Great as a mid-party pick-me-up when you're in for a long night and feeling tired. Guys who find 3FEA somewhat similar to 4FA or 4FMA just took not enough. You need someone you can trust when it comes to delivering 100% legitimate, absolutely pure chemicals and with us you can be absolutely certain in this regard. The original adaptation. In addition to having the largest choice of research chemicals, our customers can also take advantage of our flexible payment options and reliable delivery. I belong to the cohort that naturally responds better to NDRA's than NDRI's, and 2-fma is the smoothest, most forgiving NDRA I've encountered. Phenidates are the only stims that work well for me. Interesting, 2-FMA for me did work and felt wakeful and slightly stimulating, even mildly euphoric. Not very potent just means it requires a higher dose, weak means the effects are weak no matter the dosage. Effects of 2-Fluoromethamphetamine : The clinical effects of most new designer drugs like 2-Fluoromethamphetamine can be described as either hallucinogenic, stimulant, or opioid-like. This also seems to be true even for psychedelics and structurally unrelated chemicals, so I think my biochemistry must just be a bit different in that respect. There is a very reputable vendor bringing 3-fma, so it is likely 3-fma.

Like its parent compound 3-FA, the pharmacological, toxicological, and subjective effects of 3-FMA in humans have yet to be mapped out in detail.

I also did not test either substance, but decided to trust my vendor's (mixed) reputation. Still, it only lasted around 4-6 hours for me and didn't work ideally... it felt like I only got the effects sometimes or it was very inconsistent. 4-FMA is relatively impotent, I took 175 mg of 4-FMA which equaled about 70 mg of 3-FEA, or 130 mg 4-FA in terms of strength of their own respective effects on me.

Since it isnt an entactogen, it doesnt compare all that easily to 4-FA, 3-FEA and 4-FMA, but I will say I think I enjoy it more than 3-FMA. Should I watch Fullmetal Alchemist First or Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? 2-FMA vs 3-FMA vs 4-FMA: What’s the difference? Also, you barely if at all compare these with [mixed] amphetamine salts or levo- or dextro-amphetamine salts. 2-Fluoromethamphetamine: A College Student's Best Friend : GreatWallofNose: 2-Fluoromethamphetamine: A Clean Productivity Stimulant: Mac: 2-Fluoromethamphetamine (2-FMA) Smooth Insomnia: mon6do: 2-Fluoromethamphetamine & Hash: Nice Speedy Stimmed Feeling: Nov3: 2-Fluoromethamphetamine: It Has Potential: EclecticElf: 2-Fluoromethamphetamine When dependence or addiction has developed, cravings and withdrawal effects may occur if a person suddenly stops their usage. Paradise Bewuste Gebruiker Offline Posts: 457 Geregistreerd: wo jul 13, 2011 1:45 am. Tolerance to many of the effects of 3-FMA develops with prolonged and repeated use.

So 3-FPM can either be really enjoyable, a functional stim with mild euphoria or slightly recreational with mild-moderate euphoria. [3] A review on treatment for amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and methamphetamine abuse-induced psychosis states that about 5–15% of users fail to recover completely. As a result, they should be treated with a healthy amount of skepticism. What are some of the downsides of this chemical? I've tried all of the RCs you listed but never meth. [citation needed] Based on related compounds, it is not unreasonable to speculate that this compound possesses neurotoxic, cardiotoxic and other potential to-be-discovered toxic properties[citation needed], which is why extreme caution is advised.

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