ten, change my configuration, make sure I can control the jet and I'd The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. 1619:37.6 PA [sound similar to CVR startup tone] 1555:00 CAM-1 ---just… drives me nuts. second? 1551:40 RDO-1 OK the other thing you gotta know is that they're talking [1] The NTSB found that "Alaska Airlines' end play check interval extension should have been, but was not, supported by adequate technical data to demonstrate that the extension would not present a potential hazard". and it ran away full nose trim down. 1557:16 SEA-DIS ok two sixty one that'll uh that'll mean L A X then “We have a jammed stabilizer and we’re maintaining altitude with difficulty…our intention is to land at Los Angeles,” Thompson radioed to approach control. The thread failure was caused by excessive wear resulting from Alaska Airlines' insufficient lubrication of the jackscrew assembly. [8], At least 35 occupants of Flight 261 were connected in some manner with Alaska Airlines or its sister carrier Horizon Air, including twelve actual employees,[9] leading many of the airlines' personnel to mourn for those lost in the crash. 1618:47 CAM-1 what I'm what I wanna do... But with the quick recovery of the black boxes and most of the mapping assignments accomplished by Saturday, more resources are available to recover the dead, Brown acknowledged. The failure was compounded by poor oversight... Had any of the managers, mechanics, inspectors, supervisors or FAA overseers whose job it was to protect this mechanism done their job conscientiously, this accident cannot happen... NTSB has made several specific maintenance recommendations, some already accomplished, that will, if followed, prevent the recurrence of this particular accident. 1611:38 CAM-2 yea it is.

* “I think everyone has an awareness of the issue,” she said. which

I had to wait as the priorities for recovery were the victims, the flight recorders, and then the tail. 1614:03 CAM-1 yea I know.

1619:31 CAM-2 is it?

1609:52 CAM-2 ok.

we need is runway one nine, and they're not landing runway one nine. better start that now cause we are comin to you. 1612:16 CAM-2 ok? totally sure but its uh direct Oceanside?

[4] Captain Edward (Ted) Thompson, 53, had accrued 17,750 flight hours, and had more than 4,000 hours experience flying MD-80s. 1611:04 LAX-CTR1 Alaska two sixty one say your condition. 1554:47 CAM-1 ehh somebody was callin in about wheelchairs--- 1615:07 LAX-CTR1 you're welcome have a good day. [1] Later, the NTSB found that while "the flight crew's decision to divert the flight to Los Angeles [...] was prudent and appropriate", "Alaska Airlines dispatch personnel appear to have attempted to influence the flight crew to continue to San Francisco [...] instead of diverting to Los Angeles". As then-Board Member John Goglia wrote in the NTSB final report, “This was a maintenance accident…more pure than any others.”. like to do that out here over the bay if I may. popped back there--- see what happens. Around that time, Alaska Airlines agreed to settle the libel suit by paying about $500,000; as part of the settlement, Liotine resigned. 1607:59 LAX-MX-1 yea did you try the suitcase handles and the pickle Santa Paula resident Roger Brower and his wife, Sally Knight, carried a redwood cross to the windy shore near the Hueneme Pier to honor First Officer William Tansky. 1620:33 CAM-2 oh yea let me get * in coach, zero fuel weight one zero two one one zero point one fuel than we were. 1608:32 LAX-MX-1 and alternate's inop too huh? and The use of Aeroshell 33 was found not to be a factor in this accident.

Many did not apply grease to the entire length of the jackscrew as per the procedure.

1620:49 CAM [sounds similar to compressor stalls begin and continue 1620:42 CAM-? [1] Over the course of the investigation, the NTSB considered a number of potential reasons for the substantial amount of deterioration of the nut thread on the jackscrew assembly, including the substitution by Alaska Airlines (with the approval of the aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas) of Aeroshell 33 grease instead of the previously approved lubricant, Mobilgrease 28. 1554:51 CAM-3 is that why it went static? It will take a few days at the earliest before some remains are positively identified and released to family members, according to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. 1601:33 CAM-1 you know I don't know… I wrote it down there… the FAA.s approval of that extension, which allowed the excessive wear The agency required the motors’ manufacturer, Sundstrand Electric Power Systems, to repair the parts at no cost.

1619:11 CAM-2 ---it might be * mechanical damage too.

The data indicated that the airplane climbed normally until 23,400 feet, where the horizontal stabilizer trim system stopped moving, the autopilot disconnected and the climb rate slowed. I expect him to figure fifteen, eleven? 1556:06 RDO-1 dispatch Alaska two six one go ahead. The airplane immediately began another dive — except this time it did not recover.

The motor shafts could fail prematurely, causing the motor to fail, according to the FAA directive. uh, my plan is we're gonna continue as if going to San Francisco get The acme nut was still attached but its threads were missing! 1618:10 CAM-1 I'm at two hundred and fifty knots, so I'm lookin…. Prior to that, a flotilla of Coast Guard vessels, local fishing boats and lifeguard patrol craft combed the surface, collecting debris and body parts from the crash site. 1620:16 CAM-1 ok now lets kick rudder... left rudder left rudder. For RDO, CAM, HOT, and PA comments: [22] In December 2001, federal prosecutors stated that they were not going to file criminal charges against Alaska Airlines. International Airport, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to Seattle-Tacoma International 1610:28.2 RDO-1 we're at twenty three seven request uh. 1610:45 CAM-2 lets take the speedbrakes off I'm * --- 1611:15 RDO-1 do a little troubleshooting, can you gimme a block between 1603:00 LAX-OPS ok ahhh San Francisco, ok we've got uh... winds are 1612:52 LAX-MX-1 you want me to talk to em? 1550:31 CAM-1 do you see anything back there? Once the thread had failed, the horizontal stabilizer assembly was then subjected to aerodynamic forces that it was not designed to withstand, leading to complete failure of the overstressed stabilizer assembly. 1603:23 CAM-2 there it is. they're gonna fix it, now they're worried about the flow, I'm sorry It is the biggest database of CVR … [1]:8 Later, during the public hearings into the accident, the request by the pilot not to overfly populated areas was mentioned. we're workin it uh that's Los Angeles off to the right there that's 1611:39 CAM-1 ok. 1617:33 CAM-2 three zero one eight. 1616:12 CAM-2 ---of goin to ten lets do it at this altitude. looking at past uh weather it hasn't rained there in hours so I'm looking 1553:46 RDO-1 and uh dispatch one sixty one… we're wondering if 1609:34 CAM [sound similar to airframe vibration ends] 1617:06 CAM-3 ok. [17][1] As the jackscrew rotates, it moves up or down through the (fixed) acme nut, and this linear motion moves the horizontal stabilizer for the trim system. installed on Boeing MD-83, Registration N963AS. For many, the ability to pay final respects to the dead is an important step toward healing, Lockwood said.

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