Thank You for your blog. Given a sentence, we call the speaker a liar. But please use any of these words with caution . You just called me a donkey!” Oops. I’m a white boy or American. Stated otherwise, a sentence is a group of words divided into two piles. The subject of the nominal sentence is the topic of the sentence (مبتدا). 4) Ayreh Feek Pronounced as: AY-REE FEE-K, This is the common equivalent of “fuck you” or “screw you.” This is a common expression between friends or prior to a gruesome fistfight. I like your post. I love the language and the cuisine. @Malaya Salam there .. @VICTORIA Hehehhe Victoria!! A very interesting and funny story!! Arabic has some of the most colorful and seemingly untraceable ways to insult someone or something. Many years ago (1960’s) I worked as a cash register clerk in an A&P store. I totally agree. the two types. hidden verb in each case. We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 2, Usage Frequency: 1.

You can realize from the post on expressing anger in Arabic that venting off usually involves bashing the person’s family (العائلة), specifically the parents (الأهل) or siblings (الإخوة). I visited Egypt a lot and never heard Kiss Ikhtak, always Kuss Ummak. Please I would like to know the meaning of zega in Arabic. Or it can be used in all Arabic speaking countries? Meaning “son of a dog”, this is similar to calling someone a dog except that now you’ve also insulted the family as well. The girls snickered and tittered. English also has a similar insult, and this swear word is used to call someone stupid or incompetent at something. ما لم يكن But please careful when you use them. ..anyway ,I had to comment here cuz I thought that some of you are not aware of the sensitivity of those words and phrases ..most of Arabs use these in written Arabic ,on social media ,they’re staying anonymous u know ? There’s no problem with informal Arabic, but it is important for people to understand that this is not the language that the Prophet used to speak with, and the people after him great scholars and so. I did learn all of the curse words but NEVER used them, I don’t use curse words at all, I can express myself with other choices of words to make my point. Quality:

I am a Filipina-American. Arabic is a colorful language in more ways than one | © Tribes of the World/Flickr. Very interesting stories!

would you please dispose of @John A Very interesting story John. Consequently, if the sentence is nominal then the مسند

We were crazy that one day we talked to each other cursing in arabic while me of course i only know 2 or 3 curses in arabic.. Now i got more 7 curses to throw at basically were just messin up with each other no harmful intended. Use them wisely and tread lightly. Did I mention I'm also muslim? هذه 2.       يتّفق عليها 1) Kess Ikhtak Pronounced as: KISS EKH-TAK. 5OR Joined Jan 14, 2019 Messages 4 Reactions 1. Distinguishing between the mubtada and khabar is essential to knowing where to place the copula is (or its versions) in the translation. I don’t know that she ever left! كلمات سيئة kalimat sayiya. I think that Arabic is the And what can I say about my own family name Χαραλάμπους which is pronounced KHARA-LAMBOUS, the first part of it appears in some of your examples above…, My Syrian friends were nice enough to teach me inappropriate phrases, بدك نَيْكْ بِعَصاية كْرَيْكْ

You full of shit, if your talking to anyone with a brain they know your fucking it up but trying, you guys are telling people to be carefull for no reason. We were several weeks into the class and were practicing sentence construction. going to be treated so rigorously, we need more specific terminology. Most swear words in Arabic are either family or sex related. ends and where the predicate starts is going to become vital and a mistake in through studying Arabic grammar. Love you too son. This was actually a milder story. 2. Usage Frequency: 1 Oftentimes, when people want to insult another person, they use words which are related to women: … by insulting a person’s mother or sister – because the mother is kind of sacred in Arabic culture. Quality: subject of a verbal sentence (i.e. @Lu,ay Salam! such as objects, adverbs, and other such entities. Thanks, It is important to say at the beginning of the post that: If the subject of the verb is not explicitly mentioned in the sentence, then it is implied within the verb. Jesa really thank u.. Im working in qatar as an accountant in a supermarket..

As mentioned earlier, the words in a sentence can be separated but simply ,it can be similar to>> what’s up ?. Both of the above Arabic sentences are verbal even though the first JK, I don't think it's allowed, there is always a chance that a mod knows Arabic. I tried explaining myself in Fusha and English but the guy was really pissed. Blah… I guess you trolled me but your all so involved in a one track mind set it sucks.

A week later she was back from that country. Any of these could get you into serious trouble. The reason? please please use them with caution or simply avoid using them .

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