Barrels with a 1:10 twist will stabilize 220 grain (14 g) bullets at subsonic speeds. Jones of SSK Industries began developing a wildcat cartridge (at the request of US military Special Forces) that became known as the .300 Whisper. Moderators: gds, bakerjw, renegade, bamachem, Post The positives of the .300 Blackout and Whisper are obvious.

So, he found that he had to ream some lots and brands of brass more than others. Heavier than that, there were only hunting bullets. you can find hornady's 9th for like $25 right now at several places. by TNFrank61 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 10:23 am, Post Would like to see a comparison to the .300 Ham’r. In order to recover bullets, I had to wrap the block on all sides with Kevlar vests. That puts it squarely in the realm of a .45 ACP+P load. You simply swapped uppers, loaded mil-spec magazines with the same number of .300 Whisper rounds as 5.56 NATO, and fired at will. Jones, owner of SSK Industries. I did need to carefully adjust the sizer die in order to achieve correct headspace.

"Never forget those who have died; Never forget who killed them.". My first experience with the .300 Whisper came when I was developing load data for the 5th Edition Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading more than a decade ago. OK, so from the early 1970s, to the late 1980s, the heaviest .30 bullets that could be had went from 168 grains to 220 grains.

If your DNR permits deer hunting with suppressors, then you have your answer: A lightweight AR, in .300 Blackout or Whisper, with a suppressor is just the ticket for getting new shooters introduced to hunting.

Testing in ballistic gelatin uncovered some very interesting results. A new ammo maker burst onto the scene, in the form of the .300 Blackout.

It probably isn't needed, but the seater die can be adjusted to apply a crimp - so I did. As you can see in the chart, I tested quite a few handloads with bullets weighing from 110 to 200 grains.

These loads performed quite well.

You might think I carry a gun because I don't trust God. I found the Sierra data interesting as it was tested with a T/C w/10" barrel, same length barrel as my AR Pistol.

Jumping up to supersonic loads is too much stress for the lighter, more-compact suppressors, so do be careful. When the volume of ammunition produced required by customer orders got to be great enough, he simply went to an ammo maker, had the company get his ammunition type-certified by CIP, and then could have brass made. The '.300 Whisper', a CIP standard,[1] is one of many cartridges designed to shoot heavier bullets (200–250 grains) at subsonic velocities. But we risk wandering, so back to it.

J.D. This is good, because a longer and heavier bullet will have a larger ballistic coefficient, or BC. Sierra 240 grain (16 g) jacketed bullets work well if the barrel has a 1:8 twist.

Or, assuming you could find someone who didn’t already know about either, and who knew enough about cartridges, pose them this problem: a .30 bullet, as heavy as possible, in a parent .223 or .221 Fireball case, that has to fit an AR magazine, feed reliably and use an unmodified bolt. The .300 Whisper was developed by cartridge wildcatter J.D. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. If you look at the chamber drawings, they have the same max.

A high-BC bullet is said to have less wind drift.

Whisper’s built after 1999 were dimensionally identical to the .300 Blackout and are fully interchangeable; however, the latter features a .015-inch longer chamber throat. I tested the Hornady subsonic .300 Whisper load when this was all new. The .300 AAC Blackout has succeeded as a commercial cartridge while the Whisper never achieved wide acceptance.

I already have 4 loading manuals, 5 if you count the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook and if I were to buy another it'd probably be the Nosler since it's one that I don't have. And those were pointed, match bullets. Well you would be wrong. Differing wall thicknesses meant some rounds would not chamber unless the formed case was reamed. I wasn't into suppressed ARs, so I limited my experiments to lighter bullets traveling at supersonic velocities. Hornady's 140-grain MonoFlex bullet has relief grooves formed in the shank. by TNFrank61 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:24 am, Post I tumble the cases and brush the case necks before full-length resizing. In either loading, the .300 Blackout and Whisper do not use much powder per shot, so if you reload, powder costs are about as small as they get.

