A short time later, three men ripped through the screen door to his home. Alva Beach stabbing victim’s wife wants answers. "I was sitting there with my head down. 'We want to find an answer for the loving people who have been killed and for what reasons,' Mr Christensen's wife Jaye said in the days after her husband's death. Dean Webber, then 19, stabbed Tom Davy, 27, and friend Corey Christensen, 37, after they tried to enter his house in Alva Beach, north Queensland, on October 1, 2018. Earlier this month, a five-day inquest into the deaths was conducted but Mr Webber was unable to take the stand due to his PTSD - which proved a devastating blow to the Davy family. His family have said they don't wish to comment.

Both Mr Davy and Mr Christensen were stabbed to death in the melee that followed, and Mr Webber was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing. Both men died at the scene, and Mr Webber received no charges after it was deemed he was acting in self-defence. For 50 minutes, the line to Triple Zero stayed open, recording the sounds of what took place.

When Mr Webber called police, the pair was advised to turn off the lights and hide. Police shocked by ‘harrowing’ double stabbing at Alva Beach. The Alva Beach stabbings have been shrouded in mystery since they shocked Queenslanders two years ago. 'Whether or not that extends to giving answers in writing, and whether or not it extends to the process of cross examination, which is where a witness is questioned by legal representatives,' she said. Lawyer Chris Minnery asked why the incident was not treated with more urgency. The audio then cuts to police arriving and shouting at him not to move, before it ends. Ms Locke knocked on the door pleading for assistance at 11.30pm when she met Dean Webber, 19, who was living in the property. To improve your experience. He placed it down on the table when he was asked and began sobbing uncontrollably as he turned on the kitchen lights and surveyed the scene. "The crew had been given the job. A man who stabbed two home intruders to death may still take to the stand for cross-examination if the Queensland Supreme Court decides so.

New twist in Alva Beach stabbing as it's revealed man who killed two home invaders in self-defence while trying to protect a women could yet be cross-examined at inquest…

Panic-buyers are faced with EMPTY shelves after Tesco customers wrestle for bargains in chiller... Nearly half of all coronavirus patients in some hospitals caught the illness AFTER being admitted, new... What to do if your holiday plans are in ruins... again: Are you due a refund? Mr Webber first placed a call to Queensland Ambulance Service at 12.24am and Ms Locke could be heard sobbing in the background, telling the operator she was pushed from a buggy and ran to the home for help. Early results show president running ahead in key battleground states that polls placed in the Biden camp, raising the specter of a 2016 repeat, Lindsey Graham holds his Senate seat as Democrats' $100 million bid to oust him FAILS- with Republicans gaining Alabama but losing Colorado seats, Voting goes (relatively) smoothly across US: Fears of suppression and violence at polling stations do NOT materialize but  voters are faced with usual technical problems on day of historic turnout, Clashes break out between BLM protesters and pro-Trump supporters outside the White House as DC police prepare for weeks of demonstrations if the president re-elected, QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene is elected to Congress after her Democratic opponent dropped out of the race in Georgia, Lil Wayne's model girlfriend Denise Bidot dumps him following his Trump endorsement: 'She's so disappointed in him', Welcome to the party! Mr Minnery said. The men grabbed Mr Webber 'round the throat, lifted him off the ground and then threw him to the floor'. But the officer there told Mr Webber he was on duty by himself and unable to leave the station as he had somebody in custody. Local state MP Dale Last previously told A Current Affair the tight knit community needed answers. Mr Davy, Mr Christensen and a third man arrived at the home and allegedly tried to break in. Ms Locke told the inquest a group of men started banging on the house and yelling her name.

Mr Webber called police but was told there was only one officer at the Ayr station, about 20 minutes away and couldn't come immediately due to people in custody. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. "That's when this Dean [Webber] guy answered and I said, 'Can I come in?' Shares surge around the world as investors bet on Biden... but did markets jump the gun?

'It's an important consideration that if the witness is required to give evidence in person, that he does not have to go through that process anymore than he absolutely needs to,' Ms Fogerty said, according to the Cairns Post. Dean Webber after the fatal stabbing at Alva Beach in 2018. UK records 20,018 new Covid cases - 12% FEWER than last Tuesday - but... Nobody counted the cost: Robert Jenrick is forced to admit there was NO full report made on the economic... Rishi Sunak is being 'bounced' by the Prime Minster into extending the furlough scheme package after... Could heated talk over the dinner table become a HATE CRIME?

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