"Thousand Years of West African History" (Ibadan: Ibadan University Press, 1967). I don’t want to attract the wrath of the Vodou powers by injecting myself where I don’t belong. DAMBALLAH – The most well-known Voodoo deity with the world at large, exceeded only by Baron Samedi perhaps. Best wishes, Pete. Decalo, Samuel. [11] However, because the vodun deities are born to each clan, tribe, and nation, and their clergy are central to maintaining the moral, social and political order and ancestral foundation of its village, these efforts have not been successful. Her favorite color is white as reflected in her favorite offerings: white chickens, white eggs, rice, milk and cotton.

Nibo’s anus produced cinammon but he is most celebrated for his role as one of the death-gods, or Ghede. maman brigette is definatly my favvv ! [6] Being old he is seen as wise, but when seen as a child he is one who is rebellious. Papa and Oshun have been very kind to me and I’m so grateful to them ♡ The loa serve as intermediaries between man and Bondye, whose existence is far beyond human comprehension. 139-140, Traditional Religion in Africa:The Vodun Phenomenon in Benin, Vodou-related Rara festivals in Haiti and New York, Spanish police pull pin on voodoo sex slave ring, For those who fight sex-trafficking, dark rituals compound the problem, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=West_African_Vodun&oldid=982268706, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Every story I’ve ever heard of people being called into it have been super dramatic and intense. Please Ed, don’t worry about it. He speaks all human languages and is always the first god or loa to be invoked in Voodoo ceremonies. It is only through contact with Legba that it becomes possible to contact the other gods, for he is the guardian at the door of the spirits. It is not such a strict division as between angels and demons in Christian religion.

Haitian Vodou (also known as Voodoo in the United States) is a syncretic mixture of Roman Catholic rituals introduced during the French colonial period, African beliefs, with roots in the Yoruba, Kongo and Dahomey mythology, and folkloric influence from the indigenous Taino Amerindians that once populated the island. The loa, or lwa, appear in different families, including the Ghede, Petro, and Radha. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Edward Wozniak and Balladeer’s Blog with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Akyea, O.E. Thank you very much and the same to you and yours! Erzulie has possessed me on many an occasion. Papa Legba walks with a cane, and is accompanied by a dog. MARINETTE – Demigoddess who in her mortal life was the Mambo who sacrificed a black pig at the start of the First Haitian Revolution. THE TOP ELEVEN DEITIES IN VOODOO MYTHOLOGY, THE TOP PANTHEONS COVERED HERE AT BALLADEER’S BLOG | Balladeer's Blog, Starry Night, by Brandon Anderson – Brandon Anderson, Author, Weirdly Gods Your Mythology/History Class Left Out – paranormaddility, The SeRaPhim – SaRP – SeRPents or Nagas – Cara Has Angels. Understanding West African Traditional Religion. After contact with Christian missionaries the Bukidnon people basically substituted Jesus and Saint Peter in stories regarding their gods. Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Thanks! Maman Brigitte, Loa of the Dead in Voodoo Religion, An Introduction to the Basic Beliefs of the Vodou (Voodoo) Religion, Marie Laveau, Mysterious Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, The God of Wealth and Other Deities of Prosperity and Money, The Orishas: Orunla, Osain, Oshun, Oya, and Yemaya, The Orishas: Aganyu, Babalu-Aye, Chango, and Eleggua, Key Nature Goddesses From Around the World, Leslie Desmangles, at Hartford's Trinity College, Damballah is one of the most important loa. Erzulie has affairs with many gods besides just her husbands but always rejects Nibo because of his excessively dark skin. All dogs are sacred to him. Please put it back if you want to. The lwa have not called me in that fashion. Mamiwata was originally Agwe’s wife and a co-ruler of the sea but later she was conflated with Erzulie. I value you insight. A son of Damballah is Simbi, the white snake-god who brings rain. Ajayi, J.F.

Ogun is believed to have come down to fight in every war in Haiti’s history in various human guises. p. 63. Owls are her familiars and she is the protectress of werewolves.

Thank you. Mawu, the moon goddess, provides the cool of the night, peace, fertility, and rain. Legba has evolved in numerous ways from his origins in Africa.

Their gods are awesome! ZACA – The god of agriculture and the harvest, making him the patron deity of farmers and fieldworkers. Black pigs and black roosters are sacrificed to her. Specifically, they are objects inhabited by spirits. You made VooDoo gods seem as beautiful and dignified as the gods of all the other pantheons! That means there’s a lot of freedom of interpretation there for the followers of this religion.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There’s a time and place for information like that. Journal of African History. Papa Legba is the loa associated with the crossroads, and he serves as an intermediary between man and the spirit world. An excellent text that teaches us a lot about voodoo worship and, in particular, about its divinities whose roles are amazing. [2], The Creator embodies a dual cosmogonic principle of which Mawu the moon and Lisa the sun are respectively the female and male aspects, often portrayed as the twin children of the Creator. Hope to see your comments too, so I can improve my blog contents Have a good weekend! His symbol is a sword stuck upright in the ground. She is one of the most important members of community. Bondye is essentially unknowable to mankind, and doesn't meddle around in the affairs of mortals, so spiritual work is done with the loa instead. Thanks! Baron Samedi is also the loa to call upon for work with ancestors long dead, and can cure any mortal wound—as long as the recipient is willing to pay his price. Legba is considered the “good” counterpart to his dark twin Kalfu. unusual information – great. Rum and hot peppers are Maman Brigitte’s diet, with the hot peppers believed to account for her association with fire. https://etravelersclub.wordpress.com/. I can hardly believe it. She is also considered the goddess of justice. AYIDA – The goddess of the rainbow and the primary wife of the creator deity Damballah.

I did some research at one time on serpents in world consciousness. Another belief system in which the deities frequently possess their worshippers and disrupt ceremonies with their feuds would involve the gods of Rennell Island and Bellona Island. When he is not depicted encircling the Earth or intertwined with his wife the rainbow goddess Ayida, Damballah is shown living among the branches of the Sacred Tree. That’s quite a mishmash! I’m curious where the Christian element comes in. I double-checked and the majority of the accounts and images show her as a black woman. En attendant des jours meilleurs. According to census data, about 14 million people practice traditional religion in Nigeria, most of whom are Yoruba practicing Ifá, but no specific breakdown is available. Elaborate ships are built and loaded with offerings, then pushed out to sea with holes in the bottom to allow the ships to sink and present Agwe with the gifts.

Ojo, J.O. Adherents also emphasize ancestor worship and hold that the spirits of the dead live side by side with the world of the living, each family of spirits having its own female priesthood, sometimes hereditary when it's from mother to blood daughter. The loa, or major divine beings of Voodoo, or Vodun, are spirits who serve as intermediaries between man and Bondye, the supreme Voodoo god. In the past when the men of the villages would go to war, the Queen Mothers would lead prayer ceremonies in which all the women attended every morning to ensure the safe return of their menfolk. She is an elder woman, and usually a mother who is gentle and forgiving. Most people treat them like horror figures. Fantastic. Pingback: Starry Night, by Brandon Anderson – Brandon Anderson, Author. I did not know voodoo had such a full pantheon. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  I thought voodoo was all blood and dead chickens before this. Here are the gods like Loco (god of woods), Agwe (god of sea), Erzulia (the goddess of beauty).

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