Formed by simply necking up the .221 Fireball case to .30 caliber, the .300 Whisper was designed so that it would launch heavy bullets slower than the speed of sound; there would be no "crack" caused by a sonic boom. Although Hornady eventually offered .300 Whisper factory ammunition, it was a proprietary cartridge. chamber lenght …

When I began shooting in the early 1970s, the bullets available for .30 rifles for target shooting were not many. The .300 Whisper was originally based on the .221 Fireball case necked up to .30 caliber. All the heavyweights, fired at subsonic velocities, will do much the same. 300 Whisper SSP Test Specifications/ Components Firearm Used: T/C Contender Barrel Length: 10" Twist: 1 x 10" Case: 221 Remington (reformed) Trim-to Length: 1.355" Primer: Fed 205M Remarks: Few cartridges have a more Byzantine history than the .300 Whisper. For any given cartridge, operating at a certain pressure, adding weight to a bullet means you have less velocity. David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. This is offset by the greater cost of the bullets, as a 240-grain .308 jacketed bullet is going to cost you more than a 230-grain lead bullet for a .45 ACP.

The idea was simple: take a .223 case, expand the neck to hold a .30-caliber bullet, shorten it so the neck would hold the bullet at the proper place, and fit it all into an AR-15 magazine. All that changed with the development of the Precision Rifle Series, where targets are at odd and differing distances. The internal thickness of .223 and 5.56 brass is not a rigid specification once you get down past the case neck. Brass is readily available, so tediously reforming .223/5.56 cases is no longer necessary. by TNFrank61 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 2:06 pm, Post

Distance is easy, as the targets are a known distance away, and that distance does not change. The purpose was a sub-sonic cartridge with long heavy bullets featuring a high ballistic coefficient that was effective at 200 yards while being essentially silent when suppressed. BC is a measure of a bullet’s drag, compared to a theoretical object that is a standard. It is mankind I have no trust in.

So, the engineers at AAC had to start essentially from scratch, to design, refine, test and offer for certification, a new .30 cartridge to fit the bill. The .300 Whisper is what is known as a wildcat cartridge in that there is no set or published standard like the Sporting Arms and Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) standard round would have.

Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. None of the loads presented here are excessively compressed. Well, they didn’t.

I even tried a couple of near-subsonic recipes. I have a 300 Whisper in a contender barrel. The .300 Whisper was his AR-15 cartridge for quiet shooting. (The ballistic performance similarity.) Whisper’s built after 1999 were dimensionally identical to the .300 Blackout and are fully interchangeable; however, the latter features a .015-inch longer chamber throat. It wasn't a SAAMI standard round, and back then only CorBon offered factory-loaded ammo.

This was in 2011, and life was good. Not knowing just what to expect, I thought 2 MOA was acceptable performance for this cartridge/rifle/optic combination. Jones. The ammo maker was Hornady, and I had the opportunity to be one of the first testers of factory ammo in a J.D. There are no SAAMI pressure specs for 300 whisper, only load data, so you cannot say wich is loaded hotter. The 110- and 125-grain handloads would readily dispatch any coyote or chuck within 150 yards or so, and the 130-, 150-, and 168-grain ammo, properly placed, is just powerful enough to take a porker or whitetail. However, it does it with a carbine or pistol that holds 30-round magazines, and can be teamed with a red-dot or magnifying optic. Hunting bullets require adequate energy to expand and kill reliably. If we assume a bullet design has the same ogive, and boat tail, then the only way to change weight is to make it longer. You simply cannot push a (to use as an example) 168-grain .30 bullet and a 240-grain .30 bullet at the same speed. We look at the futuristic .450 Bushmaster and how it compares to the tried and true .45-70. The heart of the newest Model 70 is, of course, its action. In developing loads for this cartridge, some published data required an excessively compressed powder charge, which bulged the case body just below the shoulder when seating bullets, effectively ruining the case. The controversy? Two, the Whisper's lower muzzle velocities result in greater vertical bullet dispersion, i.e., the slower bullets drop more at extended ranges. It was the varminting answer to “How do I use a handgun to shoot varmints?”. Please don't dissect posts just to bash, it's a waste of time for us all.

It won’t hurt their shoulders, it won’t hurt their ears, and it will certainly bring down a whitetail. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge.

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