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Looking for some financial advise? With an AIM Financial car loan, you can borrow up to $2.8 Million with up to 81% financing on motor vehicles up to 10 years old with low-interest rates and up to 8 years to repay. Sagicor Investments understands that each client is unique and that investors have a unique set of objectives. *Conditions apply. Talk with a Financial Counsellor who will explain the process and the timing of the court proceedings. Our Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to delivering a high standard of customer service.

Find out why. - as applicable), Proof of ownership/rental/Permission to lease (Property on which business operates. AIM Financial Corporation Limited, (AIM), was formed on May 6, 2004 as a micro-finance company. However, there are laws in place for amicable procedures. Whether you are planning to buy, sell or rent real estate, we will guide you step by step through the process. The Government of Jamaica, in collaboration with Sagicor has put in place a health insurance scheme. A quality car can be found at a significantly reduced price. If the car was well maintained, it would be able to sell at a price close its original purchase price. The only reason that these cars are found in these places is because the banks/financial institutions simply want to recover their money. Applicant (Private / Public Sector Employee): Call us 906-0534 or 618-1072 Sagicor Foundation is the charitable arm of the Sagicor Group of companies, The Sagicor Foundation is the charitable arm of the Sagicor Group Jamaica, that provides support to child, The Sagicor Foundation Jamaica Television series, ‘Spending Time, Shaping Lives’, highlights programmes, APPLY NOW! It’s always best to a take a knowledgeable car person with you to the viewing days for them to assist you to inspect a car. When a person fails to keep up with their car payments then he/she puts themselves in the position of having their car taken from them. AIM Financial Corporation Ltd. was formed on May 6, 2004 and has rapidly developed into one of the leading loan institutions in Jamaica. Part of the “as is”, is that you cannot test drive any of the vehicles on auction and this may be the biggest disadvantage. Choose from the following: Bank statement print out of the last six (6) months (for standing order repayments), Copy of Certificate of Fitness/Registration Certificate, Recent Valuation Report - MSC McKay, Mendez Livingston & AVC. Or An Employer Sponsored Pension Plan (Superannuation Fund) is a special retirement savings vehicle with its main aim being to provide contributors. Let us help! Repossession processes may differ slightly among different companies and countries.

Please feel free to contact one of our representatives via phone or email if you require any assistance: - Ricardo Ricketts: [email protected] (876) 975-6277, - Sandra Mayne: [email protected] (876) 975- 6947, - Dwayne Taylor: [email protected] (876) 975-6287, New Sagicor Bank Private Treaty Real Estate Listing: Click here to preview available properties, - Shanika Stewart: [email protected] (876) 975-6453, - Nickesha Wong: [email protected] (876) 451-0953 or (876) 320-5320. AIM Financial Corporation is conveniently located islandwide. We are happy to assist. The most damaging part of Vehicle Repossession is the effect it has on a person’s credit history report. Also, if a repossessed car is relatively new, its service and warranties plans may still be intact. There is no better time than now to own your own commercial property. Sagicor provides administrative claims payment services to Government employees and pensioners. Send us a mail! If you are looking for quick loans in Jamaica with the possibility of same day approval, then AIM Financial Corporation is the place you're looking for. Call 906-0534 / 618-1072 or WhatsApp 437-3982 A Sagicor Bank Debit Card is a fast, easy and convenient alternative to access and withdraw funds from your account at any ABM with the Multilink sign. If you are concerned about missing a payment, speak to your lender immediately.

Find the best repossessed motor vehicle sales in Jamaica & get vehicle loans in Jamaica. Call us 906-0534 or 618-1072 What's more, we lend at a highly competitive low-interest rate. 100% Safe. We invite you to join our wide provider base consisting of over 2500 providers! The lender may be able to reduce your payment amount or adjust your interest rate. proof of sales, purchases, expenses for the past 6 months, Must be currently employed for at least one year with a recognisable company that does salary deductions. If you're looking to grow your career within a stable and growing financial services company, then Sagicor may be right for you!

But it’s likely there is a clause in contracts that mention a car can be taken away without prior notice if the owner defaults on his/her loan. ), Bank statements  for the last 6 months (for businesses in the Manufacturing/Production Industry), Proof of business address in the name of the applicant (2 utility bills from 2 different companies. Sagicor Lifestyle is an Approved Retirement Scheme, wherein each participant’s contributions accumulate (subject to the prevailing income tax limits) until retirement.

Whether you want to consolidate debts, remodel your home, take care of major expenses or clear unexpected bills, a Jamaica personal loan from Aim Financial is here to help you. Take care of your health with Sagicor Life. Just don’t overbid, as it is a common error amongst amateurs. WhatsApp: 437-3982, Searching for personal loans in Jamaica?

Thinking about a motor vehicle loan? The importance of retirement planning cannot be overstated. Login, New Sagicor Bank Repossessed Motor Vehicle Listing: Click here to preview available vehicles. If you’re a modest or even an aggressive investor looking for a medium to long term investment, our CI investments may be right for you. Look no further than AIM Financial Jamaica. If you are the site owner (or you manage this site), please whitelist your IP or if you think this block is an error please open a support ticket and make sure to include the block details (displayed in the box below), so we can assist you in troubleshooting the issue. An Employer Sponsored Pension Plan (Superannuation Fund) is a special retirement savings vehicle with its main aim being to provide contributors Individual Pension Arrangement Sagicor Lifestyle is an Approved Retirement Scheme, wherein each participant’s contributions accumulate (subject to the prevailing income tax limits) until retirement. Through continuous development and enhancements, we offer a comprehensiv e range of loan options designed to meet your needs and offer flexible repayment packages.. Looking to Buy, Sell or Rent a Property? Links. Research your market values, inspect the cars, get Vehicle History Reports (via its VIN or reg number) and be confident in your bid. Do you operate a medical, dental or optical practice, a pharmacy or a business that accepts Health Insurance cards? So you are a pensioner, just know that we are here for you. New Sagicor Bank Repossessed Motor Vehicle Listing: Click here to preview available vehicles Please feel free to contact one of our representatives via phone or email if you require any assistance: - Ricardo Ricketts: [email protected] (876) 975-6277 Find dealerships and vehicles for sale across Jamaica on Yardrive.com. The card that works for you! We want to hear from you. Keep in the loop with what Sagicor has been up to! Two (2) written character references with contact numbers. Savings account is specially designed to help you manage your day-to-day personal banking activities. There is a lot of sadness involved in vehicle repossession and most times car buyers are told to avoid these cars. Discuss your situation with experts as they are best suited to help you plan a realistic budget and payment plan. You purchase “as is”. I acknowledge and understand that AIM Financial Corporation Limited will rely on the information provided in order to make a decision on this application. Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited provides a wide range of health insurance solutions for your employees. Loving the wheels they help me get. Don’t worry about short terms and high monthly payments. Our wide range of SME banking solutions will help you lower costs, improve efficiency and save you valuable time.

With Aim Financial, you can get the money you need, when you need it, with fast turnaround time. PS: We advise customers to consult with us on the model & year vehicle they would like to purchase before doing a valuation or making a deposit to ensure it meets our minimum requirements for financing. AIM Financial Jamaica motor vehicle loans offer up to 81% financing on motor vehicles up to 10 years old with low interest rates and up to 8 years to repay.

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