There are different types of bots, such as ticketing bots, social media bots, raffle bots, and sneaker bots. This will enable you to quickly and effectively switch between your IPs (accounts) and cop shoes in the blink of an eye. Well before the deal goes live officially, sometimes the shoes are sold out.

Step 4. For this tutorial, We're going to use these free proxies. – If you are using the whitelist IP authentication enter the proxy address and port (one on each line): proxy:port.– If you are using the username and password authentication, enter: proxy:port:username:password.

My proxies are banned from every shoes site, why is this occurring and how can I fix it? Contact our support team for additional help, AIO_ANB Discord Server     Step 3. Then choose your desired websites from the menu. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The result of each proxy will be obtained (See the picture below): For this tutorial, We're going to use these free, Next, browse any web page and check if the page loads; if the page doesn't load, it means that your proxy is not working. This is in fact a game played using the internet. Im trying to use them on Eastbay. As a rule of thumb, you will need about 10 to 25 proxies for an AIO bot. To be the retailer of Nike, Supreme or Adidas shoes is indeed one among the most lucrative business models. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Show more Tutorials [AIO V2] Testing Proxies . When I disable the proxy everything works after. Lastly, I have highlighted some key things to look out for when choosing the best proxy for your sneaker bot. Step 5. This tutorial will show you step by step on how to insert, Download and install the FOGLDN proxy tester from. This tutorial will show you step by step on how to insert proxies into your internet explorer and in the proxy tester. They have many locations to choose from. That means you won’t be able to buy new Nike sneakers.

I used the AC7033 code and didn't cart 1 order. The popularity of these shoe brands is beyond one’s imagination and the quality, consistency and durability of these products can never be matched. Can you please point me in the right direction as I have had no success with this AIO bot during major releases. I have a background in marketing and I have been working with proxies for several years. When a buyer tries to make use of more than a fixed number of accounts, that buyer is banned by Nike or the other shoe company. Please contact us support@anothern­­­­­ so we can let you know when we fix the issue. To solve these problems, the sneaker bots were created. These middlemen sell the shoes to the dealers in other countries. Of course, if those are being abused – no charm. Hey guys, I have 2 proxies im testing right now.

If you are not sure whether your proxies are working or not in the Bot, you can check your proxies by using one of 2 simple methods by testing them on your own windows default web browser "Internet Explorer" or use the FOG LDN proxy tester.. This article also touched on how proxies help improve how your sneaker bots work. They are usually suspected of foul activities such as running multiple accounts at the same time or adding multiple items to cart and making large purchases within seconds. This tutorial will show you step by step on how to insert proxies into your internet explorer and in the proxy tester.

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