Also: taxation without representation in Iraq, Allen Ginsberg on democratizing mass communication, the Political Compass, and Lysander Spooner on government as an ethical hallucinogen. Coincidentally, Konkin's consistent anti-electoral ideology and advocacy of it was one of the key reasons he was largely kept out of the mainstream libertarian movement during his lifetime. A whole buncha links: updates on the Peace Tax Seven, the U.S. torture policy, San Francisco’s Tea Party, E.I.T.C. @CatoInstitute digital. Some people consider garage sales, Craigslist, and Freecycle groups part of the counter-economy. In a long reply, though notably not as long as Rothbard's initial verbal gambit, Konkin meticulously addressed all the major points Rothbard made. At FSK’s Guide to Reality, the proprietor reminds us that the perfect is the enemy of the good. The algorithm used by SVT's Valkompass to get a percentage of how well two entities' political opinions are aligned.. Overview.   ☭ Socialist Economy. Any time a neighbor borrows a power tool instead of buying (or renting) it, or a friend helps another with his vehicle, it’s counter-economic.

Congress has approved Bush’s $1,000-per-U.S.-taxpayer supplemental war because we said so fund. What’s important is to start doing it. Family offering to pay his taxes in full if they’ll assure him that none of the money will go to pay for war and armaments. Some people supplement their compost piles with scraps from local restaurants — the Starbucks coffee chain, for instance, has a policy of making its used coffee grounds available to gardeners. The government may very well send you a huge “refund” and never miss the money. Agorism is revolutionary market anarchism. A look at the underground economy in Chicago’s South Side. Also: the I.R.S. His battles with Rothbard and his mainly right-libertarian supporters didn't help matters either. Also: useful and interesting web tidbits on the underground economy, tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements, and how to get the most tax advantage out of home office expenses.

U.S. prisoners discuss the American war tax resistance movement. Yeah, I realize there probably be revisions based on feedback lol. The political spectrum started with monarchists on the right. Despite describing his Agorism as "left-Rothbardian" and crediting its creation to Murray Rothbard, the said person panned the book.

It seems like a pretty dumb term for a political disposition as I haven't been able to find any relevant reading via Google or Wiki.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. Or browse the site’s topic index at the “Outline” page. A new website to help the distributed DIY solidarity economy, tax resister barricades in Ireland, a profile of war tax resister Jon Klein, more vermin at the I.R.S., and another toll gate destroyed by Rebecca. Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by. “Yes, the government steals my money and lies to me and threatens to throw me in jail and it’s always going off on these destructive binges, but there’s an election coming up and I think maybe it’ll change this time for real and I don’t want to just give up on it after putting in all this time and emotional investment.”. problems with having governments.

Not long after Rothbard's attempt to discredit him and his ideas, Konkin took Rothbard to task for his comments. Here’s another example. Best Podcasts Recommended by us.

the abandonment of ownership and country. Welcome! 6 comments. hide. office in Ogden, Utah. To question the logic of individual ones that irritate you is to miss the point. You can enrich the soil in your garden by composting kitchen scraps and such. Also market socialism should not be that authoritarian lol.   €  Mixed Economy

And: A new tool enables people to barter expertise and trade tutoring. releases statistics on how many taxpayers are being disobedient, and what they’ve been doing about it. J. Neil Schulman's novel Alongside Night is dedicated to Konkin and based on his theories. How federal budget cuts are putting the squeeze on I.R.S. frugal gardening.

Political parties, syndicalists reasoned, grouped people according to their political views, uniting members of different classes. The uniqueness of our take on politics is reflected in the gratifyingly enthusiastic reviews we’ve enjoyed in the national media of many countries from our earliest years — as well as from many teachers and academics who continue to use our work. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. How does the value of something depend on who’s paying for it? Where did the idea that torture can be legal come from?

Konkin himself rejected Holocaust denial, but supported the IHR out of the belief that their freedom of speech was under attack.[4]. 81% Upvoted. His beginnings as a political activist were as an ultra-conservative in the Social Credit party of Canada but he said he was radicalized by the libertarian movement as it was starting to take form during the late 1960s. Political Compass: Where do you stand? Is your congressperson willing to sign a pledge to cut off funding for the war on Iraq?

Konkin's most famous contribution to libertarianism, not to mention anarchism in general, came due to a response from Murray Rothbard who challenged the anti-voting and anti-party libertarians to come up with some path to liberty of their own. Lots of people do.

Like monarchies have always been right wing, like I am eager to hear a justification of this.

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