Mostly, she and Jessica discussed about her relationship with Alex. Clay and Ani interrogate him again. Seasons However, their parents separated and her mother re-married an American man. He says that Monty was a human being and that he didn’t deserve to die the way he did before walking off in disgust at Ani for framing Monty for murdering Bryce. Clay was her tour guide on her first day, so they became friends due to her persistence although her true feelings for Clay were unknown throughout the season. One example of thbehavior is seen during the college application process.

Ani is the new girl of Liberty High School, the daughter of Amara Josephine Achola, the ex-girlfriend of Clay Jensen and a member of Hands Off Our Bodies. The night of the homecoming game and of Bryce's death, Bryce gave her a kiss on the side of the field which Clay saw and became extremely upset with. Further, she is best known for her appearance as Jessica Davis in the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’, shared screen with actor Miles Heizer.

Portrayer At the end of the third season, Clay comes to Chatham house to meet Ani's mother, and Nora greets her saying Ani told her that Clay is a great person.

Her mom then married an American.

Ani later graduates and plans to attend Stanford University. She plays the role of Jessica Davis in the series. Clay distracts him at the gym and Ani unlocks his phone and finds proof that he lied. After Bryce's murder, Ani asks her questions about where she and Justin were at the homecoming night, and if she thinks Clay is capable of murdering Bryce. She appeared visibly hurt at this, and walked off.

Last Appearance Ani saw the newcomer Winston Williams roaming about and immediately got up to follow him. After the murder, Ani talks to him multiple times, asking questions about Jessica and the murder. She has brown eyes color with the same color of hair. In a video posted by FansTang on YouTube, Alesha explained that she experienced harassment in middle school; “I went to this very, very tiny charter school for one year, seventh through eighth grade, and it was the worst experience of my life because the girls were so mean and would exclude me, and any little thing I would do wrong, it was just magnified by a million.”. Height During the season, Ani encounters Winston, who transferred to Liberty after his expulsion from Hillcrest. Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. And then I couldn't stop thinking about it. Justin then tells her Clay can seem like an uptight asshole for a while, but she should give him some time because he's worth it.

Boe’s rise to the top is the result of her natural talent, hard work, and persistence. We learned that she moved around a lot and had attended many different schools. However, this habit had made her into an unreliable narrator as she also lied to Clay and Jessica about her interactions with Bryce and to Deputy Standall during both of her interrogations. In some cases, it is said that she and her mother moved to NYC when she was 4, while others report she and her mom moved to LA when Alisha was 7.

She also had a secret friendship and sexual relationship with Bryce as well prior to his death. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. They decided to start dating officially at the end of the third season.

Katherine Langford played the leading role in this particular drama series. She was born in Oslo, Norway. Fuck off." She is additionally outstanding for showing up in following, for example, Ray Donovan, Casual, Days of Our Lives, and CSI: Cyber. Alisha Boe is a Norwegian actress. Throughout the season, Ani befriended and protected people in Clay's group, such as Jessica and Alex.

Jessica was far from happy about this, especially when she walked through the metal detector and her bra set it off making one of the male SROs tell her she needed a pat-down. Although Bryce had fallen in love with her, she didn't orally reciprocate her feelings and continued to refer to her and her mother as the help. Ani and Jessica at Monet's in "The Good Person is Indistinguishable from the Bad".

Enemies She is nosy and talkative of what others have told her however it is not shown that any of the characters pick up on these traits. Montgomery de la Cruz Winston Williams She went through each of the characters' motives and actions while narrating the story to Deputy Standall in an interrogation room. Ani often acknowledges that Clay and Justin has a great bond, and is the first person to know about Jessica and Justin's relationship. Ani and Clay kissing in "There Are a Number of Problems with Clay Jensen". Even though they have huge arguments about Ani's secret relationship with Bryce and Ani not believing Clay, Clay goes to meet Ani one last time before he leaves town, and Ani proposes she'd lie for Clay which Clay refused to let her do because that would hurt her mom. Ani and Bryce lived in the same mansion, as Bryce had to move in with his grandfather after his parents divorce and Ani moved in because her Mom became the caretaker of Bryce's grandfather. Ani walks in and announces that they are dating.

[6][7][8], In November 2014, she joined the cast of NBC's soap opera Days of Our Lives in the recurring role of Daphne. Bryce told her at the football game to leave before a fight broke out. Family Her mother was a Norwegian lady and Boe’s father was a Somali man. Then he reveals that at a Hillcrest summer party, he hooked up with Monty and Monty beat him up because of his internalized homophobia. Clay and Ani meeting up with Winston in "Nobody's Clean". She and her mother moved to Los Angeles when Alisha was seven years old because her mother married an American man. Ani is a very intelligent, observant, kind, caring and quick-witted young girl.

What we can tell about her social life is that Alisha maintains a close relationship with the 13 Reasons Why cast. Keep reading to find out more about Alisha Boe. Alisha Boe is a Norwegian-American actress who became the first Somali origin to have a leading role in American films after the actress Iman.

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