyglass, with a black shagreen and wood barrel timmed with silver. The College of Optometrists  19th century spyglass, signed “E & G Blunt, New York, Improved”, 41 1/2” at full draw, wooden barrel, brass construction, pull out shade. More Items From Kaminski Auctions. An example similar to that at the Metropolitan, but heavily restored, sold on eBAY in January 2014, tentatively dated c.1790, with a decorative design by Flaxman and a silver-plated ocular tube and eyecup signed by Lerebours Quai de l'horloge, Paris (Noel Jean Lerebours 1761-1840). During the 1920's and 30's, the business continued to flourish. bought the Broadhurst & Clarkson business, renaming it Broadhurst, Clarkson some authors have claimed). present) all need to be considered. Antique Telescope Spyglass.

Care should be taken when dismantling a spyglass as the lens may drop out or the delicate screw-thread become damaged. Telescope House but trading as "Broadhurst Clarkson & Co. Clarkson Make Offer - US Navy Spyglass Quartermaster Mark II 16 Power 1942 Hayward USS WEST VIRGINIA. These are more rare than the European scopes. The 1930s museum display of spyglasses at Brook Street included large spyglasses (some with up to six draw tubes) alongside miniature 'trinket' varieties, interspersed with jealousy glasses and other hand-held viewers. sales on internet auctions, since this will tell you what people are willing to pay for a certain size telescope in a given Semitecolo spyglasses are seen more often than any other in fleas markets and antique throughout the UK. Early 19th Century Dovetailed Blanket Chest With Original Strap Hinges . The only way to judge the quality of a telescope is to use it. & Son This maker

42 Craven Street  French, two-draw spyglass signed “Bardou & Son, Paris, Power 10 Times”, 37” at full draw/ black leather barrel, pull out shade, circa 1880. condition. The building housed Many forgeries are to be found in auctions since it is easy to engrave

Sometimes there is an inscription on the border of the lens that can only be found by doing this. out in 1908 and Broadhurst moved to 63 Farringdon Road, EC1, naming the building John Dolland who patented the achromatic lens, although the invention was hotly disputed for years. Ten members of the family were telescope Clarkson. Harris, Thos.

The premises also had a showroom and shop, which is still in use today. business in 1750. Collection Of Early Coffin And Gardner Family Docu. Joshua Martin in 1782.

Typically signed "Leonardo Semitecolo" or "Leonardo Semitecolo Venezia". Many of these are Victorian but depict a figure in the costume of at least a century earlier. These scopes appear to have been

The draw tube is covered with green pressed card (simulating leather) and features gilt tooled decoration of a bird and scroll design. Make Offer - Vintage Antique Brass Leather Telescope Spy Glass. by Robert Mills who ran it until 1873 when he, in turn, sold it to Alexander

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