I realise i am looking at an old thread, but i am after some advice. Published in Caravan Reviews on June 2013  (8) The machine can also erase the drawing on demand. We know that there is a booster on the shower and we have to wait 30 mins to make sure the water is hot enough but the hot water is not enough to take a shower ,is there a add on boiler that we can get do that we can use the shower ? March 2017  (11) Caravan Guard, I am new to the world of caravanning, but decided to go to extremes when purchasing one, I was looking at an Eterniti slide out, did lots of research, went to see the vans at various shows, then because of their poor build quality & finish decided to look else where.

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January 2019  (11)

You also get a built-in step. With a Delta axle, the wheel that is taking the greater load has an increased toe-in to compensate for the increased load. November 2008  (2)

May 2012  (12) Upon entering, the L-shaped kitchen in the living area has a dual-burner stove, a sink, a baking oven, and a standard size fridge. November 2018  (15)

October 2006  (1) December 2005  (1) August 2010  (7) Awards October 2008  (3) We are having problems with the heating – taking alone time to heat up on electric we have selected 3 kW even tried it on gas- the van is warm but there is no heat at the vents even when we turn it up to 30 degrees.

This is where you relax and eat, on a sumptuous L-shaped sofa plus a second, two-seater sofa on the nearside. August 2014  (10) Videos January 2020  (14) The UK’s largest outdoor motorhome & campervan show, Ratings and Reviews Powered by TripAdvisor. December 2010  (7) Legal expenses cover, extended European cover and other emergency accommodation expenses cover options are available at extra cost. Take a deep breath traditionalists. Inside you’ll find the shower, on the nearside, is square and large, with a mirror at head height and a radiator that’s stunning; surrounded by strips of light. 19/03/2014  Caravan Guard Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Or, maybe something like a Porsche Cayenne is more in keeping… Bear in mind, also, that maximum 8ft width here.Adria deserves applause, not just for its constant efforts to do some thing different, but also as arguably the only non-British caravan manufacturer that actually tailors its built to the UK. August 2015  (6) You literally had to tip these toward the wall to empty the water, often sending water down the sides instead of down the drain. We’ll start our evaluation at the rear of this 8m colossal caravan. May 2016  (13) Caravanners over 30 years old, claim free for 3 years and a member of a caravanning club. Hide message. April 2016  (13) August 2008  (1) The sections of slatted bed base under each pillow area rise on hinges, so that you can sit propped up in bed, for reading, perhaps. We use cookies to improve your experience of this website by remembering your usage preferences, collecting statistics, and targeting relevant content. November 2007  (1) The huge table doesn’t have a place to store it away.

That’s because the nearside settee’s solid wooden locker lid is not self-supporting, so you have to hold it up with one hand while reaching inside with the other, and the slatted pull-out base of the lounge bed makes raising the top quite awkward.

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