In this role, you’ll oversee district and store data to maximize profits, and you’ll coach Store Managers to improve results through innovation as well as compliance with company standards. by keeping the store organized and clean, with well-stocked displays. 99 Cents Only Stores advertises that it is open "9 days a week", often invoking humorous commentary on holidays with products sold for 99 cents. The huge line caught the media’s attention, and more than 10 TV outlets covered the store’s first day. Standard message rates apply, consent not required to make a purchase, reply STOP to unsubscribe and receive one, sad confirming text. Click here for this week's extreme deals!

[8] The deal was completed on January 13, 2012. The test was instant success, and Dave thought that selling everything in the store for 99 cents would be hugely popular. The management believed that this will permit better management of commodity price increases. Bargain Wholesale is the best place to order 99 cent store products in bulk at the wholesale price! The success of this first grand opening inspired a tradition, with new stores continuing for years to offer 99-cent deals for televisions and other products. 99 Cents Only Stores allows returns of up to nine items within nine days of purchase and are typically open from 9am-9pm, although individual stores may open at 8 a.m. or close at 10 p.m. from 99 cents to 99.99 cents—the first increase in the history of the franchise—to combat "dramatically rising costs and inflation."

Name brands at insanely low prices. I realized it was a magic number."[3]. 99 Cents Only Stores LLC emphasizes quality name-brand consumables, priced at an extreme value, convenient, attractively merchandised stores. [4], In September 2007, the company raised its prices by $0.0099 - about 1%, e.g. "Whenever I'd put wine or cheese on sale for $1.02 or 98 cents, it never sold out," Gold said in a 2001 interview with The Los Angeles Times.

[9] The Gold family ended their involvement with the company in January 2013.

As a Store Manager, your excellent customer service skills, combined with the ability to optimize sales will make you a key leader. Copyright © 2018 99 Cents Only Stores LLC.

Search Jobs. In this role, you’ll work under the direction of managers, leads, and key holders. [11], A 99 Cents Only store was featured in scenes in the 2002 movie Punch-Drunk Love.[12]. Above all, in this role you’ll ensure that customers’ expectations are met (and exceeded!) 99 Cents Only Stores is an American price-point retailer chain based in Commerce, California. Whether you work in IT, keeping our systems humming, or in HR, making sure our 99ers have what they need to thrive, your talents will support a fast-growing company and help us achieve amazing goals. When you become a 99er, you can bring more of yourself to work, and here, you’ll find a place where your vision matters. from 99 Cents Only Stores and other folks we think are fun. Click here for this week's extreme deals. [5][6] However, the store now carries some items that are over the .9999 price point; such as $1.99 and $2.99, Despite having announced on September 18, 2008, that the company would close all stores in Texas, in February 2009, the company decided that it will close only one-third of its Texas stores. While stocking and organizing merchandise, you’ll make sure everything is priced accurately and neatly displayed. Search Jobs, With a hands-on style, as a District Manager (DM), you’ll direct a group of 5-10 stores, focusing on maximizing sales while maintaining a high level of customer service.

As a Store Manager, your excellent customer service skills, combined with the ability to optimize sales will make you a key leader. Our huge selection is great for resellers and value seekers looking to buy food, personal care products, household supplies, housewares, pet, party & general merchandise in bulk. from 99 Cents Only Stores and other folks we think are fun. As a leader to your team, you’ll also assist with the training of hourly associates and delegate duties as needed. Only at the 99. The Front End Shift Lead is a critical team player responsible for the store and crew when the Assistant Store Manager and Store Manager are not available. "99 Cents Only Stores' family management team departs", "99 Cents Only Stores sued over price increase", "Dave Gold dies at 80; entrepreneur behind 99 Cents Only chain", "99 Cents Only Stores(R) Announces a $5.2 Million Loss for the Second Quarter of Fiscal 2008 Ended September 30, 2007", "99 Cents Only closing all its Texas stores", "99 Cents Only Stores Raises Top Price to 99.99 Cents (Update2)", "99 Cents Only Stores to stay open in Texas after all", "99 Cents Only Stores agrees to .6-billion buyout", "99 Cents Only Stores: NYSE:NDN quotes & news - Google Finance",, "The Price is Right: Why Wall Street Loves Dave Gold's 99 Cent Only Empire",, Companies based in Los Angeles County, California, Companies formerly listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Economy of the Southwestern United States, Privately held companies based in California, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 14:22. Photographer Andreas Gursky's diptych of the inside of the Hollywood, California, 99 Cents Only store became--at the time of its sale in February 2007--the most expensive photograph ever sold, being auctioned for $3.3 million.[10].

[2] Most products are still priced at 99.99¢ or less, but some products are now sold at a higher price. With a smile and a helpful attitude, you’ll be the foundation of great customer service in our stores.

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